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People Are Pissed At Dumb Girl Who Put An Auschwitz Selfie On Twitter

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So apparently some idiot who goes by “Princess Breanna” has been all the rage because of a selfie she took last month at Auschwitz Prison Camp and put on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.07.39 AM

Since then the picture has been retweeted thousands of times and has even caught the attention of our field reporters at Turtleboy Sports. The girl says she is smiling in the picture because her Dad taught her all about the Holocaust, and she intended to visit Auschwitz with him but he recently died. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.04.10 AM

Apparently she doesn’t understand the concept of what the internet is, and she’s not too happy about the fact that this picture has gone viral:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.00.29 AM

Despite the fact that she claims to be upset about this new found fame, her latest tweets suggest she is enjoying her fifteen minutes:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.04.52 AM

Correction. You just made it onto Turtleboy Sports. NOW you’re famous. 

Sure, someone who isn’t enjoying this fame would probably just deactivate their Twitter account or maybe just stop tweeting for a little while. But Princess Bree apparently hates the spotlight so much that she’s planning her next shootout when she’s on the news tonight:


The reactions against her on Twitter have been positive and it’s created a dialogue in which both supporters of her and people who think she’s a nudnik have come together and looked at both sides of this. LOL. Just kidding.  

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.00.02 AM



There are so many terrible people involved in this whole thing, and I’m kind of conflicted. Let me explain what sucks about the people who are outraged about what she did, and then I’ll explain why she is such a terrible person as well.

So the girl took a selfie smiling at Auschwitz. At least she didn’t make the duck face. Guess that means she’s a big Holocaust fan right? Or maybe, just maybe she’s smiling in the picture because we’ve been trained since day one to SMILE in fucking pictures!! No, that can’t be it. This girl’s a Nazi. Case closed.

There is nothing worse than a keyboard PC activist. These people get off on going online and judging others in some vain attempt to win the Nobel Peace Prize for Trolling. Like, they really think they’re making a difference by reminding this girl that their grandfather was killed in Auschwitz.


And this might be hard for old people to understand, but selfies are like the new thing. People don’t ask strangers to take their pictures anymore. They just do it themselves. So when a person flies halfway across the world to see one of the most famous landmarks in world history, it’s understandable that someone would wanna take a picture of it.

And where do these people who make rules about smiling in pictures find these magical rules? Where am I allowed to take a selfie and smile? Like, can I take a picture at the 9/11 memorial? Normandy beach? How bout the Alamo? Too soon? Hopefully these keyboard activists are actively patrolling Twitter to make sure that no one is smiling at a historical landmark where people died. Because….never forget.

And what’s the selfie protocol at Auschwitz? Do you have to pretend to cry? Do you have solemnly look off at the camp in deep thought? Do you have to hold a useless sign with a hashtag on it to show that you do in fact oppose genocide? Because apparently that makes Michelle Obama and other “activists” feel better about themselves.



Lastly, this is a teenage girl people. She’s 18 years old. Do you understand how dumb your average 18 year old is? First of all, she had to learn about the Holocaust from her Dad. Like she’s never fucking heard of it before he sat down with her and watched Schindler’s List. Sure, she apparently lives on the internet, which has an endless supply of information about EVERYTHING. But that’s not the point. Teenagers are dumbasses. They get a free pass for doing dumb shit (if you consider this dumb). If they’re still doing dumb shit when they’re 25, then we’ve got a problem. But she’s 18 so chill the fuck out.


Now here’s the other side. 

For starters this girl goes by the title “Princess.” Our thoughts on girls who wanna be a princess are well documentedSorry but any 18 year old girl who fancies herself a princess is someone you should stay far away from. A princess is nothing more than a despot who expects everything to be handed to them.

My problem with this girl centers around the fact that she needs to get off the fucking internet. Like, stay low for a little bit hun. The less you say at this point the better. A week from now some white trash will keep their dog in the car while they shop at Walmart and people will have a new person to shit on. Then you can go back to tweeting five million times a day.

It boggles my mind how people don’t understand what the internet is. When you put something on the internet, just assume everyone in the world will see it. Because everyone in the world CAN see it. Teenagers think that the internet is this private magical place where they can get together with their friends and say things like it’s a fucking slumber party and the door is closed. Newslfash – Twitter is a heavily trafficked website and the Holocaust is a sensitive issue. I don’t have a problem with what this girl did, I just have a problem with her acting like she has some sort of right to privacy….ON THE INTERNET!!

Here’s another thing I can’t stand about suburban white girls like her. They say the “n” word now like it’s nothing. Check out this picture from her Twitter:


Yea, don’t do that. The problem with this is that she sees absolutely NOTHING wrong with calling her token black friend “nigga.” White kids from the burbs do this all the time now. It’s all the rage. Growing up in Worcester there were some white kids who said this word, but they had special unwritten permission most of the time. Usually it was some kid from Canterbury Street with a Voke-stache, who had earned the privilege by being the crazy kid who goes down swinging against five Puerto Rican kids at Maranville Park.

But this girl and millions like her think they get a free pass. Newsflash – this word is wrong for ANYONE to say. I know you listen to rap music because you’re trying to rebel against your parents, but those guys probably shouldn’t be saying it either.

Her friends are standing up for her right to flagrantly make use of this word:


All Maeve Kearns’ friends are her “niggas.” Ya got that? So that makes it OK. Who are you to judge someone who goes around using a racially derogatory word so loosely? The sad part is she’s right when she she says this. Her friends probably do say it all the time and literally see nothing wrong with it. I’m not kidding people. White kids say this shit ALL THE TIME. They really, really don’t get why all you old fogies are making such a big deal about it. “Civil Rights movement? Never heard of it. I was too busy calling my white friends “nigga” on Twitter when we learned about that in class.”


This is why I pretty much hate anyone born after 1992.

Oh yea, and her boyfriend, “Caleb Bayliss” is a huge herb. He’s defending her on Twitter in some vain attempt to show he loves her:


This kid just reminded me about another thing that’s terrible about teenagers. They think that by looking at something that they voluntarily put on Facebook, you are “creeping.” I hate anyone that uses this word. I am not Inspector Gadget. I did not do anything out of the ordinary to look at your page. It was there when I clicked on it. That’s not “creeping” it’s called “going on the internet.”
Oh yea, and Princess Bree thinks she’s in love:

Dumbass teenagers who think they’re in love are a phenomena the world will never see the end of. Romeo and Juliet isn’t a classic because it’s some amazingly written story. It’s a classic because teenagers acting like dumbasses and ending up in tragedy is something that existed back then, continues today, and will continue until the end of time. We’ve all done shit like this when we didn’t know any better. The difference is now these idiots put this shit on the internet for the world to see. Caleb is apparently 19, and Princess Bree just graduated from high school. So apparently Caleb is dumb enough to have wasted one of the best years of his life because he thinks he’s going to marry this girl.


Newsflash dude – you fucked up big time. Guess what happens when she goes to college in the fall? I’ll give you a sneak preview. She’s gonna move into her dorm and bring all these pictures of you and her together and put them all over the place. Guys are gonna try to hit on her and she’s gonna push them away, even though she thinks many of them are attractive enough for a one night stand.

She’ll be able to hold out her defense until Columbus Day weekend. It always ends at Columbus Day weekend. By then she’s gonna get sick of using what little free time she has to call and check in with you every night. She’s gonna realize that she’d much rather be jello wrestling at a frat house then dealing with your insecurities every time she doesn’t promptly reply to your texts.

By Columbus Day weekend she’s gonna have a completely new set of friends, and they will have built their own relationships through experiences that you weren’t a part of. They’re gonna get tired of her telling stories from back home, and even more tired of stories about you. When you come up and visit for a third time that semester she’s gonna feel conflicted because you’re questioning her about every dude on the floor that stops by to say hi to her. Then she’s gonna realize that she really likes one of them and the only thing getting in the way of her happiness is you.

Then you’re gonna be exiled to Dumpville. Population – you. You’ll be really upset about at first and beg for her back. You’ll probably even cry, thinking that someone showing your sensitive side will win her back. Then you’ll realize how dumb you feel because instead of looking for hot young junior smokeshows in the summer, you were defending a girl who no longer gives a shit about you on Twitter. Seen it a million times before bros.

Oh well, I guess that’s just how things go. Circle of life people. Circle of life.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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