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Ratchet Connecticut Mom Defends Daughter’s Honor By Claiming To Be Attorney, Vowing Deformation Lawsuit  


Earlier in the week we blogged about a Norwich CT woman named Kylie Scovish who was arrested for head butting a trooper after being pulled over for speeding on a suspended license on 395. Scovish refused to get out of the car, rolled her window up, drove her vehicle toward a trooper, and eventually ended up calling the cops on the cops themselves. She then began commenting underneath her own mugshot on the WINY Radio Facebook page in a vain attempt to defend her honor.

One of the people who defended her was a friend named Sapphire Kelly, claiming that Kylie did the right thing by “standing her ground.”

I pointed out that it was never a good idea to take legal advice from a ratchet who stuffed crust from a guy in a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls Hat and sleeps in a room with a mattress on the ground, bed sheet curtains, and dorm room Christmas lights.

Sapphire messaged me shortly after the blog was written to inform me that I was retarded, and did in fact “got the wrong one n***a.” She also threatened me not to run my mouth about her, called me an ugly white piece of trash, and told me to suck a dick.

We will be calling her tonight on the Live Show for follow up.

Shortly after that her mother also messaged me, and towards the end of her first sentagraph said she was a lawyer who was “more than happy to deal with me the legal way.”

Her daughter is a grown woman in her 20’s, but apparently this makes her a “young girl” and I’m not allowed to blog about her because it’s deformation.

And that was the end of that. But I will try to call her on the live show tonight as well. It will have to be from a different account because unfortunately Attorney Cecee has blocked Clarence Woods Emerson. She definitely looks and writes like an attorney though (she just happens to do event planning on the side), so I could be in BIG trouble.





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