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Second Grade Kids At New Bedford Charter School Protesting About Ferguson Is So Charter School It Hurts

New Bedford 2nd graders protest

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It seems like every day the Ferguson nudnik protesters find a way to outdo themselves. Here’s a gem from the beautiful city of New Bedford:

Some parents in New Bedford are upset after they learned their second grade children spent recess protesting. According to school officials at the Alma Del Mar Charter School students were taking a class where they learned about the recent protests in Ferguson when they decided to hold their own protest.

The 20-odd people chanting “Honk if you want justice,” on a New Bedford, Massachusetts sidewalk Dec. 12 got a lot of attention. They were second graders, rallying against police for the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. While the rest of their class enjoyed 11:30 recess that morning, these 7 and 8-year-old protesters stood by the side of the road in front of the Alma Del Mar Charter School holding signs including one that read, “Please don’t shoot me, Ferguson.”

“They couldn’t do anything that would be anti-police or anti-any particular people. The scholars agreed to that and they asked the principal for permission as well,” Will Gardner, executive director of the Alma Del Mar Charter School, said.

One parent, a police officer in town, saw the protesting students in front of the school as he drove by.

“Having the children off school property without any parental permission slip is inexcusable,” Officer George Borden said. “I found that extremely upsetting, multiple people I’ve spoken to felt the same way, I’ve shown them pictures of this.”

School officials said the protest was completely voluntary.

“We had a group of Scholars who just wanted to play. They were on the monkey bars having their normal recess while this was going on,” Gardner said.

Borden said that because he is a police officer he is already in a tough position, but this makes it even more difficult.

“The first thing she said to me when she got in my car wax ‘daddy, do you shoot people?’”


Every teacher in this school should be fired. It shouldn’t be a problem to get rid of them either since anyone who teaches at a charter school is by definition a sucker. They’ve been tricked into thinking they’re some super teachers because they teach hand-picked kids who won a lottery. They all went out and rented Dangerous Minds and now they think they’re Goddamn Jaime Escalante. But at the end of the day they’re not allowed to unionize, they get paid way less than public school teachers, and they can lose their job at any moment. Anyone who teaches at a charter school for more than two years is a dumbass and isn’t a real teacher.

So it’s not surprising a charter school teacher would do something this dumb. I mean, this is just a new level of dooshnozzelry right here. It’s bad enough that these hippies wanna run in front of traffic on the Mass Pike because someone on Twitter told them it was cool, but now they wanna start brainwashing second graders? Get the hell out my face with that jive.

Newsflash – second graders give ZERO fucks about Eric Garner, Michael Brown, or civil disobedience. They’re not even remotely close to being old enough to grasp any of this. The only thing they could possibly WANT to protest is the fact that the lunch lady ran out of chocolate milk.


You know what they wanna do? Play tag, pick their noses, and make sure they’re carrying their cooties spray in case they run into the weird kid on the playground. That’s it. The fact that they were LEARNING about this in 2nd grade is fucking INSANE!! Obviously they have some dooshnozzle teacher with a political agenda who has no concept whatsoever about the mindset of the people she’s paid to teach. She’s basically taking other people’s kids and turning them into a pawn for some meaningless thing she saw on a Twitter hashtag. Newsflash – only college professors are supposed to do that.

And I’m really, really glad to see that the next generation of kids is being brought up to hate cops. That’s always nice to see. Because what kind of teacher DOESN’T teach their children that the police are there to murder them? And who does this fuck boi principal think he’s fooling when he says that this wasn’t “anti-police?” Please, explain to me how a sign saying, “please don’t shoot me,  Ferguson” could possibly be ANYTHING but anti-police.

Oh yea, and if you believe this poppycock about the protest being voluntary, or that it was somehow the kid’s idea, then I got the papers ready for you to buy my world famous Nantucket horse ranch. Because there isn’t a kid in America who would choose to stand on the street holding a sign about something he doesn’t understand rather than playing on the monkey bars.


It’s also not surprising at all that this happened at a charter school either. Everyone with a brain knows that charter schools are the biggest scam going in this country. Just a giant money making scam. They’re brilliant on paper – you open them in a poor city like New Bedford, and then make parents sign up to send their kids there. If your mom cares enough about you enough to get off her ass and SIGN YOU UP for a school, then you already have an advantage over half the kids left over in public schools. Then your school does better on standardized tests and you a make a stupid fucking graph like this:


and everyone thinks you cured cancer. Gee whiz, this charter school in New Bedford must have the best teachers on earth!! I’m sure the fact that they do better on standardized tests than kids in Fall River and New Bedford public schools has NOTHING to do with the fact that those schools have to teach whatever the fuck happens to walk through their doors. Nope, it’s all because of this MAGICAL charter school that teaches kids to hate cops.

To be honest, I feel like a sucker for not owning my own Charter School already. You can’t possibly lose. You get to pay yourself whatever you want, hire junior smokeshow Teach for America babes, and make really cool graphs about how awesome you are. I’m probably gonna be opening up my own soon – The Turtleboy Institute of Technology. Hot educational takes.

But seriously, you know how I can tell that “executive director” Will Gardner is an asshole? Here’s some of the reasons:

  • First of all he looks like this:

2nd graders protest ferugson new bedford

  • That face just wreaks of “Teach for America.” And what do you know? Here’s his bio from the school’s websiteWill Gardner graduated from Wesleyan University and began his teaching career as a Teach for America corps member in Greenville, Mississippi. Yup, this nimrod is your basic protester. Upper middle class white kid who goes to a private school in Connecticut, joins Teach for America and thinks he saved the world.
  • His bio also says this: Will saw firsthand how too many students in New Bedford enter middle school unprepared to succeed at the high levels that a college track demands. AKA this dooshnozzle thinks that 8th graders in New Bedford can’t read because their teachers aren’t teaching them. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that they’re being raised by Busgate parents. Luckily this fresh-faced Wesleyan grad is gonna fix poverty!!
  • He calls the 2nd graders, “scholars,” not once, but twice. Anyone who refers to a seven year old as a “scholar” is a professional asshole.
  • He calls himself an “executive director” of the school. Hey ass wipe – you can call yourself whatever made up title you want to, but at the end of the day you’re a Goddamn principal and nothing more. And you’re not even a real principal. You just happened to fill out the application to make a charter school. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re even remotely qualified for being a principal. An actual principal would never be so dumb to let this PR nightmare happen at their school.

So who was the teacher that organized this protest? Looking at their website there are only two teachers that teach second grade there: Shabrina Guerrier


and Chelsea McNaught.


So one of those two was the teacher that led this. My first guess was it was my girl Chelsea. She’s got the protester profile going on hard. Then I read Shabrina’s school profile:

Shabrina is originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner!! NOTHING good has ever come out of Cambridge that wasn’t named Patrick Ewing. This is the same city where Skip Gates lost his shit five years ago and called an innocent Cambridge police officer racist for doing his job. This is the same city where Gish Jen writes at coffee shops about how much we all failed the Tsarnaevs. This is the city where Grandma Liz Warren discovered she’s really a Native American. It’s like a rule that if you live in Cambridge you are destined to be a professional asshole.

Here was another dead giveaway it was her:

During her senior year, Shabrina constructed a thesis around the importance of implementing group activities within a girls group that focused on teenage issues for girls of color in the downtown Lewiston community.

A grand total of 35,000 people live in Lewiston, ME. Only 8% of them are black, and half of them are female. And this hero opens up a program for “teenage girls of color.” All four of them. No one else matters. Gee, I’m shocked that this under-qualified Teach for America genius thought it was appropriate to indoctrinate a bunch of seven year olds.

Keep em coming protesters, you guys give us here at Turtleboy Sports an endless source of material to blog about.

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7 Comment(s)
  • Pat
    January 3, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    I am curious. Was any disciplinary action ever taken against the incompetent teacher and principal at Alma Del Mar Charter School in New Bedford, MA for having the 2nd graers protest? I sure hope so. Never heard or read anything after the first reports came out. I totally agree with the police officer, their actions and the their idiotic response were beyond despicable. To use the childrens’ trust in them to further their own agenda is vile. Please, if you know whatever happened I’d like to know, as I’m sure a lot of others would.
    Thank You

  • Charter schools
    December 21, 2014 at 12:45 am

    Look into unions at charter schools.. Pretty sure the teachers at AMSA in Marlboro recruited the teamsters to start one up for them… Prime material.

  • leo
    December 18, 2014 at 4:28 pm
  • Wabbitt
    December 18, 2014 at 2:17 am

    Fucking as whole teachers. Like eight year olds won’t do exactly what they’re told to do by authority figures. When I was in second grade I was reading Clifford the Big Red Dog. Why are these kids learning about a murder?

    • Vanderbooger
      December 18, 2014 at 7:57 am

      If we wanted to know about murders in 2nd grade, we had to learn about it from John Walsh!

      • Wabbitt
        December 18, 2014 at 7:15 pm

        Or William Shatner. On Rescue 911!

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