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  • Official Hoodbooger Outfitter MadRag Now Accepting Foodstamps In Lawrence – Stay Fly On The Taxpayers Dime

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    What a time to be alive! MadRag, the go-to clothier of the ratchetry nationwide, has begun to accept EBT at its Lawrence location. YAAAAAAS FAM!

    I dunno about you, but I spy with my little eye the perfect outfit to be dodging bullets in outside of Acqua Lounge on a Saturday night

    What I want to know is… HOW? EBT cards are for food. Not clothes. Ya know, because it’s FOOD stamps. We have things like Goodwill and Facebook yardsale groups to grab clothes for free or on the cheap – how is this even legal?

    Photo of Madrag - Lawrence, MA, United States

    It’s one thing for my tax dollars to keep you and your herd of beefalope children in Twinkies, lobster, and Hi-C for the month, but now I gotta pay for the perfect leopard print and sequined ho’ing outfit too?

    Image result for nope gif

    As much as I hate to say it, Trump may be on to something with his foodstamp reform

    What’s your take, Turtleriders? Should stores who don’t sell a lick of food be able to accept EBT cards?


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    1. Well, No Shit

      This seems to be a “first.” Never seen this before.

      Why does it not surprise me that this “first” just so happened to take place in Lawrence?

      1. Not a first

        This isn’t a first. This is a writer who didn’t fact check. There are two forms of EBT benefits one is snap. That is for food. The other is TFDC that is a monthly cash benefit that is divided into two separate payments put on to the EBT card every two weeks. So if you get 300$ in cash assistance you will get a payment of 150$ on the first and then another 150$ on the 15th. All they had to do was check the info. Lots of stores take EBT. Savers, falla’s dollar store, ocean state and lots more

        1. FFS

          You poor people suck ass.

        2. Nope

          Good info. But this is still a problem. If EBT is providing enough money for purple to be making fashion choices, then that’s just another reason to be addicted to it. EBT should be providing BARE minimum, if at all. My taxes could be used better than this.

          1. Nope

            *people. Excuse the typo.

    2. DiDi Gelado

      Who needs EBT, just trick nonskinfolk bitches into supporting your rap career. Kit kat…

    3. TJB

      Well, isn’t that special. It’s not enough they use them for beer, booze and smokes….now for Doo rags, Jordans and designer pocket books. What’s next? Gas for Da’ whip?

    4. I work so you get free clothes

      Some people get cash benefits on an ebt card included with the monthly snap benefits.You can buy clothes with an ebt card only if you receive cash benefits.But still lucky for those people to get free money each month for clothes at Madrag ha ha.

      1. EBT 4 Lyfe

        And scratch tickets… tattoos… Courvoisier… Blunts… strip club trips… the beat goes on…

        1. Someone with a Brain

          Ummm no, do some actual research cause you are clueless. They cannot buy any of those with SNAP or Cash assistance. RME

          1. Someone Actually With A Brain

            Ummm, they sell food stamps for cash and then buy “scratch tickets… tattoos… Courvoisier… Blunts… strip club trips”, you cheap-ass fuckhole.

      2. Ffs

        You need to get bloggers who check their info before they starting spitting shit.

    5. Barry

      How long before Mambo Drink puts a sign like that up? Sure there’s a check cashing outfit nearby but until Mambo takes EBT they’re leaving money on the table.

    6. Chip Striker

      Well then, I’m opening a ciosk that accepts EBT but only sells flat brimmed Bulls hats, rolling papers and Popeyes gift cards.

      We will have several locations including Lawrence, Randolph, Brockton and any other once nice town that these animals have ruined.

      Why fight it? Profit off it.

      1. AgingCynic

        Depressingly accurate.

    7. Sharkeisha Laquiesha

      This is why SNAP needs to be drained and the food program overhauled.


    8. Screw PC

      Send ICE into Lawrence and then see how much they need in food stamps when we’re done bouncing the freeloading parasites the fuck out of this country.

    9. Johnny Rocket

      Oh this is an easy answer. Edible panties. That makes it all legal !!!

    10. Someone with a Brain

      You do know that EBT also has cash on it too. Both Food stamps and CASH for cash assistance. Once a year state will give cash for clothing for you and your family. Might want to actually do some RESEARCH on it before making a fool out of yourself

      1. Religious exemption for EBT photo ID

        It’s good to have someone with your expertise on welfare to inform those of us who are completely unfamiliar. Would flat brimmed Bulls hats qualify as clothing as Chip mentioned above? If not is the exchange rate 50 cents on the dollar like it is with food stamps?

        1. Someone with a Brain

          You cannot buy any liquor, cigarettes, guns or gamble or use in any adult entertainment venues. So yes you can buy all the flat brimmed hats you want. I work in DTA office and see them all.

      2. JoeMomma

        Most of us are not familiar with the inner workings of EBT, we work for a living.

        1. Someone with a Brain

          It is called GOOGLE, try it sometimes. All facts are THERE. I just know cause I actually work in DTA office. RME

          1. Truth

            Don’t waste your time trying to tell anyone on here anything. Not every one that gets help is a piece of shit.

            1. Minority Retort

              Just most everyone.

              They also continue to keep farting out spawn that they can’t afford to feed.

    11. Hugh Jass

      People like me on the full dole appreciate people like you who work 2 and 3 jobs to pay for our Section 8, EBT, MassHealth, and SSI disability. Oh, and I recently upgraded to a new iPhone X! Your largesse is amazing!!! Snicker…

    12. Cash

      Ebt cards not only have food stamps on them but they also have cash benefits in them if someone receive them. Try checking shit out before you decide to just write it.

      1. Thanks Amelia Warren

        They actually arrive with voter registration forms and postage paid return envelopes too. We are the only state that does it.

    13. Wrong again

      Can you write a story one day where you don’t think your better than everyone? Some people actually need help and need food stamps and cash assistance to live. How about if you have a terminal illness and can no longer work? Does that mean fk you and your kids who need to eat and have clothes too? What if you work your ass off and still need help? Should you stay with someone who beats you like a dog in front of your kids? Or leave and do everything you can to make life better for yourself and children. Then there will be some dumb ass like you who looks down on every person that gets any help at all. You ever think about writing something good? Something that isn’t about ripping people apart? Some of the writers here need to go. Or maybe actually fact check before making a idiot out of them self and this blog

    14. Well, No Shit

      Holy Shit!

      Here come all of the EBT Warriors, crying about our collective lack of welfare expertise.

      My apologies. I have actually worked my entire adult life, never fucked with opioids, and didn’t procreate with any random whore with a hole. I DON’T know the ins and outs of welfare. I guess I’m in the minority?

      Fuck yourselves.

      1. Unreal

        I worked my whole life. I now have breast cancer and can’t work. Until my application for SSI that I paid into for the last 38 years is approved I have to survive on welfare. It’s bad enough that I’m sick and can’t work anymore but now if I have to buy food and use that EBT card people like you will be looking at me like I’m no good. How is that fair?

        1. Well, No Shit

          Have you sold your EBT card for cash? Do you routinely abuse the system that is actually meant for folks like you? I’m going to assume that the answers to those questions are “no.”

          Look around Mass. The system is rife with abuse. People who do not need the assistance, yet suck the coffers dry. They treat those benefits like it’s THEIR money. It isn’t. It’s OURS.

          I am fed up with derelicts who flaunt their abuse of the system, and make a mockery of a program designed to help those who TRULY need it. If you don’t fall into that category, then my vitriol isn’t aimed at you.

          I hope that you get well soon.

          1. Unreal

            I agree with that and I understand. And before I was sick and could work it would upset me also. But what I have learned is that some people do need it and we don’t know which ones they are. Obviously the people who are online selling them don’t need them. I am embarrassed that I have to pull that card out to buy food for my child. And the nasty looks that people give me don’t make me feel any better. I have 4 children and my youngest is 16. I’ve never taken a hand out in my life and now I have no choice. It is very hard to be in this situation and to have people judge you without knowing the reason behind it makes it even harder. Thank you for taking the time to understand my side. And thank you for you well wishes

            1. Well, No Shit

              I honestly feel for you. Your situation seems like the kind that this benefit was truly designed for.

              Based on what you have said, you seem to have done everything right, and hit some shit luck. It’s miserable that you feel embarrassed for using a necessary benefit, because of the rampant abuse by those who really don’t need it.

              It’s hard not to be judgmental when you can’t even get into Walmart on the 1st of the month, because there are dozens of 18-24 year old, able-bodied people, with two or three kids in tow, whipping out the card.

              Thanks for the response. Best of luck to you!

    15. Niggers make me sick

      How else can niggers say fresh. Gotta keep them niggers looking good. Maybe niggers should stop being niggers and blaming crackers. Sadly, niggers cry better when lynching was allowed.

    16. Niggers make me sick

      I’m tracking that nigger Hugh Jass isp. Gonna lych that nigger up

    17. Chip Striker

      Might as well just hand out goodie bags once a year. The contents:

      EBT card
      Flat Brimmed Bulls hat
      3 doses of narcan
      Self tattoo kit
      Air Jordan’s
      Mass Health card
      Affordable housing voucher

      You get this bag once.

      In year two you get another bag. The year 2 bag. It’s contents:

      Bus schedule
      Job application to McDonalds,Walmart, Family Dollar or any other chain that signs up.
      List of apartments for rent in area
      Mandatory drug testing schedule
      Name of social worker assigned to you since you need help with life and are too retarded to make decisions on your own.

    18. Stud McMuffin

      Cash assistance and food stamps go on the same EBT card. Read a book ( and yes STFU ) NSTB.

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