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  • Racist Basic White Chick Accuses Holden PD Of Being Force Behind Turtleboy, Demands College Friend STOP Reading TBS, Says Other Crazy Things

    Racist Basic White Chick Accuses Holden PD Of Being Force Behind Turtleboy, Demands College Friend STOP Reading TBS, Says Other Crazy Things

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    Attention people: A white woman from Holden DEMANDS that you stop reading Turtleboy immediately!!!!

    “I don’t read it but still disgusted by it.”

    Yup, that comment about sums up the people who don’t like our award winning blog.

    Hey Becky, do people have to stop reading South Short Turtlegirl, Western Mass Turtlegirl, Rhode Island Turtle Sista, North Shore Turtlebabe, Merrimack Valley Turtlebae, Turtle Intern, J-Dubz, Jack Kanoff, and the rest of the Turtleboy staff too? Or just the ones that you believe were written by the guy who’s basically just the registered front man for the company? Just wondering.

    Clearly this poor thing is upset because a lot of her friends from UMass read Turtleboy and share the turtle. Who doesn’t? It eats her up inside because she hates it and she thinks they should hate it too. But they don’t. So she throws an online hissyfit and tells them to STOP reading Turtleboy!!

    I know you think whoever your friend is is “innocent,” but if you ended up on Turtleboy it’s because you earned your way there by doing something HORRIBLE. Here’s who liked the post:

    Oh look, Amy Shelby ad Kelcey Morange. We didn’t exactly blog about these Nazis, we just used screenshots of them bragging about maliciously reporting our Facebook page. So yea, when you attack our company, threaten our livelihood, and try to starve our children to death, you don’t get to walk away from that. What kind of animal wants to starve Turtleboy Jr. and Turtle Princess to death? This kind of animal apparently:

    Be whiter. You can’t.

    Andrea Lloyd apparently believes that one man sitting in a house in Holden is being fed information by the Holden Police which he then uses to harass “innocent” people. After that this one person then spent the rest of his night calling these people on the phone over and over again, and “threatening her family.”

    Of course none of this actually happened. She’s literally making it all up because the stupid things her stupid friends posted on Facebook ended up on our blog. And herein lies the big problem – our reputation is almost entirely based on lies. People have called us racist so many times without a smidgen of evidence, that it becomes the truth. They just say it over and over again, and every time they do it becomes more truthful.

    Plus, why would anyone wanna boycott Turtleboy? Today we published this blog about a convicted child rapist who was hired to be a photographer at a Comic Con at the Hanover Mall. Why wouldn’t Andrea Lloyd want people to know about this? Why is Andrea Lloyd trying so hard to protect the general public from finding out about this child sex offender? I guess she’d prefer a child get raped instead of you reading our blog. But don’t get it twisted – she’s the good person here. The safety of your children isn’t nearly as important as her white girl feelz.

    I also think it’s hilarious that she has the nerve to call other people racist. Check out her pictures on Facebook and play a game called, “find the brown people.”

    You lose every time. It’s like an Abercrombie commercial on steroids. Because Andrea Lloyd goes out of her way to actively avoid people of color at all costs. Don’t get it twisted though, she’s totally NOT racist because she calls other white people racist. This absolves you of your own racism.

    Here’s another example of her being a racist to Asian people:

    Typical far right wing Fox News yahoo. Not my kind of guy, but he has a right to think and say whatever he wants. Naturally Andrea Lloyd told him that he really just wishes he was white like her:

    Sorry Andrea, some people are actually happy with who they are. I don’t know Jon Tan, but I’m pretty sure if I asked him to not be Asian any more he wouldn’t take me up on it. But since you’re a racist, bigoted white chick from Holden, you assume everyone else wants to be white like you. Because you’re just superior like that.

    And in the least surprising news ever, she’s good friends with Red Danny Magolis, the former President of the New York State Communist Party. She did the impossible on his Facebook page a while back – make Red Danny seem like the rational one. It all began when Red Danny posted about how North Korean dictators were to blame for the death of American student Otto Warmbier, after he was arrested for allegedly taking down a poster while visiting North Korea:

    But in reality Otto could’ve looked at someone the wrong way and an overzealous North Korean cop had him arrested. It’s not like there’s any due process in North Korea.

    Many people blamed Otto Warmbier, and obviously it is very, very dumb for ANY American to ever travel to North Korea. But he was a kid, he more than likely did nothing wrong, and he was killed by a hostile foreign government for doing so. You’re not wrong to call him dumb, but let’s not forget who the real problem is here.

    But according to Andrea Lloyd we shouldn’t be concerned with this because American cops are even worse to black people:

    Do you realize how dumb and uninformed you have to be in order to believe that Otto Warmbier committed a crime? Hey moron, it’s North Korea. You don’t need to break any of their laws to go to their camps. Ask family members of people who fled the country. They all get killed. I know it’s hard for you to understand this in your sheltered suburban existence. But try actually, ya know, reading sometime.

    According to her, Otto Warmbier deserved to die because he foolishly exercised his white privilege card in a country that does not accept white privilege cards:

    Man, she really hates cops huh? She blames the Holden PD for being the driving force behind Turtleboy, and claims that the rest of the cops in this country are poorly trained at best. That’s why they’re killing so many brown kids. She even read about it in Didi Delgado’s latest post on the Huffington Post.

    Andrea believes that innocent black and brown people killed by the cops are just, “living their life” before being killed by racist cops because of their skin color:

    And she would know a lot about this from her experiences as a white girl in Holden.

    She also believes that North Korea does not beat their prisoners:

    So I guess Otto came back in a coma on accident.

    Even Red Danny was like……da fuq? When she said that Otto should’ve known better:

    That’s like saying the girl who wore the short skirt and got raped at the frat party should’ve known better. More victim blaming from team tolerance!!

    Nevertheless she persisted:

    The North Koreans didn’t kill him. His white privilege did. Got it.

    Oh, and the evil regime we hear about MIGHT be true, but we can’t be sure if it’s all just made up:

    North Korea is nice.

    Obviously this entitled white boy got what was coming to him. She can tell by the way he cried in court, knowing he would never see his family or friends again, that he had never been told “no” in life. She knows his “type”:

    Because there’s nothing racist about reducing an entire race of people to a “type,” based on a crying outburst in a North Korean courtroom by one white male who she never met.

    She also does’t like Tom Brady because he had a Trump hat in his locker:

    After she saw her friends all happy because the Patriots won the Super Bowl she checked their privilege real quick:

    Because you know Andrea will ALWAYS be there to check previously unchecked white privilege:

    She just woke like that.

    All this does is further prove that anyone who tries to boycott Turtleboy or has a problem with Turtleboy is likely a racist, hypocritical, lying social justice warrior. This is why we fight. Because Nazis like Andrea Lloyd don’t get to censor speech they don’t agree with, and they certainly don’t get to win. Welcome to mother fucking show Andrea.

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    1. Alix C

      Wait, was something here supposed to be embarassing to this woman?

      All I see are pictures where she looks nice, and quotes that seem absolutely scholarly compared to the article you wrote.

      I think your blog jumped the shark last week bro.

      1. ElJefe72

        Then why are you still here reading (and commenting on) it?

        The point of this post was to show the hypocrisy of someone who calls TB a racist, bigot, homophobe, etc. and demands a boycott. Just because someone writes something “scholarly” does not make it any more accurate or truthful. It looks like she’s just spouting typical SJW talking points that she found on the internet. It’s especially apparent that she has never read the blog nor can she provide any actual examples of the thing she’s accusing TB of.

        1. MrSmiley

          Don’t feed the troll. He was gone for a while but clearly something brought him back.

      2. Gerry Callahan

        Agreed, this girl seems nice and pleasant. TBS are feeling a little bitchy and needing a hug today.

      3. Alix C The Anal Queen

        Actually, Turtleboy, I’m so sorry I dared to speak out against you.

        I think I need a very hard spanking on the Worcester Courthuse steps, after which I will perform oral sex on all Turtle Riders, male or female, because that’s how we moonbats roll.

      4. Tiz

        When I find you, you are squished.

      5. Wwy

        This girl is not a Jew like zuckerberg who belongs in an oven like the rest of them. The little kike suspended your acct. this girl is using her free speech agree or not the kikes hate free speech cause everyone learns Jews are a disgusting group of people.

        1. wow.

          wow, that’s nonsense.

    2. Cut the Crap

      Many of your blogs say something along the lines of “Whatever you do, don’t call so-and-so” or “It would be a shame if people started calling…”

      You’re using psychology to manipulate your readers. You know perfectly well by the telling people not to do something that they are going to do it. You write it in such a way to cover your ass from a legal standpoint. Then you wonder why Facebook takes down your pages. I don’t doubt she does get harassing calls. Not one bit. You encourage it!

      1. Lolajack

        Nonsense. I do things at my behest, not because someone issues a reverse directive, if you will. I have always followed my own path, although I subscribe to this blog.

      2. Figure this out too

        Crap: Everything I say is a lie. Wait, that must be a lie too. Or is it the truth because everything I say is a lie?

      3. Give a Lib A Throat Punch

        TB readers generally lean right or at least libertarian, so unlike you sheep on the Left – we don’t mindlessly think and do what we are told by the puppet masters you are slaves to. Please stay in your lane, Snowflake, or you’ll continue to get run over by thinking people.

        As for the twat subject of the blog – who gives a fuq what some brain dead, sheltered, brainwashed, self-entitled wannabe SJW thinks about ANYTHING? If I need to be serviced or want some advice on a gift from Etsy I’ll give her a call. What else of use are these useful idiots good for?

      4. Chris


      5. Cut the crap, Cut The Crap!

        Thank God for woke people like Cut The Crap who took one required Psych course and can now tell us unwoke sheep how reverse psychology works. I almost fell down the rabbit hole!

    3. Mayor Lynch

      Andrea. You, sweet lady, are my spirit animal. I have been made fun of, called fat boy, body shamed and bullied by all of the writers here. Every time I hear someone make fun of Kim Jong, I feel his pain. They call him fat little Korean boy with a Moe Howard haircut. I bet that is what Otto did too. I know his type. They aren’t even courteous enough to give you a reach around. And then don’t call back after you made them cum several times in a night. And when you see them at the bar their all “get away from me homo”. And the Holden cops… I don’t really know them, but if their anything like Fitchburg… Oh my. They have nothing better to do than give me a citation for not shoveling my sidewalk… I mean it had JUST SNOWED 3 days ago! And call me names when they see me innocently hiding in the bushes outside their houses with a camera and a bottle of Jergens. Like I’m a freak or something. Poop on the sidewalk just once and it’s “hey there’s the sidewalk pooper”! Bunch of bullies!

    4. S

      Dam I’d love to bend her over and drill her hard and long. Bet ya a dollar it’s all she needs. Sometimes it’s all them rich snotty girls need. Their inner sluts released. Andrea get back to me I’m a short ride up rt 122. I’ll smack that ass and pull your hair just like you need.

      1. Bill Clinton

        Yup. This.

        If she wants a little black in her, I have a cigar I can introduce her to.

    5. Truthteller

      Honestly, I did not read this whole story. I looked at the pics & read some of the highlights. But, in summary, I will say the this dumb bitch will not last long in Holden. She will lose her mind once she realizes that her ideas are better fit in Worcester, Amherst, Cambridge or Martha’s Vineyard.

      1. Pam

        Two for one.

    6. Lolajack

      “This nativity made him vulnerable in such a place.” God forgive me but I laughed right out loud at that. Makes me want to sing Christmas carols now. LMAO

      1. Becky Blueline

        “Nativity!” Hahaha! All it takes is bad or lack of proofreading to take down any intended message.

        Said the night wind to the little lamb… Do you see what I see? Way up in the sky little lamb… Do you see what I see?

        1. Lolajack

          It was the funniest thing I’ve read today right smack in the middle of such a serious and “intellectual” discussion with Margolis.

          Do you hear what I hear?….. 😉

    7. Andrea Lloyd

      I met a black person once. It was sooo scary and exciting. I took a picture of it too, but I don’t want to blacksploitate so I’m not going to share it. I will just cherish the memory of the time I almost died.

    8. Let me up, I've had enough

      Sweet Jesus. Can you imagine coming home from work every day and having to listen to that?? Seriously. I would fucking slit my wrists with a rusty spoon.

      1. Chris

        “But why a Spoon!?”
        “Because it’s dull, it’ll hurt more!”

    9. juror seven esq.

      Oh yes I think I found a non-white person in that photo line up at the start of this blog. Three rows down from the top. One picture in from the right. Four people there, the dude on the left has either a great tan or he’s not from Holden. More to the point, this woman is bat shit crazy. Is she married, does she have kids? Holy smokes don’t let the riff raff from Rutland into town.

    10. #stayclassywhitebitch

      Typical upper class white girl rhetoric, she has so much white guilt, she thinks if she calls out other whites on their racism it makes hers not as bad. You’ll never see her mixing and mingling with any person of color, shes afraid of the dark of her shadow. Stupid ass liberal pos, I would put money on her donating to Didi, and then bragging that she paid reparations so she’s not racist, she can’t be. Liberals will be the death of this country, they are everything wrong with society. I’d like to actually go toe to toe with her, see who messed with her head so much that she actually believes the crap she types to people, the “black kids are innocent” card is played out and these idiots have been shown that crimes were being committed at the time of death, and it’s actually more whites that die at the hands of the police, but that’s a fact liberals don’t want you to know, it gets in the way. She probably doesn’t understand that 13% of the population is black, and responsible for 3/4 of the crimes committed in this country, but that’s another pesky fact, just gets in the way again. Facts are kryptonite to liberals.

      1. Andrea Lloyd

        You have your white privilege glasses on. Open your eyes and ears. Read. Listen to NPR. It’s not that 13% of the population commits 3/4 of the crimes. It’s that racist cops arrest blacks for no good reason and they get sold back into the prison slavery system. Like I said above, I met a black once. Sure I was scared. I could be raped and killed. Or, killed THEN raped if you believe the Alt-Right media. But it was precious. (Not the big fat gorilla looking Precious from the TV.) It walked upright. Hardly hunched over at all. And wow, it spoke so well! I don’t know if it was speaking real proper human english or if I got really good at Ebonics from watching The Wire, but I could actually converse with it. I felt like Jane Goodall in the Chimp Whisperer movie. I came away from that encounter a better person. You should meet a black too!

        1. Publius

          is this real?

          1. MrSmiley

            As real as Kevin Lynch’s chances of winning a mayoral race anywhere.

            1. Mayor Lynch

              I have the Swarm app on my phone. I’m Mayor of over 15 different establishments. Not the DMV or Fitchburg State, I’m not allowed there anymore. (And Mayor of several asses when I wear my Mayor McCheese costume!)

    11. Larry

      Another fascist bully hater. Dime a dozen.

    12. Full Testicles

      She’s hot as fuck, I’d fuck her 10 times a day just as god commandments. Didn’t read any of the artticle too long and boring.

      Glad there are babes like this locally, she can say whatever she wants, I’m not listening just stroking my meat getting ready to eat and fuck her glistening twat and ass. I bet her own dad wants to fuck her, how could he not?

    13. namaste

      “Andrea Lloyd goes out of her way to actively avoid people of color at all costs”

      Wanted to be on TB side but this fack puts her over the top, gotta side with the babe, if she’s basic I want to see luxury edition.

      1. Andrea Lloyd

        I don’t avoid the blacks. Nor do I actively seek them out. (I mean, come on, I’m not THAT stupid.) I did meet a black once. An honest-to-goodness, really real African American. I’ve told the story a few times already… I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen. I even went to a Catholic Church, went into a confessional, and told a priest! And, I’m not even Catholic! It was like a roller coaster. You know that nervous feeling you get when you go up the first big hill… soooo scary! But then you go down the first big drop and feel a little sick. (I probably would have gotten physically sick if it got closer.) By the end it was like Woooooo. And, honey, I am the luxury edition. They’re all real and they’re spectacular.

    14. KJDS

      Wonder what kind of ‘man’ her husband is. I’m pretty sure he has no balls.

      1. Bleh

        “I’m pretty sure he has no balls.”

        Or socks (wedding picture).

        1. Anonymous

          Yeah gotta love the suit and sandals combo…NOT!

    15. Alec

      She’s a beautiful girl until she opens her mouth. Ugly as can be.

      1. Mike

        “Beautiful”? Hey, if that’s what you’re into. I for one prefer that my women have upper lips.

        It’s funny! I totally would have pegged her as a turtle rider if only because she looks like a turtle. I guess her self-loathing doesn’t stop at her skin color.

        Anybody know what her feelings were on the arrest of LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill in China? I have a suspicion that her argument that people should be accountable for their actions in foreign countries only applies to whites.

    16. Dr. Henry

      Delusional disorder, is a mental illness in which a patient presents delusions and is a specific symptom of psychosis.

    17. Dick Hertz from Holden

      Nice until she talks, delusional lily white girl, hasn’t got a fucking clue. Wonder if she hangs out at Wong Dynasty, I’ll keep an eye out for her

    18. gfldgadfly

      “His nativity made him vulnerable “. That’s a classic, right up with Deformation of Character .
      Hun I know you probably have a BA in Undecided from an expensive liberal arts college, but the word you’re looking for is NAIVETÉ. Good try, though. Tis the season.

    19. Common Sense

      About Otto,“…he broke a law. And was sentenced according to their laws. How is he a victim.[sic]”
      “And yes I would say to someone who broke the law ‘you should have known better”

      Different story when it comes to law breakers in the U.S. I guess they don’t need to know better and the POs need to “work on protecting our own citizens from the people who get paid to protect them.”

      Seems like a double standard! Well, Andrea, they are protecting us! They are protecting the law abiding citizens who know better and don’t break the law! The majority of “victims” getting shot by law enforcement are the ones “who should have known better!” They are someone who broke the law!

    20. Publius

      Cannot believe Andrea typed all this for the world to see. Forever. Still no luck finding a brown face in Andrea’s posts.

    21. whatevuh

      Andrea, the pussy hat suits you perfectly, nuff said

    22. Brad

      At this point all you’re doing is posting about anyone who disagrees with you and puts anyone who like a thier comments on blast. Maybe she’s onto something here. You are a little bitch who sits behind your computer rallying up your dumb ass followers who harass anyone you “don’t” tell them to. Everyone you post about gets harassed endlessly by the sea of virgins who follow you because they have nothing better to do with thier time. You’re a joke and a pussy

      1. Timmy

        Jokes on you, Brad! I’m not a virgin, I totally sexed your Mom like last night! I’m your Daddy now Beeeoch!

        1. Side Guy

          Brad’s gf is even better. She hasn’t been satisfied since she met him, so she comes to me in lingerie she buys with his money. Shes even had him on the phone while she was riding me. It was a pain that she kept having to put it on mute all the time, though.

      2. Brad's Dad

        That’s funny, some limpwristed douche with a name like “Brad” calling anyone else a pussy.

        “Brad” is the kind of name that goes on an entitled, left-side hair parted, trust fund faggot who’s been on his knees sucking off white haired rich guys ever since he started caddying at the country club.

      3. Donald J. Trummp

        Wouldn’t it be nice if someone said, “Get Brad the white knight son of a b**** out of here! Out! Out! He’s fired!” I can tell you, that person would be the most popular person on the internet.

    23. Some Guy

      Her eyes are way too far apart. Creepy.

    24. 2 Observations

      My observations

      1. Her eyes are way to far apart, now I now who those giant sun glasses were designed for. That being said, she’s still worth a quick Al Frankin.

      2. What’s with the guy in a suit wearing flip flops? Is that look from the pages of Gay WARdrobe?

    25. Turtleface

      The strange thing is she hates Turtleboy but if she painted her face green to go along with the creepy eyes and funny face she would look almost identical to the Turtleboy mascot!

    26. Stan the man

      I see Andrea at 50 having a cat collection to go with her vodka and xanax

    27. Hans Groyper

      She looks to be of good breeding stock, too bad her husband is a manlet.

    28. Waste of time

      Okay this article was dumb.

    29. Turtlebitch

      Its a sad day in hell when Danny Red is the lesser of 2 evils

      1. Hughbo Mont

        Yup, here we are siding with the communist. LOL

    30. Independent Thinker

      I’ll respect you when you leave Holden, and move to a place such as Main South in order to experience what diversity is all about. It will also be interesting to see just how accepting they will be of her. And if you have kids in private school, take them out of that fancy private school and let them go to school in the hood. That in itself would be a really cool educational experience.

      1. Pam

        The genius has spoken.

    31. Ralph

      She is miserable because she is what one would call a carpenters dream .. flat as a board – no breasts!

    32. Crazy Pete

      I hate to be the one to inform Little Mrs. Thing, but Salve Regina is not a prestigious liberal arts school. For the sailors stationed in Newport, “sloppy vagina” is merely the barn that houses and feeds their liberty weekend “dalliances” during the week.

    33. Skeet Shooter

      Must… bukkake… on… Andrea Lloyd’s… becky face…
      in front of… her wussy husband…
      and… post… the money shot…
      on WorldStar…

    34. Reality

      There is no one mention re privileged than an attractive woman. #FaCKs

    35. Nothanks

      Trolling is one thing; threatening to rape her is another you sick fucks. I dare one of you to put your name behind those comments. Big boy behind a keyboard; little bitch in person.

      1. Pimp Hand

        Maybe you’d like to meet somewhere and discuss our differences.

        1. Nothanks

          Still no real name though, huh?

          Stand by the types of comments above threatening to physically assault a woman?

          Sure, let’s meet at the police department and we can hash it out there, k? Name a time and place fucker.

    36. snowing in austin

      “Typical far right wing Fox News yahoo.”

      one of my fav turtleboy moments,
      when he gets fed up with all the pressure from both sides and calls bullshit on even his base.
      turtles base being largely Fox News patrons, I mean.

      he even makes fun of us libertarians 😀

    37. Queen of the Basic White Chicks

      I am a white chick from Holden who rocks leggings with boots and sweaters and scarves. My Fall diet consists only of pumpkin spice flavored items and wine. I am a die hard reader of TBS and my command that everyone needs to read this blog, and that it should become an official teaching tool in all school systems, negates this chick’s views. Carry on everyone, I’m glad I could be of service.

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