Only 3 Turtle Riders – David L, Matt C, And Uncle Turtleboy Can Win This Year’s March Madness Bracket Challenge


The Final 4 is about to begin and out of 194 entries into this year’s Turtleboy Madness challenge there are 3 people left with brackets that can win – David Laclair, Matthew Corriodiri, and your’s truly.

You get 14 points if you correctly pick a team that makes the finals, and 20 points if you pick the winner. You multiply that by the seed, so

  • Virginia is worth 14 and 20 points
  • Michigan State is worth 28 and 40
  • Texas Tech is worth 42 and 60
  • Auburn is worth 70 and 100.

A total of 2 people (me and David) picked Auburn to make the Final 4, and neither has them advancing, so no one’s picking up those points. No one has Texas Tech winning the whole thing, but David can pick up 42 points because he has them in the finals. Matt has Michigan State winning the whole thing, but unfortunately for him I have Michigan State losing to Virginia in the finals and he’s behind me. So if Michigan State beats Virginia in the finals he will lose to me by 1 point. He has only 1 way to win – Michigan State beats Auburn. Here are the 8 possible scenarios and who will win each one:

Virginia beats Michigan State = Uncle Turtleboy

Virginia beats Texas Tech = David Laclair

Michigan State beats Virginia = Uncle Turtleboy

Michigan State beats Auburn = Matt Corriodori

Texas Tech beats Virginia = David Laclair

Texas Tech beats Auburn = David Laclair

Auburn beats Michigan State = Uncle Turtleboy

Auburn beats Texas Tech = David Laclair

Whoever wins gets their choice of Turtleboy gear or a copy of I Am Turtleboy. David won a prize for leading after the fourth round, so if he wins I’ll throw another prize at him. I’m obviously not going to give myself a prize if I win, so if I win (which I will) then second place gets free turtle gear. That looks like it’s gonna be Rob Dempsey:

He can’t beat David Laclair because David negates his Texas Tech points. But he’ll finish in second if Virginia beats Texas Tech. Personally, I’m rooting for Auburn because Marlo Stanfield plays point guard for them and they’re really gun to watch. I find Virginia rather boring, I’ve seen Michigan State win before, and Texas Tech sounds like a voke school.

Also congrats to Laura Brewley for this year’s last place bracket:

3 Comment(s)
  • Jimmy The Geek
    April 7, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Congrats David L.

  • J
    April 6, 2019 at 6:57 pm

    SO, I guess what you are saying is… No Live Tonight?

    • D
      April 6, 2019 at 10:11 pm

      nope its sunday instead

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