Skag Who Provoked Vicious Red Line Assault By Lying About Upskirting Gave The Most Insane Interview On The News, Tells Reporter He’s A Creep Too For Pointing Out The Victim Has Broken Ribs

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The other day we blogged about the wannabe white knight on the red line who thought he was protecting women by kicking the shit out of a 66 year old disabled dude.

He was hailed as a hero by many on the train and on Facebook, because a mob of people alleged that he had been taking upskirting pics of a girl on the train, even though no one was wearing a skirt. The “evidence” of him stalking girls and taking pictures of them was this:

An unknown woman, fully clothed, in her driveway.

Definitely worth kicking the shit out of him over. That’s how law and order works in an civilized society. We just randomly beat the ever loving hell out of old people based on a hunch.

Let me just reiterate what a pussy this asshole is. He’s 31 year old, able bodied, Tukan Manley. He did this for one reason and one reason alone – to try to get pussy. He did it to the be the hero for women. He figured that proving that he’s willing to use his obvious physical advantages to beat the ever loving shit out of a guy simply because some two bit trap queen on the subway said he was taking pictures of her would lead to some push-push.

But at the end of the day all he did was assault and batter an elderly, disabled man on the red line.

If you know Tucan, please remind him of what a pussy he is.

But perhaps the only person worse than him is the woman who filmed the whole thing – Keda Payton.

Just watch this news clip from last night, particularly her interview, and tell me she’s not the cuntiest cunt to ever cunt:

She said he “deserved it.” Yet he violated no laws, and the cops went trough his phone and never found anything inappropriate.

Moron: “I wouldn’t call it savagely, becuase he could’ve done a lot worse.”

Reporter: He had several broken ribs.”

Moron: Broken ribs. Hmmmm…..well…I dunno.”

Broken ribs? Sounds like fake news to me. I’m a woke SJW feministo and according to my pre-written narrative old white guys like this are all perverted patriarchy perpetrators. Never let FACKS get in the way of your narrative.

It’s just amazing. She actually says that the attack wasn’t savagely. This is what it did to the guy:

He was bruised all over. He had broken ribs. The reporter told her this, and she still didn’t let these FACKS alter her opinion. Because people like her are not even remotely interested in the truth. They’re interested in promoting an agenda, and an old whit guy on the Subway taking pictures of women fits it perfectly.

This whole scene was provoked by her. She used this ANIMAL as a pawn in hostile scene that she created, because she wanted to be the brave woke chick who outed a misogynist. Feminism really is cancer.

“He looks like he’s stalking someone.”

Why? Because he takes pictures on his phone of (gasp) people in public? Yea, better hang him next time.

Of course the best part was when the reporter pointed out to her that the guy did nothing wrong. She did the only thing scum sucking maggots like her know how to do when someone calls them out on their bullshit – play the victim card:

Reporter: “There’s really no evidence that he was doing anything inappropriate and then he gets beaten up on the train.”

Moron: “Are you attacking me? It kind of sounds like you are. I feel like I’m being attacked by you.”

Reporter: “I’m seeing an old man being beaten up by a young guy.”

Moron: “I feel like you might be a person that must be some sort of a creep as well. Because you’re really coming to the defense of this man.”

That moment when you realize that you are the biggest asshole in this story:

Here’s a summary of that interview:

Unbiased guy doing his job: Here’s what happened.

SJW: Facts are violence against me. Please stop attacking me.

Unbiased guy doing his job: But….facts.

SJW: You sexually harass women and molest kids. Probably. Only a sexual deviant would try to interject facts in order to defend an elderly man viciously attacked on the red line.

Keda is also the leader of a group called Boston Feminists for Liberation, which initially shared the video:

They seek to eradicate both prisons and the police:

Which is obviously a well thought out and rational idea.

Here’s what they did to a business in Boston last week:

The owners of a well-known Boston tavern say they’re the victims of a misinformation campaign. They say it started when a group attended a ‘free speech’ rally at the statehouse and then had lunch at their establishment. Now, there are dozens of posts to Yelp saying The Green Dragon Tavern supports Nazis.

“It’s been a very painful week to get this onslaught of emails calling us Nazis,” co-owner Noelle Somers told Boston 25 News.

Somers says the onslaught of misinformation about her restaurant started Saturday. That’s when a group of patrons apparently attended a free speech rally at the statehouse and then came by for lunch.

“The group was quiet, non-descript. They weren’t wearing anything to show hate or anything of that nature,” Somers explained.

Shortly after, another group arrived outside and told the manager they were serving neo-Nazis and demanded they be kicked out.

“None of these people were patrons. Not once did a patron within out establishment voice concern,” said Somers.

Nonetheless, surveillance video shows the manager approached the group inside. Owners say the manager talked to them to make sure they weren’t promoting hate or threatening any other patrons. This didn’t satisfy the group outside.

“They did say they had a large network and they would take us down,” Somers said.

She said that’s when the phones started ringing. On Facebook, The Boston Feminists for Liberation page wrote the bar was “… playing host to members of women hating, gay bashing, white supremacist groups.”

On Yelp, dozens of reviews appeared with comments like, “stay away, this bar serves Nazis openly wearing swastikas and other white supremacist symbols … intimidating other patrons.”

“None of these things happened,” co-owner Sean Somers said.

Yelp launched an ‘active cleanup’ of the reviews that it says don’t reflect a firsthand customer experience.

Yup. This is her thing. Just makes up lies about innocent people and tries to destroy their reputation. Doesn’t care if they get hurt because it’s all in the name of “social justice.” Or so she says. As you can see from the trend, all of her victims happen to be white. But it’s cool because white people can’t be the victims of racism….or strangulation…..or assault and battery…..or anything really. If a bad thing happens to a white person they probably had it coming. They just have to sit back and take her abuse, slander, and lies because…..white privilege.

We messaged her about coming on Turtleboy Live to talk about this tomorrow and of course this happened:

“I seen what you guys have been posting about me.”

Translation – you will call me out on my bullshit, and that frightens me. So she ran away from us, just like she ran away from that reporter.

What really frightens me is that she’s the mother of a little girl. I pray for that child, because her mother is a conniving sociopath who provokes violence against innocent people. She’s actually much worse than the savage she used on that train because without her lies none of this happens. Which is why she’s now trying to raise money for him and free muh boi:

And even though Facebook and Twitter claim they’re clamping down on “fake news” they still allow blue checkmarked yahoos to literally make shit up as they go along, libel innocent people, and form mobs to attack them. Like Chris Caesar:

Yes ladies, he’s single!! He’s also an unemployed former employee who was fired a while back. Sure, he may be fat, disgusting, and slovenly, but he’s got that blue checkmark, so at least he’s got that going for him.

Chris used to message us a lot last year, literally BEGGING us to blog about him as he wanted to use our notoriety to promote his brand of Internet trolling. He’s been desperately trying to prove that he’s one of the “good ones” in a vain attempt to show black people that he will blindly believe anything a black woman says on Facebook, and defend an animal who viciously assaulted an elderly man:

Yea Fox 25, your headline about a guy assaulting an old dude on the MBTA is fake news. Now check out this video I’m sending you which you used in your broadcast, depicting a guy beating the shit out of an old dude.

Yea, there’s totally a bunch of creepy photos of an unnamed woman in her driveway, fully clothed. Better kick the shit out of him.

Yes, what happened on the tape did seem clear. A vicious animal assaulted a disabled elderly man. You’re the good guy here Chris!

Of course he had to play the race card too…

What a brave dude! Assaulting a man who can barely walk. But it’s OK because he’s black. That makes him brave. This is what a Clark education looks like in the real world.

This thing also was getting out the pitch forks:

This is Vera Schrankung:

She’s an “actress.” She even has an IMDB page, listing all of the both roles in which she received a free sandwich for being villager #12 in the background.

“The guy who defended the woman from the guy taking pictures of her.”

“Defended.” From pictures. Oh yea, repeatedly punching him in the face, breaking his ribs, kicking him while he’s on the ground, and strangling him until his face turned blue is a perfectly reasonable reaction to a guy may have taken a picture on a public train. You’re on the good side here.

It’s just hilarious that Facebook actually pretends that they have any intention of getting rid of fake news. As if that’s even remotely possible. That’s literally all these people do – make up fake news.

Feel free to go onto Vera, Chris, or Keda’s Facebook pages and mass report everything for fake news. Or porn. Or violence. Or hate speech. Or whatever. Just to see what happens.

The bottom line is that Keda Payton should be in jail and her kid should be taken from her by DCF. This woman is a liar and a menace. And because of her an innocent man could’ve been killed. She obviously has no regard for human life, as you can see from her “I don’t give a fuck” reaction when she found out he had broken ribs. I’m not kidding either – she will get someone killed one day. She’s that much of a sociopath. And her child is in imminent danger being around her.

The invitation is open to any of these frauds to come on Turtleboy Live tomorrow night. They won’t. Because at the end of the day they’re all afraid of the Turtle.

12 Comment(s)
  • The Professor
    June 19, 2018 at 6:41 am

    Can we get a consultation with Attorney Vulva on this? Is it possible that this person can be charged (or sued, not that there’s any assets to go after) as an accessory?

  • Turtz McGurtz
    June 18, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    Keda Paydon posted this message on her FB today 6/18/18. Basically doubling and tripling down on her false narrative. Note the extreme irony of the very last sentence:

    One thing for sure, and two things for certain…had that old perv been a black man none of you trashy, inbred, married your first cousin and screwing your blood sister white supremacists idiots would’ve even cared. Another thing, if that old perv been a black man this whole situation would’ve still went down in the same way! Pervs and creeps shouldn’t be tolerated by ANYONE of ANY RACE!!!

    Oh yeah your death threats don’t move me either, you all are only good for hiding behind fake profiles anyway or attacking ppl in mob-style fashion

    Attacking ppl in mob-style fashion – she equates that to people sending her mean messages on FB but somehow not to an actual mob physically attacking someone or cheering on the attack.

  • Screw PC
    June 18, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    Two developments:

    1. Keda is telling people on Facebook to “go after” Turtleboy.
    2. She has a GoFundMe that’s been open since 2016 because she’s been “unable to work”.

    Time for blast.

  • Screw PC
    June 18, 2018 at 10:28 am

    Maybe she said “attack” because she’s even too verbally challenged to say “axe” instead of “ask”.

    The best part is that she got passive aggressive on a reporter for NBC, of all stations. Way to make moonbat assholes pucker, Woke-anda. Thanks for scoring the right another safety.

    Also, too bad a drunk Irish rugby team wasn’t inside the Green Dragon when the leftists started causing problems. It would have been great to see a bunch of communists get carted off the the hospital wearing their asses for helmets.

  • Hughbo Mont
    June 17, 2018 at 6:34 am

    I am sick and tired of seeing people walk around in public wearing Nazi swastikas. Can something be done about it? LOL

  • msheadkracker
    June 17, 2018 at 12:59 am

    Btw, do something with the ads, you get to the comments and then they disappear over and over and you have to scroll forever before you can read or comment, i dont know if youve been told about the issue yet or not but it started today on the app for me. You scroll past 10-15 ads and then you think youve reached the comments but it loads 10-15 more ads and it happens over and over 2-5 times more, depending on when it feels like its done. 

    • Hughbo Mont
      June 17, 2018 at 6:30 am

      That used to happen to me, too, but not anymore. Don’t know why it stopped, but no complaints.

      • KimberlyS
        June 18, 2018 at 3:29 pm

        It stopped for me for a while, but now it’s back. Kind of a pain.

  • British TG
    June 17, 2018 at 12:47 am

    But she’s the real victim here!
    She’s being attacked with words of reason!

    I hope that she is at least questioned by the police.
    Twatty McTwatface

  • msheadkracker
    June 17, 2018 at 12:34 am

    What a piece of SJW garbage, and a huge CUNT! That man did nothing wrong and she started everything, if you watch the video shes even scrolling through his phone and not one picture was even from the train, im guessing the lady by the car is a neighbor hes having a dispute with and hes doing his own recon work since police wont help, just a guess. These SJWs just piss me off, they dont want to hear actual facts, they jump to conclusions and when they are wrong they turn themselves into the biggest victims on the planet, unbelieveable. Im not even going to go into the tranny or whatever the hell that thing with the knife is, thats a completely different issue in itself. 

  • RickSalamander
    June 17, 2018 at 12:32 am

    I have seen most of the blogs on all the TBS reports and have, at the worst, just shook my head at a few that were really insane and out there. I have to admit. what happened to this guy makes me abolutely sick to my stomach. I don’t give a fuck if he had picutres of some chick at her car. Did he have any nudes?: NO! Did he have any children, clothed even? NO. Common sense, the bitch calls him a pedophile. A fucking pedophile is someone who commits a sexual crime against a minor. No pictures of minors. I heard pervert. Again, no evidence of any perverted pictures of females. And now this fucking bitch wants to accuse a reporter of attacking her? My god, I am struggling to find a defintion of what this Keda Payton is, because she certainly isn’t a fucking human. I don’t care also, if she’s black, white, pink, or purple, the fact is, she screamed fire in a crowded movie theatre, and pointed at that poor guy that he lit the match. It’s insane. And she can do this in a train full of “odds are good that they are” sympathizers, but she cannot admit maybe even a slight over reaction to the news, or, heaven forbid, show up on TBS live and explain it? Coward cowar coward coward! Keda, you’re a fucking coward. All I can say is, I hope to god you’re old man, or some senior disabled family member doesn’t have to go through the same thing. Did you see the size and how purple those bruises were (along with cracked ribs) on that poor man?: Shame the fuck on you! Last question, now you want Manley’s number or address. Do you think polishing his knob is going to make yours and his crimes any more valid?

  • The Vorlon
    June 16, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Vera looks like she is many fries short of her happy meal.

    Actually, almost everyone involved in this mess looks like someone I would cross the expressway on foot to avoid.

    Boston, the east coast San Francisco.

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