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Revive Dance Xchange Part 4: Imaginary “Scholarships,” Illegal Raffles, Craptacular Recitals, And Candy Dennis Deformation Lawsuits Begin

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If you need to get caught up on this latest series of Turtleboy Investigates, here’s part 1part 2, and part 3.

Update: The Patch has picked up on our story, and Candy Dennis has publicly responded to it, threatening deformation of character. And I’m not saying this as a joke mocking the Internet lawsuit crowd. She literally called it deformation:

Looks like Attorney Richard N. Vulva’s wife can go ahead and get that kitchen remodeled…..

“I honestly have nothing to hide.” – Woman who blocked us and won’t answer simple questions about her business.

“I have attorneys working on this.” – Woman who needed a GoFundMe to fight allegedly crippling disease.

“I am a good and honest person.” – We will investigate that claim in this blog.

FYI, this was her Christmas this year:

All those presents went to two kids. This from a woman who is soliciting money from clients for a disease she clearly is not suffering from. It’s just amazing that anyone would ever be this brazen and open about it on social media. She shared the GFM a million times. Like on February 7:

Then two days later they were spending cash for Jeff Dunham’s tickets and not attempting to hide it

Two days later she’s at the Boston Center For The Arts with tickets for four:

Then 10 days after that it was time for Disney on Ice at TD Garden…..

As a matter of fact she’s struggling so much that she got started on Christmas shopping in March….

The GoFundMe only raised $1,100, because it turns out it’s hard to get people to donate money to your pity party when you’re living a life that’s much more exciting than their’s. So where is all this money coming from? That’s what we will explore now….



Revive Dance Xchange puts on three recitals a year. Tickets are $20 each for all people, including the elderly and children. We’ve seen the tape from one of the shows. I know nothing about the dancing world, but the whole thing seems thrown together and badly organized. We won’t share it because obviously there’s a lot of kids in it. Here’s what an adult client told us about it:

A lot of those complaints have been echoed and we will discuss later. But for now let’s stick to the recitals. They tried charging a customer who was performing in the show to get into the recital she was performing at. The prices fluctuated based on who was coming in. The whole thing was an organized circus, which it looked like from the tapes we saw.

Parents at RDX are required to buy costumes that cost upwards of $90 each for their children. These same costumes cost between $30 and $40 online, but can only be purchased wholesale by the business. It’s perfectly reasonable for the business to try to profit off of this by selling for more than they paid for, but after hearing from other dance studios this is an absurdly high markup.

At the shows there are raffles for donated prizes. She urges her students (AKA paying customers) to go out and sell a bunch more under the guise that they are going towards scholarships. Kids who sold the most raffle tickets get…..

More gift cards to RDX and RDX gear. In other words, they get a coupon to spend more money on dancing lessons at RDX.

“Proceeds go directly to the Dream Team project.”

Yea, no clue what Dream Team project is. Neither does anyone else we spoke to. She’s clearly making it sound like these raffles are for some sort of charity, and not a for profit business. Because that would be illegal under Mass General Laws:

****Under M.G.L. c. 271, s. 7A , only a veterans, church or religious, fraternal or fraternal benefit society, educational or charitable, civic or service club, or other club or organization operated exclusively for nonprofit purposes may hold a raffle.

To our knowledge Candy Dennis does not have a registered non-profit in her name. We looked. Perhaps she could clear this up, but instead of returning our emails she’s posting about Internet lawsuits.

Parents are not allowed to tape the show (which is pretty standard at a lot of events) and it costs $65 for the “professionally recorded” tapes. But as stated, we’ve seen the tapes. I could professionally record it better with a camcorder circa 1998. She sold $200 VIP packages which basically meant you got better seats up front, a tape of the show, a free t-shirt and complementary programs. In other words, it was a huge ripoff.

But where does all the money go? If it went right back into RDX that would be fine. After all, this is a business. If I paid money for my kid to get dancing lessons and put on a show at a dancing studio I’d have no problem with the business keeping all the cash. There’s nothing wrong with capitalism. If people don’t like it they don’t have to do business there.

However, according to Candy Dennis the money all goes to her “scholarships” which are mentioned everywhere on RDX’s website and newsletter a billion times.

She claims she’s given “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in scholarships to needy dancers.

This would obviously make it more likely for people to donate, since they believe it’s going to some sort of charity. But who gets these scholarships and how are they chosen?

Well, many parents have asked her about this and her responses have aroused suspicion. She told some that they’re “not for students around here,” making it seem like she’s sponsoring inner city kids somewhere. Here’s a response one parent got:

“We had some families lose a parent this year so our scholarships went quickly.”

So apparently they just give them to kids whose parent’s died most recently. No word on who those kids are, but I’m sure they’re real.

The exact amount she claims RDX has given away since 2004 is $217,000.

That’s a lot of money, and you would think she would proudly show who is getting these scholarships. At the very least the process of applying and receiving a scholarship should be transparent.

Unlimited classes for a full year at RDX cost $2,150. That would mean she’s given out over 100 full year scholarships (or way more partial ones) over the years. Yet we asked around everywhere and we only heard from three people who actually received them.

From a client:

“She generates her scholarship funds through her smaller recitals that she has throughout the year. Now anyone that can do basic math could tell you that the money she gets from the smaller recitals adds up to more then what she says it does. Each ticket at these shows runs 20/person including children no discount there. Then she has raffles from items that are all donated by team parents. All this while selling a 5 dollar Domino’s pizza for 20 bucks. I’ve been a close friend to candy for the last 5yrs. While I’ve heard everyone talk about how shady she was I never wanted to believe it. I’m a firm believer that everyone in business should make a profit. But the flat out overcharging for things and then lying to people’s faces when confronted by it is what finally disgusted me with her.”

We did speak with Candy about the scholarships as you will see in a later blog. She gave us one name of a family who received a “scholarship” and we reached out to them. Here’s what they told us:

As far as the scholarship goes you have to submit a letter to candy and she and her “partner” review them and hand out the scholarships accordingly. While I did receive a scholarship from her I believe it only equated to around 50/month. Out of a 500/mnt bill. I also had to beg her for that this year as she told everyone that there was no money in the fund for anyone this year. I donated a lot to her and that studio. The year before last I donated into her scholarship fund so that she could have more to donate. I told her at that time I was probably gonna need that help reciprocated the next year. Well I kinda got it.”

So basically she gave out a 10% “scholarship” to a big spender who had given her lots of business over the years. Pay to play. Buy 100, get one 10% off.

Here’s a receipt from a scholarship recipient:

So basically they were paying $105 a month before and now they’re paying her $85 a month. In other words, they’re not really scholarships, they’re 20% off coupons that you have to use at her business.

This “scholarship” recipient didn’t get quite as good of a deal:

“Typically every student that wrote the letter received scholarship money.”

This is what she tells people who actually get the “scholarships,” but everyone else gets told that they went to orphans or inner city kids you don’t know the names of.

As stated above, these are not scholarships. These are coupons. Coupons you have to use at her business. The Lion’s Club gives out scholarships to high school kids. When kids receive these scholarships they can use them at whatever college they want to go to. If Candy was the Lion’s Club this would be the equivalent of giving kids a 10% off coupon to buy beer…….FROM the Lion’s Club!!

All this does is make it more likely that people will continue to give her business. If a client was paying $105 a month and is inclined to leave, they might stick around for $85. That’s a lot better for Candy than $0, and ultimately costs her nothing since she just throws them in a class with a teacher anyway.

So the bottom line is that Candy Dennis makes money by overcharging customers for poorly put on recitals, holding illegal raffles, selling poorly done videos, and telling people that the money is going towards some mystery scholarship fund that isn’t really a scholarship so much as it is a coupon to give her more money. This is why a big reason why she can lead such a glamorous lifestyle. The GoFundMe wasn’t really profitable and just makes her look like a dooshnozzle. Unfortunately for her the GFM was what stood out most to parents and got them to email us in the first place. Oops! Should’ve just stuck to the cash cow recitals.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Parts 5 and hopefully 6, which will cover her questionable credentials, her “instructors,” extremely shady fees, her erratic, vindictive, and unprofessional behavior, presenting the business as a non-profit, and potential tax fraud.

8 Comment(s)
  • Exposed
    July 24, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Sick selfish people that use gfm, when there are actual sick and in need people. How do you defend that? It’s all there in her own pictures and words. Asking people for money while you spend lavishly is twisted. I’m surprised she didn’t use her kid and start making up illnesses for her. Glad she is exposed for the disgusting fraud she is. She’s gonna need that lawyer for IRS investigation not “deformation”.

  • Screw PC
    July 24, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Why the absolute fuck is that cow teaching people to dance in the first place? People actually took her seriously? It’s like a dwarf teaching basketball.

  • Squatter
    July 24, 2018 at 11:30 am

    I noticed the squatting thing too! She needs to correct that it’s so awkward it looks like she’s dropping her kibbles & bits at a campground.

    • z
      July 24, 2018 at 12:33 pm

      So, we can safely assume that the woman taking the dump on the highway is a dancer. She was just limbering up.

  • y
    July 24, 2018 at 10:05 am

    What’s in Beverly’s water? First, Greg “Master” Bates and now Candy “Cocaine” Dennis?

    • chin drippings
      July 24, 2018 at 1:16 pm

      Its not just beverly, its the whole north shore. You can basically start at 114 in marblehead and end at north andover, all these towns that have 114 running through them are filled with the most dooshiest, extreme far leftist, keeping up with the jonses’ type people. They all love diversity and aren’t “racist” but would never want the mexicans they have working for them living next door. There are some unicorns that live in those towns but they live in fear of being outed and different so they go along to get along.

  • z
    July 24, 2018 at 8:42 am

    Just as big of a scam is other studios hundreds of miles away that leave reviews.

    Indianola Dance Academy
    1 review
    3 weeks ago-
    Candy at Revive has faced many personal struggles and still works hard for her studio, dancers and families. She has been blessed with her talents and the studio owners that know her are fortunate to have her expertise to help them grow as well.

    That’s Iowa. Maybe the owner knows Candy but the review is useless if she doesn’t know the business up close and personal. My guess is the dance business has back channels were they take care of each other with these meaningless reviews.

    Saw one review where the parents stuck it out because their kid had friends in the classes. They hoped things would change. But after awhile the parents told the kid “Suck it up, we are out”.

  • The Hybrid
    July 24, 2018 at 6:00 am

    Couldnt help but notice the pictures of her daughter “Cameo” (seriously, wtf? How stupid is this woman?), whenever she squats, her legs are spread, so wide it’s kinda creepy. Being a mom, in a world where ppl want to normalize pedophilia, she should probably not post pics like that, & tell her kid not to squat like that.

    Also, as illiterate & obnoxiously stupid as this dumpster swine is, she’s managed to dupe a LOT of rich ppl. You’d have to be really naive (putting that nicely) to know something isnt right, but stay there & keep giving her your money, anyway. Idc how much I love singing, if a singing class was that unorganized & unprofessional, while improving absolutely NOTHING, but draining my bank account, I wouldnt go there if it was the last singing class on Earth.

    So yeah, she’s an idiot but if you knew shit was off, & you stuck around anyway, giving her money, not reporting her to BBB, &/or followed her social media & donated anyway, you pretty much volunteered to be scammed. Not saying you deserve it, but you didnt even try to avoid it.

    Haters gonna hate, opportunists gonna take yo cash money.

    Cant wait to see what comes of this one! Amazing story, as usual.

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