Sign Up For Turtleboy’s Annual March Madness Pool To Win Free Turtle Gear And/Or Cash 

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Attention turtle riding sportball enthusiasts – here’s the link to sign up for Turtleboy Sports March Madness bracket challenge. Here’s how the scoring works:

  • First round games = 1 point multiplied by seed of winning teams
  • Second round games = 2 points multiplied by seed of winning teams
  • Sweet 16 games = 4 points multiplied by seed of winning teams
  • Elite 8 games = 8 points multiplied by seed of winning teams
  • Final 4 games = 14 points multiplied by seed of winning teams
  • Championship game = 20 points multiplied by seed of winning team

We multiply by the seed because it rewards people who correctly pick upsets. Anyone can pick all of the higher seeds to win. Bo-ring. We reward risk takers at Turtleboy Sports.

You can complete up to three brackets, so that if your bracket shits the bed the first day you still have a chance for redemption. Brackets must be completed by noon on Thursday.


  • Choice of Turtleboy winter hat or t-shirt for overall leader after round 2, and after Elite 8.
  • Choice of Turtleboy winter hat or t-shirt for top 5 overall finishers or top 10% (size of field depending) overall finishers.
  • Turtleboy hoodie for overall winner.


  • All entries are free.
  • Gambling is illegal.
  • Donating to Turtleboy is not illegal. If you wish to donate $20 (hint-hint) to the turtle fund, please send it via “friends and family” (not goods and services) PayPal to We will take all the $20 donations and put it in a separate pool of money and donate it to the turtle rider whose bracket scores the most points. Just some old friends donating money to each other. Definitely NOT gambling.

Let the madness begin!

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