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Open Letter To Joyce McNickels: Stop Pretending That You Care About Black People

By J-Dub

Like it or not, agree or not…that title is reality.  People like Joyce McNickels; the people who should be building the future of black America are ensuring there is no future for black America.

If having to agree with the misguided ideals of the Joyce McNickels of the world means I lose my “black card,” then so be it. I refuse to sign on to an ideology which will ensure blacks will remain 2nd class citizens in this country for the remainder of it’s existence. I refuse to be bullied and/or labeled into acquiescing to a philosophy which promises to ensure a future of poverty and suffering for millions of people because a group of elitist intelligentsia want to play politics with he well-being of entire generations.  And I certainly refuse to be silenced by a mentality which is little more than inverted McCarthyism.

What I will never refuse to do is to hold you, Joyce McNickles, and those like you for the inestimable amount of damage you have done to black America. You should all get lifetime achievement awards from the Ku Klux Klan.

At one point in my life, I attempted to engage those of you who disagree with me politically; after all, we are all black, and therefore share the very same history of America’s intolerance. To this day, one of my greatest personal wishes is that there could be reasoned and frank dialogue amongst we black American elders which would be both free of ideology and rife with concern for the future.

For a great while, I wondered why that seemed a goal as likely drinking the ocean. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that my mistake was failing to realize that people like you, Joyce McNickles, do not care about the future. You, and people like you, care only about the advancing of an ideology which ensures your remaining  part of the aforementioned elitist intelligentsia.

This is why you and people like you never have anything constructive to add to such a dialogue; instead, everything with you is blame and vitriol. This is why you and people like you will never have a legacy to speak other than one of divisiveness and failure. This is also why you and people like you  spend so much time and effort trying to discredit people like me.

You and people like you need to discredit me because your self-serving need to preserve your own elitism means you can’t produce a positive message; after all, you got yours, “they” need to get their own.  You and people like you need to discredit me because I dare to live up to the principles’ of Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have a dream speech;” I’ll even take it a step further.  Instead of a world in which people are judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character, I want to see an America in which political discourse does not involve race because at some point our interests converge as Americans.  But more importantly, Joyce McNickles, you and people like you need to discredit me because I refuse to be silenced.

Ronald Reagan once said the evil have nothing to fear so long as the good remain afraid. I have to give you credit; the bluster from you and people like you has done a very good job of making those who oppose you rather reticent to deal with you. They don’t want to be boycotted or called names, which is why you have had a fair amount of success with your tactics of boycotts and protests.  However, that strategy has three inherent major flaws.

First of all. fear-mongering has a limited life-span in terms of efficacy. Call it “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” or “Chicken Little,” or whatever other tale you wish; the point being is at some point people grow weary of being told the sky is falling, and they grow apathetic to that message, or in the case of being constantly threatened, they fight. what you are failing to realize is that middle-class America is growing wearier by the day of either being blamed causally or failing to act morally for whichever cause célebré happens to rule the particular day.

Secondly, these tactics have almost no chance of winning converts to your point of view. You’ll try to tell me that you are marching in the same vein as the Civil Rights Protestors of 50 years ago, and you couldn’t be more wrong. Those people actually put themselves in harm’s way in order to  effect change; a change which had a tangible and well-defined outcome.  You have neither. Rather, you are a little more than heated rhetoric formed into bombs and thrown from the protection of the ivory towers of academia, and to a growing number of people, you are seen as having perverted the noble cause of combating racism into a reactionary drum-beat used to pound down the idea that blacks are as equally responsible for the state of race relations in this country as are anybody else.

But most importantly, your chosen tactics mean you fail to engage anybody in a constructive dialogue. Nothing will ever be accomplished by convincing a bunch of college kids to chain themselves to light posts.  That’s truly the failure here; none of your chosen tactics will ever actually have a positive and tangible outcome. But then again, you aren’t interested in outcomes. If you were, you’d be doing things which actually matter.

That’s really why you would love to silence people like me Joyce; I’m giving away you biggest secret.  You don’t really want to solve these problems you are always decrying; you need a reason to throw your ivory tower bombs, and to keep marching your minions out to accomplish absolutely nothing.  You will side with black criminals over white policemen simply on race, yet you never take a stand on the fact that black criminals are your priority source of black crime victims.

That’s how I know you don’t care about anything but furthering your own self-preservation. Every dead Michael Brown is just another block in whatever ivory-tower edifice you are hiding behind.  If you really cared about black people, you’d be doing things that would make a difference rather than wasting time with boycotts of local business you don’t support anyway.  And if you really cared about black people, you might take the time to understand why a place like Turtle Boy Sports is so much more effective in reaching its community and delivering a message than you are.

But you will never do that. Instead, you would rather gamble with the well-being of future generations of black America rather than risk your elitist status.

And that why you will never silence me.

-J-Dub is a proud contributor to Turtle Boy Sports, where he ironically almost never writes about sports.  If you would like to see J-Dub’s thoughts on sports, check out his own blog, Dubsism.

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  • Shame on America
    March 23, 2015 at 9:04 pm


  • G-Love478
    March 23, 2015 at 11:03 am

    Is there an email address for Joyce McNickels? She & company called my business saying TBS was racist & they were boycotting us. Well, I can tell you that Joyce & company have never set foot in my business!!!! It seems to me they’re the ones doing the bullying of local businesses trying to be successful. Doesn’t matter if the sponsors on here agree with TBS’s views or not, the fact is we’re all trying to succeed and having an ad on a website with as much traffic as will ensure that we ALL do well! She is severely misguided on her mission and trying to ruin local mom & pop businesses is the lowest of all lows!
    Does this woman even work? If so, I’d love to start calling HER business, so please! If anyone knows her email address or her place of business, let’s put her on blast!!!!!

  • True Worcester
    March 23, 2015 at 10:15 am

    yo this blog sucks. The owners a hypocrite, this writer is a hypocrite. I don’t understand why the owner doesn’t take his own advice and do something positive to change the way things are, like become an administrator?

    Oh yeah, the fucking idiot ruined his chances of ever working around children again

    • StickinToMyOpinion
      March 28, 2015 at 8:40 am

      Carlo, Carlo, Carlo, It certainly does yank your chain that Turtleboy has brought you and your trophy wife down, down, down. You and your trophy wife deserve each other. Lowest of the low. Lose the True Worcester jive- you’re not fooling anyone.

  • Maggie the Cat
    March 23, 2015 at 7:18 am

    J-Dub, you nailed Joyce McNickles. She’s a hustler just like Sharpton. Of course she gets paid by those who fear her, like Emmanuel College and the liberal student groups whose members live in fear of being called “racist”. She must be worth the money to them so they can say “Well, I went to a lecture by “Professor” Joyce McNickles” as if that should protect them from accusations of racism. So it’s certainly in her own best interest to fan the flames without doing anything to put out the fire. That’s where her money comes from.

    But simply complaining isn’t going to make things better; actual work must be done. She doesn’t encourage that either because her audience is unwilling to do the work or because she’s done her sums and determined that she makes a better income by complaining. She’s more dangerous to her listeners than the KKK.

  • Non Sequitor
    March 22, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    Middle class black families should be held in high esteem by frauds like her and the entire black community.

    Instead, her and con artists like Clive hold up drug dealers, heroin addicts and layabouts as ‘poor and oppressed’ giving them a bigger voice than those who are succeeding proudly.

    Shame on her, shame on Clickbait Clive, shame on the pasty, white, guilt ridden hippies.

  • Larry Mondello
    March 22, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    Right on the money. Her and her ilk are elitist snobs who consider themselves far superior to anyone who dares to disagree with their perverted viewpoint. MLK had a vision. He and his followers showed great courage by bringing people together while risking their own lives. This group has no real vision. They deal in hate and blame, while risking nothing. They see MLK as peaceful but weak, when in reality he was stronger than all of them put together. They admire the loudmouth, the troublemaker, the bad-ass, the criminal. They do not build but destroy. We see through them though. We know what they are about.

  • Carlo's Daddy
    March 22, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Wow……well done. I couldn’t agree more, but also couldn’t have stated it as well.

  • Soviet Russian
    March 22, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    In Soviet Russia, race card play Joyce McNickels.

  • Clive Mc'turtle
    March 22, 2015 at 4:36 pm

    Well done J-Dub

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