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Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone Asks DA To Drop Charges Against I-93 Hippie Terrorists

Mayor Joe Curtatone of Somerville has joined the legion of morons by asking the Middlesex County DA to drop the charges against the hippies who blocked I-93 in January.  

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Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is a huge dooshnozzle. If you thought Joe Petty was bad, wait until you see what this clown wrote today on Facebook about the morons who blocked I-93 in Milton and Somerville back in January:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.01.51 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.02.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.02.08 PM

It says a lot about the people who live in Somerville that they allowed a moron like this to be elected mayor. No surprise there. Somerville is basically Cambridge Jr, but with Joe Curtatone at the helm, they’re pushing for that top spot for the city we’d most like to chop off Massachusetts and float away into the ocean.

Let’s break down the many, many stupid things he just said:

In their pursuit of social justice and an end to the well-documented unequal and sometimes lethal treatment of blacks by our nation’s law enforcement system, they blocked I-93.

Wrong. Not one of those idiots wanted social justice. They are, white, Occupy Wall Street trust fund babies who don’t give a shit about the interests of black people. Those aren’t my words, those are the exact words of Civil Rights legend, African-American pastor Eugene Rivers:

Joe Cutatrone is a rich white guy from Somerville. Eugene Rivers is a black man from Boston who grew up during the civil rights movement – the REAL civil rights movement. You tell me which of the two is the more reliable assessment of the idiots who endangered so many by blocking highway access into Boston.

This is Noah McKenna:


He was arrested that day for blocking the highway in Milton. He’s a 29 year old man who lives in his parent’s house in Brookline. He doesn’t care about social justice. He just likes to protest. That’s why he pitched a tent at Occupy Boston, before retreating back to Brookline when the weather got cold. Here he is being confronted at his parent’s house:

This is the guy Joe Curtatone thinks is leading a social movement in America.

How can any Somerville Police Officer feel safe going into work tomorrow? They know their hands are tied. If they arrest a person of color they will be second guessed. If their life is endangered by a person of color they won’t be able to protect themselves. Because clearly this guy has taken sides, and believes that assbags like Michael Brown were killed for no reason whatsoever while they were on their way to church.

They went beyond the usual sidewalk protest to be sure they would be heard, just as area police and firefighters did when they blocked our interstates and major roadways repeatedly in the early 1980s to protest layoffs. Back then, not a single firefighter or police officer was arrested for their actions. The Boston Police commissioner at the time demonstrated respect for their right to protest. He was right to do so. 

Yup, they had to block the street because we didn’t care what they had to say. No one wanted to listen to them. We do have that right as Americans. We can pick and choose who we listen to and who we ignore. We don’t pay attention to people who live in their parent’s basements and contribute nothing to society.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.41.19 PM0mPJBGb

As for his dumbass analogy, if I was trying to get to work in 1981 and some firefighters blocked the highway, I’d lose respect for them too and hope they would be arrested. But at the end of the day, they contribute something to society, while these useless slug rakes contribute absolutely nothing.

There is no respect for the right to protest when the punishment proposed is completely disproportionate to the action taken.

Typical. Just like the Kelley Square 4 these idiots talk a big game, but at the end of the day they’re too scared to do a couple days in the can and pay some fines. Why? It’s not like they have jobs they’re gonna miss or anything like that. Newsflash – if you actually gave a shit about what you’re protesting over, you wouldn’t be whining about a slap on the wrist for endangering the lives of so many when you ran onto the highway during rush hour. These hippies are all getting off easy. They should be publicly hung in town square.

The Somerville 18 face excessive charges for that act of protest: 90 days in jail, nearly $15,000 in fines, and 18 months’ probation—this when peaceful protesters are commonly arrested but never even booked, or at most are given a small fine. 

Newsflash – other “peaceful protesters” who have been arrested didn’t run onto a freeway with a 65 mph speed limit during the busiest time of the day. THEY TRIED TO KILL PEOPLE. They should all be going to jail for attempted murder.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.12.48 AM

We must hold injustice as more important than inconvenience. 

See, this is the shit that pisses me off – suggesting that this was merely an “inconvenience.” Fuck that. These people kept ambulances from getting to hospitals. They made one lady miss a chemotherapy appointment. A million and one other things could’ve gone wrong. They had no way of knowing who they were affecting when they did this. But they didn’t care because the hippies on the highway didn’t are all narcissists who thought their time was more valuable than everyone else’s.

But it’s the overall mentality of the “inconvenience” argument that is the bigger issue. It suggests that every person who travels into Boston on a Tuesday morning is an upper middle class white person who can afford to be delayed a few hours, and needs to be taught a valuable life lesson by a loser who has spent their entire life sucking off the system. The working class’ time is expendable. Their time doesn’t matter because a black man was killed 1,500 miles from here after he played Russian roulette with a cop. By that logic hippies should be able to blockade I-93 on a daily basis. After all, who gives a shit if taxpaying white folks have to get to work? Didn’t they get the memo? Work is cancelled indefinitely because of Michael Brown.

What about the working class black man who lost a day’s wage because he couldn’t get to work that day? What about the cleaning woman on her way to work at the Holiday Inn Express who lost a day’s pay? Fuck them right? Because a rich white kid from Brookline with nothing but time on his hands arbitrarily decided he had the right to rob them of their freedom.

None of this is surprising really. Joe Curtatone tries so hard to be the most progressive mayor in America that he loses his mind and goes way, way overboard. He thinks he’s being a liberal, but this ain’t liberalism. I’m down with a lot of aspects of liberalism. I don’t mind it when the government takes an active role in giving people a boost so they can become self sufficient. But hippies on a highway talking about some shit they know nothing about isn’t liberalism. It’s anarchy.

Look at this stunt Joe Curtatone pulled last month:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.12.40 PM

He tries so hard doesn’t he? Newsflash – “Black lives matter” has proven time and time again that they’re a hate group and a terrorist organization. They don’t allow dissenting opinions, they don’t follow rules, they don’t obey laws, and they take away your rights and liberties if you don’t give into their demands. That’s what terrorists do. Clearly this nudnik mayor doesn’t get that.

He’s also famous for making Somerville a sanctuary city, where undocumented immigrants will not be arrested. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t really give a shit about illegal immigrants. According to the Fox News crowd, this is something I should be really upset about. But I just can’t get outraged about something that I don’t see affecting me on a day to day basis. However, there’s obviously gotta be rules and regulations when it comes to who gets into the country. And this guy completely poo-poos that idea. 

It’s pretty fitting then that he chose not to make a stink when members of the El Salvadorian gang MS-13, robbed and kicked the shit out of some guy getting off the subway. This is the stuff he chooses to ignore because it’s not pretty. Right out of the Joe Petty playbook.

He shared this on Facebook the day after Sean Collier was killed by the Tsarnaev brothers:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.28.25 PM

Sean Collier was killed by two immigrant refugees in a sanctuary city. Meanwhile, Joe Curtatone pretends to care about him while openly supporting the anti-police “black lives matter” morons, and anxiously opens up his city for more Tsarnaevs to come in the future.

Here’s what I propose – the people of Somerville should stand in front of Joe Curtatone’s house in Somerville every day. Need a reason? Just find something in the news where someone died. Anything will do really. Then stand in front of his house and say you’re protesting for the dead guy. Take away Joe’s ability to feed his family or drive one of his boys to soccer practice and watch what happens. He’ll call the cops within three minutes. How ironic. But seriously, that’s what we have to start doing to these people. Give them a taste of their own medicine. Find out where they live and block them from leaving. Anyone know where this guy lives? I’m down for a Turtleboy blockade of his driveway immediately. After all, it’s merely an “inconvenience.” He’s white privilege, he’ll get over it.

P.S. Joe’s brother tried to rape a girl and used his brother’s influence to beat the charges:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.05.53 AM

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Click on the image to check out the Turtleboy Store - your one stop shop for all your Turtleboy shopping needs.

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