• Rochester Trash Monster Arrested After Kids Are Taken Out Of Rat Infested Mobile Home Decorated By Oscar The Grouch

    Rochester Trash Monster Arrested After Kids Are Taken Out Of Rat Infested Mobile Home Decorated By Oscar The Grouch

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    If you thought the Blackstone house of horrors was bad, wait until you see this…..

    NECNA Rochester, New Hampshire, mobile home has been condemned and a mother has been charged after authorities found trash, feces, and bugs from wall to wall. Police say a neighbor called to report a rat infestation on June 23. The home at 7 South Blueberry Lane was condemned later that day. Two children were taken from the home and are now living with a family member. Their mother, Keni-Lynn Mone, has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of animal cruelty. The dog found inside the house is being cared for at a nearby shelter.

    Rochester, NH. Home of Tony Deyoung. It’s all starting to make sense now.

    Let’s see what the inside looked like. TRIGGER WARNING!!!

    So the bathroom was in stellar condition:

    No wonder there was feces all over the house. I love a good smash as much as the next guy, but I’d easily dump on the floor before I ever let my turtle ass make contact with that porcelain porcupine.

    Surprisingly this family used lots of shampoo. They just never threw out the bottles when they were done with them:

    The hallway featured Green Eggs and Ham. Not just the book either. Buried in there somewhere you could find actual eggs and ham covered in green mold.

    Even the flies hated it so much they committed mass suicide together:

    Same with the pet rats:

    The kitchen was decorated with trash for the holidays.

    As you can see, this is where Keni-Lynn Mone kept her treadmill. Unfortunately it’s hard to get any exercise when your exercise machine is covered in dirty diapers and broken dreams. And Keni-Lynn does NOT like when she can’t exercise.

    Don’t worry though. Even though she made her children live in these conditions she still had a big functional television in the living room:

    Because….priorities. The only problem is that you have to make your own couch out of pizza boxes and soiled fupasloth panties.

    Oh, and you’ll never guess what Keni Lynn does for work:

    Yup, she’s a yoga instructor. Because I know I’d love to take fitness advice from such a mentally and physically advanced woman like Keni Lynn!!

    Oh, and here’s something else:

    Yup, that’s right. She runs a book club. Who didn’t see that one coming? Now that they’ve finished 9th grade literature they’re moving onto the Judy Blume unit next week.

    She’s also an advocate for autism because her son is autistic. She just doesn’t like Autism Speaks:

    And I know a great way to raise awareness for autism is to turn your mobile home into the town landfill.

    Here’s my question – how come none of her friends or family knew that she lived like this?

    Never mind. Although the fact that she rips Marlboro Reds and drinks Peach Tree is the only part of her Facebook page thus far that has been predictable.

    This is the kid’s Dad:

    As you can see he was no longer interested in Keni Lynn and has moved on to bigger and better thins due to Keni Lynn’s lack of Christmas ornaments hanging from her nose. So yea, the two kids are with him now, but if you ask me he’s equally responsible. How do you NOT KNOW that your kids are being forced to live in a house that looks like it was decorated by Oscar the Grouch? When he picked them up and dropped them off there he never went inside to take a piss? Didn’t notice that his kid’s clothing was covered in rat shit? Yea, pretty sure Dad has no business having custody of these kids either.

    The moral of the story is, don’t move to Rochester NH. It’s the Ware of the Granite State.

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    1. wabbitt

      I will never feel bad about the state of my apartment ever again.

      1. Itsjustme

        That was going to be my exact comment. How does someone let it get this bad? It looks like she just used the floor as a trash container. The article I read the other day said that she told the authorities she hasn’t taken the trash out in nine months, and the floors felt like a sponge from allowing the animals to use it as a bathroom. So gross.

    2. Worcesterite

      “Police say a neighbor called to report a rat infestation on June 23.”
      The “rat” was definitely this woman.

    3. Holy Shit!

      What a fuckin’ piece of shit! And the trailer is pretty bad too!

      Dear God, I always feel bad if there are a few dirty dishes in the sink, before I rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. How could ANYONE live in this kind of squalor? You finish with your shampoo bottle, you throw it out (or recycle it)! You finish stuffing your face with Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, you throw out the damn box! (should turn those pictures into a “Find The ???” game – try to identify the product – Much better than the Highlights Magazine puzzles!)

      This woman, obviously, has some sort of mental issue! I hope no one is going to attempt to clean that hell hole? Just drag it into a big open field, put 100’s of gallons of gasoline on it, and burn, motherfucker, BURN!!!


      Oh.My.God. !!!! that reminds me, I have to clean my truck

    5. Darwin

      Unfortunately, she spent all her money on tats and had nothing left to buy Hefty garbage bags.

      What’s her GoFundMe page?

    6. Inspector Gadget

      Burn that place! Burn it!!!

    7. Pop a squat

      “A number of modifications will be taught… for those that cannon sit/ lie on the floor.”

      She’s got a ton of those I bet because she can get on her floor either.

      Really don’t think this was worse than Blackstone considering there wasn’t dead babies found… yet.

    8. Keni

      Recycling is every other week in Rochester and my bin is missing so gfy

      1. GFY Keni!

        So that’s your reason for keeping it for nine months? Put it in your trash then, if you don’t have a recycling bin! Oh, let me guess, you don’t have a trash bin either? How about that God-forsaken shit hole you call a trailer? You’re fucking disgusting to be bringing up children in that!!!

        1. Keni

          The trash bin is that thing with all the trash in it that I’m living in. Once it’s full I’ll have it hauled off and bring in a new one. It’s called using my brain dumbass.

        2. Aurora

          How did she have book club meetings as well as teach yoga in that dump?

      2. Itsjustme

        I live in Rochester and recycling is not every other week, it’s every week. Unless you’re the only person they pick up every other week for in this city. It’s been so long since you put any trash out you forget when they come.
        You can also go to the office on Old Dover Road and get a new bin or call waste management and they will deliver a new one to you.

    9. ElJefe72

      I see several 5 gallon water jugs in a lot of the pictures. My guess is that the water has been shut off too.

    10. Common Man

      Luv to see a video of this fat fucking cow teaching yoga.

    11. Aurora

      It’s hard to imagine anyone living like let alone the children. I will ay this the father might not have known. My son’s father and I share joint legal and he picks our son up outside never comes in. Some ex couples who co parent have arrangements like that. Not for nothing the author who wrote this story should really have proof read story not to mention their depiction of the father’s new gf was very mean and degrading. The mother obviously has mental health issues it’s quite sad what she has subjected own children to. But at the same time as a writer you really ought to be careful of your wording because you can be sued for libel when you publish such things. Granted people are entitled to their own opinions but at the same time you should not be writing disparaging remarks about other people.

      1. Itsjustme

        Awe, bless your heart. You must be new here. Do you know how many times a day they get threatened with the big internet lawsuits? In fact they were actually sued once and WON, because we have this thing called freedom of speech.

        1. You Are FR

          That’s not what freedom of speech is you awkward taint. In case you didn’t hear, you can’t make disparaging, incorrect, or otherwise defamatory remarks about someone just because it’s “freedom of speech.”
          You also can’t just publish whatever you’d like with no recourse, or else you’ll end up like Gawker, which was literally sued into bankruptcy.
          Pick up a fucking book and learn something.

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