Robert Blackwell-Gibbs, Melinda Boone Are Heroes

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I submit to you an image, one of a world where teachers and police are truly useful, and where their anarchist lapdogs are no longer an issue. Our issue is simple; our civil defense elements have too little power to combat the forces of anarchy in our fine city. This stems from the constant teachings that oppose our efforts to protect the economic and social activities of the less-fortunate members of our community.

But what crimes do I accuse the WPD of? Why, refusing to allow our cause any forward momentum! On any number of occasions, the honorable efforts to protect the less fortunate members of our community were met with resistance and persecution.

Our most recent efforts to combat injustice in Kelly Square were nearly quashed when an incredibly dangerous trucker had the audacity to stop within our general vicinity. It was only thanks to the actions of Mr. Robert Blackwell-Gibbs that any form of non-existent threat was avoided.


Yet for his actions, Mr. Gibbs now finds himself a target of the Worcester Police Department! Such actions are entirely inexcusable. It is rather discouraging that the WPD feels it necessary to conduct such an operation against our cause.

Yet what is the logic behind their efforts? That our fair defenders of justice impeded the progress of an emergency vehicle??!! How Mr. Blackwell-Gibbs and his associates are at fault is beyond the comprehension of this writer, as it appears more apparent that the horde motorists attempting to gain access to Kelley Square are at fault, because they did not stop during the moment of pause we created to allow the ambulance to pass unhindered. As such, it is far more reasonable to assign blame to the citizenry for being far too content with the order of things.

Now we find ourselves at one of the core components of our present affliction; the educators. It has been found by those allied with our cause that they resist many of the aspects of change we so seek. For shame that when our allies assault the bastions of their tyranny, their assistant principals, that the educator so foolishly flees into the arms of the Worcester Police Department!

How preposterous is it to think that our fellow fraternity members and independent pharmacists should have to stand for the lessons that these educators force upon them!! It seems to this writer that methods of a physical persuasion would be warranted in order to protest their forced involvement, and fight to protect their interests.

And who am I to judge if an educator acts so blasphemously that our allies must resort to providing a lesson in humility? Sadly, we come back to the issue presented by the general population. Their voices have conflicted with that of another of our leaders, the righteous Ms. Melinda Boone, that any attempt to stem the negative flow of public opinion was made.

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Yet it would have succeeded if it weren’t for the treachery of of one of her contemporaries, a Mr. Michael Gaffney, who so foolishly bought into the outrageous idea that students were assaulting our educators for no particular reason! One must remember that our allies do not “assault” others, merely use methods of physical and psychological persuasion to ensure they attain their goals.

This level of vitriol portrayed by Mr. Gaffney is what emboldened the educators and police to start causing this level of discourse within the public sphere of influence has resulted in the present conflict between our more reasonable members of our community, and the extremist factions that have nearly taken over and eliminated the bastions of our rationale.

And now North High is a bastion of police presence, with officers combing the halls to disrupt any of our efforts to enact change. No longer can we use physical means to make our point in the educational setting, all thanks to the resulting misconceptions that the general public holds.

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4 Comment(s)
  • Chance
    December 23, 2015 at 11:51 pm

    First off Robert Blackwell Gibbs is a total fraud and rides on the tales of others to get what he needs in his life. Professional Welfare Collector as I quote his anus speaking face. He abuses women, the four children in his care, his own animals, his friends or should say ex friends. He acts all righteous about genuine causes but these cause are really not his. He went to school is somewhat educated and could have been a standup hard working guy. BUT HE IS NOT> He is a lying, manipulating, scumbag piece of shit. He would sell out anyone for his own personal gain. AND I FUCKING MEAN ANYONE. Odin Winston XAllah is an aka he supposedly now goes by…seriously? He will be in the news again I am sure most likely the court actions….he just can’t help himself he is a born scumbag what can one say….

  • chussit
    March 13, 2015 at 7:59 am

    …vernal are the waffles of your disregard. Flying will not contain it. Newer than nine biscuits , the party-tin of walrus noses likes your car, even though you clearly suck at checkers. Blarth, my cat your cat his own cat flishithy flap. Flippity flipflop flip flup floppity flap. Eggs.

  • Hippies Suck
    March 12, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Delusional thought process at best! Way way too many mind numbing drugs taken prior to this submission. Run for office and make a real difference. Not hanging in the street messing with innocent people trying to live their lives.

  • Robert
    March 11, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    This is beginning to remind me of that movie, Face Off.

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