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Off-Duty Norwood Cop Resuscitates Dying Man, Saves His Life

Law enforcement officers have faced an unfathomable amount of scrutiny in this country over the last year or so after several incidents concerning potential excessive uses of force have many US citizens both vocally supporting law enforcement, while others have vehemently called for legal reprimands for officers in certain cases.

Between a lack of support from mayors of many cities, defiant citizens treating officers like their enemies in many places, politicians turning their backs, terrorist groups planning attacks on law enforcement, and the actual ambush and murder of cops in some areas, it has been an extremely difficult and dangerous time to be a policeman.

Many officers around the country have considered quitting, faced with a daily conundrum of trying to protect and serve a general public who is often ungrateful and in some cases actually out to harm them.  The divide between cops and citizens in this country has never been greater.




Then you hear stories like this and you can’t help but smile.  Norwood Police Officer Greg Shore was off-duty and headed to a men’s league hockey game in Quincy. Upon entrance into the building, he observed an individual known to him taking off his gear and headed toward the ice. The individual advised Officer Shore that one of his teammates had possibly suffered a heart attack while skating and was being treated by an off-duty EMT. Officer Shore, possessing lifesaving skills as a first responder with a certification in CPR, quickly headed toward the scene and requested a bystander to grab an AED mounted on the wall. When Officer Shore reached the victim, CPR was already in progress by two other individuals. He informed the two that it was necessary to prepare the victim in order for the AED to be applied. After taking the appropriate measures, Officer Shore administered two shocks to the victim with the AED, reestablishing a pulse. Medics arrived on scene at this point and took over lifesaving efforts. Friends of the victim reported that he was talking and alert at a Boston hospital later that night.

Officer Shore credits the efforts of the two individuals performing CPR upon his arrival as well as the training he has obtained during his time spent in the military and here at NPD. He stated that it was the most memorable hockey game of his life.



Great job Greg Shore, you saved a dying man’s life. Incidents like this should remind protestors and defiant mayors like Bill Deblasio and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake how many lives police save on a daily basis, even when they are not on the clock.

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