Rajon Rondo Pulls Ultimate NBA/Chick Move, Leaves Celtics To Celebrate 28th Birthday In LA

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(Source) — Rajon Rondo hasn’t been playing in second games of back-to-backs for the Celtics, as he continues to gain strength after missing most of last season and the first part of this one with a knee injury. That little detail, along with the fact that friends and family were in Los Angeles to celebrate his birthday has Rondo in some trouble with the team for skipping out on the trip to Sacramento that followed Boston’s loss to the Lakers on Friday.The Celtics are not taking it as a major issue, but the team is still hoping to straighten things out with Rajon Rondo after his decision to stay in Los Angeles and not accompany the team to Sacramento for Saturday’s game. While some were displeased by the move, for which Rondo did not receive official permission, others pointed out he was not scheduled to play in the game anyway (on the second night of a back-to-back), and that he may have simply been making some assumptions based on precedent. Multiple sources say he remained in LA for a birthday celebration. He turned 28 on Saturday.


This whole story is as NBA as you can possibly get. Prima donna point guard. Thinks he’s better than he is. Doesn’t travel with team team that’s paying him millions of dollars to play another team that prima donna players don’t wanna play for. Stays in LA and celebrates birthday with friends, family, and many more people who are mooching his millions from him at extremely expensive nightclub.

When did Rondo become a chick? Birthday? Seriously? 28th freaking birthday??? There is nothing more feminine in our society than celebrating your birthday. Girls do it because…..well it’s just what they do. Dudes are supposed to be above this spectacle though. I don’t even know when any of my best friend’s birthdays are. That’s because we’re not 10 years old anymore, and for the most part we don’t remind each other about it weeks in advance.

What the hell is the purpose of celebrating your 28th birthday? I can understand 18, 21, and 30. Other than that, the most you should do is try to get one free drink out of if you’re out. After all, with each passing year you just become that much closer to being the creepy old dude at the bar (unless you’re perpetually a 13 year old boy riding on a cement turtle like me). This whole concept that your birthday is some sort of special day is a bigger scam than Valentine’s Day. It happens to be the anniversary of the day you emerged out of the womb. You and 20 million other people worldwide. Why is this cause for celebration again?


Having a birthday party for yourself is one of the biggest dooshnozzle moves a human being can pull off too. You’re basically making me spend money on you to celebrate something that happens because the sun rises and sets every day. And let me guess – you want me to drive?

And what the hell was Rondo’s family doing in LA? They’re from freaking Kentucky. They just happened to be in LA the same night Rondo was in town for a Lakers game? Right. So basically what happened here is Rondo told his family to come to LA for a night of birthday clubbing, and when they reminded him that he had a game in Sac town the next day he laughed and said, “those guys suck.”

Here’s what this says about the state of the Celtics – they hate their “captain,” and Brad Stevens is just kind of there for show. Oh yea, and he clearly knows his place. He seems pretty cool with this because he knows that he’s a part of the Celitcs future and Rondo obviously is not. There’s absolutely no reason this had to go public. But Danny Ainge obviously wanted it that way. He wanted us all to know that he’s dealing with a giant clown – a grown ass man being paid millions of dollars by a team, who didn’t show up to work, or even call for that matter.

Because it was his birthday.

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