• Out Of Touch Douche-Nozzle Congressman Clay Higgins Thinks It’s A Good Idea To Make A Political Speech Inside Of An Auschwitz Gas Chamber.

    Out Of Touch Douche-Nozzle Congressman Clay Higgins Thinks It’s A Good Idea To Make A Political Speech Inside Of An Auschwitz Gas Chamber.

    In politics, it is no secret that our “leaders” have no perception of how the common Joe thinks. Right here, we have a prime example of a brainless politician with no common sense.

    Ah that’s right, of course he is playing the “I am not a politician” card. I guess it is an easy way to fool moron’s into thinking you’re smart. Clay Higgins is a Republican Congressman from the state of Louisiana, and posted this video trying to make a point about national security:

    First off, fucking horrible production of a video that was clearly meant to go viral. I get it, the whole point behind this clip was for a mix of shock-factor and attention. The production is so bad I wouldn’t be shocked if Orion directed it. Nothing like a slow-talking witless dolt with the southern drawl try to make a foreign policy speech. Then again, I am from the North, bet these guys come at a dime a dozen in Louisiana.

    You must be a fucking moron if you think this through and come to the decision this is a good idea for the internet. The Holocaust still is, and will forever be, a very delicate topic to be associated with.

    Down in Bayou territory, he was basically the most famous person that isn’t an LSU football player. They gave Clay Higgins the nickname “Cajun John Wayne” in Louisiana. I am so glad I’m from the North, I probably wouldn’t be able to stand Cajun country for more than a week. The North isn’t socially backwards, not fond of the cousin lovin’, and still is undefeated in Civil Wars.

    This isn’t the first time Clay Higgins has been the star of a viral clip, he is famous for intimidating criminals on the loose using YouTube:

    I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU! From this video, to the Auschwitz clip, it seems like two different people produced it. He was actually witty, and intimidating in that clip which by the way, registered over 2.1 million views. These videos had success, He ended up appearing on the Tonight Show, and had 9 criminals turn themselves in because of them according to this CBS report:


    If Clay Higgins had even an ounce of the awareness he had in these videos while recording the Auschwitz video, he might not be an internet joke. I guess that’s too late now.

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    1. Barry

      That was unfortunate

    2. livesinlowell

      That was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. He’s doing the camera work himself so you can’t expect much in quality of production. His message is pretty simple. We don’t want genocides similar to german concentration camp or any acts of terror to happen. To help prevent or insure that doesn’t happen again, America’s military and national security needs to be strong.

      1. WithJ00zYouLose

        Google “The Greatest Story Never Told” and be red-pilled. (((They))) have been lying to you and everyone else.

    3. wabbitt

      I’m just sitting here waiting for Wwy to start rambling about the Jews…

    4. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

      Even HuffPo Women thinks this post is too liberal.

    5. DeusVault88

      What kind of moron thinks the Holocaust actually happened? That being said, if we’re not vigilant, the Muslim hordes will do to us what they tried and failed to do back in the 8th Century. Time to get Crusading!

      1. A Deuce Vault is actually a toilet

        Since you’re a Navy Seal, with 5 undergraduate degrees and 3 masters, make $10million a year, know everything and excel in all you do; why don’t you head over to the Middle East yourself and kickstart that crusade for us? Or are you just a fucking pussy?

        1. DeusVult88 (spelled it right for you this time faggot)

          Fuck you faggot cuck…beta dhimmis like you think you can keep us from saving white western civilization from Muzzie scum? After the wall goes up and the Muzzie ban is fully implemented, we’re going to go after traitorous appeasers next. Hail Trump! Hail Victory!

          1. A Douche Vault is a Vagina

            You’re still here? Thought so, pussy.
            If Western civilization depended on cock-smokers like yourself, who spout racist shit on the internet but suck up to the minorities they wash dishes with at their part-time job and neighbors of their studio apartment; then we’re already fucked.

            Oh yeah, Trump isn’t gonna build a wall. Sucker.

            1. DeusVult88

              I’m a very successful small business owner with a beautiful home, multiple cars, a hot Aryan tradwife who homeschools our wonderful red-pilled children. I likely make more in a single month than you make in a year at the Jewish Dick-Sucking Store.

              Trump probably won’t finish the wall, but he will get us part of the way there, just like this “travel ban” is a trial balloon to a restoration of the pre-1965 immigration policy that favors those of superior European heritage with skills necessary to our nation’s advancement. Once we’re fully there and the wall is built, we can work on the establishment of a white ethnostate and a full and necessary cleansing of the filth that infests our inner cities and the vermin that dominate our media and banking institutions. Don Jr. is definitely red-pilled and one of us, so when he inevitably runs and wins in 2024 he’ll be the one to truly put us on the path to an American Reich. I hope I get to see it in my lifetime, but I know my kids will enjoy the fruits of our labor. You, on the other hand, had better get ready for a nice long railroad trip. Don’t worry, you get a free shower once you reach your final destination!

    6. Savage Squaw Bitch

      Intern Turtle is a little bitch. Are you butthurt because your precious democrats aren’t repping the LouLou as much since the civil war? Boo hoo. How many times did you state that you are glad you’re from the North before proceeding to shit on the South? Wow. That kind of stupid remark only comes from pieces of shit douches with a holier-than-thou sense of self-righteousness. Get off your shoddy-ass pedestal, go back to grammar school, and pull your commie head out of your gaping asshole.

      1. FuckYankees

        The South *will* rise again. The righteous and God-ordained practice of slavery will be reinstituted and the Negro will re-learn their place in the social order.

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