• Racist Randolph Chick Announces That White Women Can’t Join Her Facebook Group Because She’s “Sick Of White Women Having Babies By Black Men”

    Racist Randolph Chick Announces That White Women Can’t Join Her Facebook Group Because She’s “Sick Of White Women Having Babies By Black Men”

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    A Randolph woman who was denied access to a Facebook group because of the color of her skin took to Facebook to air her grievances today:

    I’m almost positive this same thing happened on This Is Us. When you’re a white mother with biracial children, the hair thing becomes complicated. Because the fact of the matter is that white people and black people have different kinds of hair, and require different kinds of maintenance. Because…..science. And so you need to find them a different barber or stylist. At least that’s my understanding of it as a white guy. Could be wrong.

    And just like in This Is Us, there was some resistance when Mandy Moore tried to enter a world she wasn’t familiar with. Luckily the angry woman at the pool turned out to be totally reasonable and they became friends. But this woman in Randolph did not have that kind of luck. Instead she got this from an opinionated lass from town:

    “I’m tired of all these white women having babies by black men and having mixed babies running around looking crazy with ungreased scalps.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Yasmin Ariella, the most racist person on the Internet:

    She’s sick and tired of all this interracial marriage bullshit!! Bring back the good ol days when white womb raiders stayed behind white beef curtains where they belonged!! You’re not gonna see this chick changing her profile picture with the Loving filter. If anything she was probably protesting outside of that movie about the evils of race mixing!

    She brings up a good point though – this woman shouldn’t be allowed to join a Facebook group because….slavery. This woman kidnapped, “us.” Ya got that? Yasmin herself was kidnapped. Life is hard for this basic chick on her iPhone in 2017.

    It must be hard being oppressed! I wouldn’t know. Whenever I’m sad I just take a bath in my white privilege and watch reruns of Friends.

    Now imagine if you will, a white person responding like this to a black person who was discriminated against because of the color of their skin. Imagine the outrage from creating a “safe haven” from black people, because they’re allegedly so dangerous that you need an entire separate space from them just to ensure your safety. Imagine a white woman saying how sick and tired she was of white men taking a dip in the Beyonce pond. I’m sure that would go well.

    Here’s my question Yasmin – which one of your ex-boyfriends left you for a white chick? That’s what this about right? You got dumped for some Becky and you’re still salty about it?

    Just own it Yasmin. You’re a racist. I’m sure you’ll say, “only white people can be racist because racism = prejudice plus power.” But that’s not a real thing just because your gender studies professor told you that. Someone literally made that up and now SJWs just brainlessly repeat it so it’s a fact in their simple noodle brains. But the fact of the matter is  that racism has an actual definition, and you’re exhibiting all the characteristics that define it. You’re a bigot, and a terrible, terrible human being. Hopefully any employer who thinks about hiring you Googles you, finds this blog, and reconsiders hiring such a racist and hateful individual.



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    1. Fuckface McFaggot

      I agree, I’m sick of white women having black babies and infecting the genepool too.

    2. suckittrebek

      wow a racist black bitch *mind blows* /sarcasm

      1. Truth-Seeker

        She’s got a white dog though.

    3. Willywonka

      She wears Vineyard Vines. Poor Oppressed black woman.

    4. Lou P

      So Barack Obama would also be blocked from joining …..

    5. Elizabeth Warren's cheek bones

      Slow news day tb? i think you will find it funny that most white people and black people agree with Yasmin, stop the interracial breeding. Maybe i’m crazy but when i have kids i want them to look like myself and my spouse not a blend of skin colors.

      1. F you Elizabeth warren's cheek bones

        Fuck you! I have two children who are mixed and they are gorgeous! I am also mixed. So what! that’s what you want your children to look like. I never wanted a child with my skin color! I always thought tan skin was gorgeous. How can you say something so ugly? “Stop the interracial breeding” you are a disgusting and hateful person.

        1. RA

          I agree w F You Lizzy Warren’s cheekbones. Have babies with whomever you’d like. Mixed babies are usually gorgeous

      2. Common Sense

        I think you’ll find it enlightening to learn that, contrary to your false viewpoint, most people consider their love for someone as the determining factor of whether they want to make babies with them — not their skin color. When you say that, “when I have kids I want them to look like myself and my spouse,” you’re enforcing that point. Your spouse will be who you marry (who you love) and if you love someone of different color, that’s what your kids will look like — a combination of you and your spouse.

    6. Poo

      So, maybe those mixed-race kids wouldn’t be running around with “crazy ungreased scalps” if knowledgeable people could help their parents find them a good hair salon, asshole.

    7. MadameMidlifeCrisis

      Look at that bitchin’ cubic zirconia she’s rockin’… Woooooo gurrrrrrrrrrrl, you might be able to hock that shit for a fiver & then buy some fawks to be given over your racist ass. I guarantee she has screamed “RACISM” at every turn at businesses & the SNAP & other government offices. Hope this jackhole reaps all that she sows.

      1. Stunt Penis

        Wonder how many EBT cards her ‘man’ had to sell to score that hot CZ at k-mart

    8. Steven Stover

      Is there a reason that the mom can’t ask the dad where the ethnic barbershop is?

      1. Fuck BLM

        Yup! Because it doesn’t stir up shit on the internet and feed into the race-baiting tactics of the liberal agenda

      2. light

        Maybe the children are adopted, and the (adopted) dad is also white.

    9. Amy Somerville

      What a pos! Hope someday she is blessed with biracial children!

    10. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

      The white race is the most persecuted race in the country. Fact.

      1. BlackandWhite

        I knew that WNTR and commie followers would be trolling! Can’t tear yourself away, can you?? It would be great if the turtle riders could block you, but WE believe in free speech.

        Don’t fall for the race bait crap that WNTR keeps spewing here ….

        1. True Reality Speaks

          Those liberal plants believe everyone is as stupid as they are. Used to taking orders from the hive. Shocker, huh?

    11. Fuck BLM

      Isn’t it odd that people are adamant that racism doesn’t exist in modern society? It certainly does and it is in much bigger numbers than most care to imagine. Coming from a anti-BLM, right-leaning conservative, I want you to hear me out:

      If racism were near non-existent in our society, than why are so many black people living in the intercity projects with all sorts of government assistance? Seems to me its a way for the government to push the liberal agenda on to them, and to brainwash them into believing what the left wants them to. They know that stereotypical black folk are suckers for free stuff, so why not offer them free rent and a welfare check each month, and in exchange we can control their thoughts. The only ones who escape this indoctrination are the ones who can see through the BS and decide to make something out of their lives so they get out of the hood.

      Moreover, white people are consistently told how terrible they are and how they oppress/kidnap/rape/enslave/discriminate against people of color. If racism didn’t exist, race wouldn’t even be a topic of conversation. The liberal media has really turned us against each other, and subconsciously is making people view other races in a negative light.

      1. Barack Obama

        Hey leave BLM alone. They are an amazing group. They fight for fake narratives and promote killing of cops and burinh if entire cities. When I invited them to the white house we had great talk about white people are bad

    12. Cunt Wagon

      Nice tarantula eyelashes & receding greasy hairline. Project a movie on her forehead and have a drive in .

    13. Ralph

      WOW – was that a white dog in the picture with her, in bed?

    14. Mongo Shepard

      Yasmin? She sure doesn’t look Middle Eastern to me. CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!!

    15. Barack Obama

      You go girl. I did not waste 8 years of my life promoting racism from black people towards white people for people to quite when I left. Keep it up. The race war I started is going perfectly and the media just blames Trump it is perfect. Remember your great great great great grandmother may have been a slave so whites must pay.

    16. The Rant Queen

      Oh racism is alive and well in 2017 America. It’s being perpetuated by BLM, Antifa & MSM, and both white and not white ppl take the bait. Some white ppl use racism to fight back, the others are so afraid to be called racist, they attack their own race and physically avoid the race they claim to be helping. Yeah, this country is fucked. And it has the tools to be the greatest country on the planet. Smh.

    17. Burgling turts

      I’ll take one for the team and give Yasmin a lil mix baby. Make sure that weaves on tight sweetheart.

    18. WLM

      thats what you get for having mongrel children

      1. Cherie

        Mongrel children????? Fuck you

    19. Fuck You

      She shouldn’t be allowed to own a white dog. Just throwing that out there….

    20. Sorry not sorry get over it

      THANK YOU!!!!! I’m so sick of being blamed for things that happened hundreds of years ago. It’s not my damn fault and last I checked I don’t apologize for shit I DIDN’T do wrong.

    21. #shejustaskedforhelp

      If you look up why black men turned to white women, this chicks picture is at the top, racist ass ratchet full of hate, and black men are sick of them saying they are strong and queenz. I’m not gonna get into it but y’all can do your own digging on why black men abandoned black women, it was by their own doing, I don’t feel sorry for any of them.

    22. Phil

      HAHAHAHA this dumb fckn burnt sweathog is wearing literally THE WHITEST clothing line ever in Vineyard Vines. Tell ya what Ill gladly stay outta your FB group if you burn that fleece and go back to wearing FUBU and cranking Newports outside your weave shop. I can literally smell this wilderbeast from here. Her bedsheets probably look like the inside of a hamburger wrapper when she wakes up. Gross…

      1. Lis

        This is so uncalled for. i’m not sure who in the world is setting up Yasmin but I personally know her and this is the most ridiculous thing ever. She never made a fb group or denied anyone, I believe this was created because of some other post she made and someone did this to make her look like a shitty person.

        1. #theboatiswaiting

          Tell her she’s a racist asshole for saying what she did to a woman asking for help, instead of helping she throws one of the most racist statements made to date. Yeah she’s a real winner, walking around like her shit don’t stink, wearing “white” clothes, sporting a “white” dog, she’s jealous that she isn’t of the cacazoid race, so she projects it by attacking anyone asking for advice about mixed children. You know what I’m sick of, black women saying they are strong and “African” when not one of them would survive without their handouts and no one is raising their hands to be sent back to their “homeland”. I want to start seeing these people claiming to be “African” start acting like it, get rid of the Jordan’s, the gold chainz, the grillz, the expensive cars, the weave and start going barefoot and wearing baskets on your head and doing your wash in a creek. There racist assholes wouldn’t survive 10 minutes in Africa, they are too wrapped up in the latest ghetto fashion trend and who they can sell their ebt card to to get it. You live in this country, you’re AMERICAN, no matter what your skin color is.

    23. light

      Newsflash to Yasmin –

      Girl, you light-skinned.

    24. Chosin

      I’m all for not interracial dating….. I don’t defend love or want to love someone who isn’t of the same world as me… it’s cool interact with other walks of life on a social level anything else isn’t rt… but to each his own

    25. Wtf

      A few years ago I did the fresh air fund thing. I got a little 8 yr old girl from New York. The entire point was to give an inner city or under privileged kid green grass, fresh air etc. the little girl had better clothes than my kid , she was horribly behaved and the parents did not call once. She was far from needy with an expensive weave that no one ever explained to me. My Lilly white ass didn’t know what was going on when I started finding little braids all over my house and in the pool. I called all the Lilly white people that run it and they had no idea. I finally called my sister whose husband is black and found out it was a weave. It’s no different than an other age, religion, medical condition or color specific considerations that need to be addressed. My kids have different hair , how on earth was I supposed to know what to do?

    26. Tia

      I don’t see the problem ‍♀️. It’s HER Facebook group. God damn, I understand if it was a place of business, a school or place of employment but it’s a Facebook group. People are just whining and crying for no reason. Your 1/2 black child/grandchild has a 1/2 black family. Go ask his mama/sister/cousin/auntie/meemaw how to do the child’s hair. They’re more obligated than this woman is.

    27. Bob E. Lee

      I agree with the negro sow, I’m just on the other side of the fence than she is, thankfully. I’ll never understand why a intelligent person would consider having a mudbaby.

    28. AND YOUR POINT IS.....

      You guys have to be fucking bored. Leave this girl alone. No offense but white women (people in general) have a hard time being told NO. While POC (people of color) get told NO for centuries. No reparations, no to Black Lives actually mattering, no to equal pay. Why is it a problem for an oppressed group build something for themselves. Her way about may be wrong but gives you no right to drag her in the mud cause honestly your going NOWHERE with this shit. Get rid of this wack ass article and educate yourself on actual oppress people.

      1. Phil

        Hey Yasmin (awesome name by the way), you should educate yourself actually because A) it’s you’re* B) it’s oppress”ed” C) trust me the majority of white people dont give a fuckkk about your nappy ass grease group and D) you aren’t living in the 1800’s so shur rhe fuck up because you’re the only one going NOWHERE. Fat cunt.

        1. Phil

          Shut* the*

      2. I dare you

        To “AND YOUR POINT IS” – Can you please supply actual facts to support how black people in 2017 are held back by slavery that was ended in the 1860s?

        Just facts please.

        Oh wait, there are none, because the downward spirals in the black community occurred in the 1960s, not 1860s, when the government started ‘helping’ with entitlements. See, no one wants to point out that pre-1960s, in the black community murder rates were dropping, employment was higher, marriage rates were higher, and illegitimacy was low.
        Even further back, census figures in the 1920-1930 show the rate of people in the labor force was HIGHER for non-whites than whites. (Source, Thomas Sowell, a BLACK economist, was has also stated blacks are being used by liberals to damage this country and themselves.)
        Read some Thomas Sowell…I dare you.

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