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Speech Nazi Bob Murchison Has Been Emailing And Harassing WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan Advertisers For Months And Here’s The Insane Things He’s Demanding From Them

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WEEI neutered Kirk and Callahan yesterday when they discussed this story about two boys who now claim to be girls, who dominated the girl’s Connecticut state track championship. Their take was simple – boys shouldn’t be able to beat up on girls like this. And this was apparently too controversial for WEEI to air on their website because they are afraid of what one man can do to them.

Free speech is under constant attack in this country, and we’re not putting up with it any longer. It’s time for people to decide where they stand – with freedom loving Patriots, or with censorship loving Nazis. Turtleboy is far from the only media outlet that’s been under economic attack by these cowards. They know the government can’t stop us from speaking because of that pesky First Amendment, so in order to stifle speech they go after you economically. And they do that by harassing advertisers who sponsor you, often with libelous claims that a media outlet is racist/sexist/transphobic, etc, until those advertisers, who don’t have the time to look into the validity of the complaints, decide it’s not worth it and stop doing business with said media outlets.

It needs to end. And we will end it by fighting back. We can do this in two ways:

  1. Showing your support to companies that maintain their business relationships in the face of boycotts and harassment campaigns, by doing business with them and being vocal about it.
  2. Destroying businesses who cower to these thought Nazis. Because if you make a business decision based based on outrage mob politics, you have made a political statement. And two can play that game.

I bring this up because WEEI, and in particular their highly rated Kirk and Callahan morning show, has been under constant attack. And it’s all being done by this guy who we exposed last October:


Bob Murchison. The extremely wealthy business owner from Sherborn, MA. He lives in this $4.7 million home, and he owns Fenix Partners:

They buy junky subprime mortgage securities. They are opportunists who formed in 2009, right in the middle of the housing crisis. So while millions of Americans were losing their homes, he was profiting off of it while living in a 8,000 square foot mansion with 7 bathrooms in Sherborn:

In the depth of the market crisis in 2009, Fenix bought more than $110 million face value of these securities.  The partners have reinvested much of the principle and interest cash flow back into this asset class in 2010 and 2011.  While the potential returns are no longer the eye-popping multiples of 2009, they remain very attractive on a risk adjusted basis.

They even say it right on their website:

“Fenix Partners was formed in the winter of 2009 as an investment company to take advantage of the extraordinary and daunting opportunities emerging from the economic and market crisis of that period.”

He also has a past history of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Like that time many believe he colluded with a Board of Health member from neighboring Ashland to investigate Health Agent Mark Oram’s work and timekeeping practices:

“While the Board of Health on Wednesday had more civil discussion than in other recent meetings, tensions did flare when it came to a little-discussed topic: a man named Bob Murchison. Murchison is a Sherborn resident that, for the past several years, has privately investigated Health Agent Mark Oram’s work and timekeeping practices, and some in Ashland feel he may have ties with Board of Health member Judy Margulies.”

Bob had a daughter who became a son named Gabe:

Gabe is a political activist who worked on the Hilary Clinton campaign, and now works for a political action group:

Because of his son, Murchison began going after WEEI’s advertisers when they commented on a story about a 7 year old boy who decided to become a 7 year old girl, and was used as some sort of sick prop by AG Maura Healey:

Their take, just like the majority of sensible people out there, was that 7 years old is too early for a child to make such a life altering decision like this. When Murchison heard about this he made it his mission to have Kirk and Callahan taken off the air, despite their historically high ratings. But why would advertisers leave a show that had more listeners than any other in the area? The goal of advertising is to be seen by the most amount of people for the least amount of money, because the more people you reach the more conversions you get to sales.

Unfortunately there a tons of GUTLESS companies out there who give into the Twitter outrage mob, instead of making advertising decisions that are in the best interest of their company. When they do that they have made a political statement. They are saying that they will only do business with people whose political opinions they agree with 100% of the time. When advertisers leave companies it doesn’t hurt Kirk and Callahan, who I’m sure are compensated nicely already. It hurts salespeople who are trying to make a living. It takes food out of their children’s mouths.

And we will no longer just sit here and accept that. We will not let millionaires attack working class families. We will use our collective voices to fight back.

Bob Murchison was harassing WEEI advertisers for months, and got a couple advertisers to leave. One cost the station over $120,000. This prompted WEEI to invite Murchison in to sit down with Kirk and Callahan to discuss his grievances. It’s ridiculous that he was even granted this, when all he has to do is change the channel if he doesn’t like what he hears. One thing he demanded was that they no longer discuss transgender issues, which they could not guarantee because it comes up a lot in sports. But he voiced his concerns, they understood where he was coming from, and they promised to work together moving forward.

A month or two went by with nothing. Then the new year began and Murchison began to kick it up a notch. Because his goal is clearly to force the station to fire Kirk and Callahan, and bring on hosts who say the things that he wants to hear. Even lots of people like the show the way it is, he’s trying to use his influence to make the show cater to his political opinions.

Over the past few months he has sent hundreds of emails, on almost a daily basis, to advertisers on WEEI. If they are owned by another company and he does not get them to agree to stop advertising, then he contacts the parent company. Local advertisers have a tendency to ignore him because they realize he’s a nobody, and advertising on K&C is good for business. But the bigger, national companies, who have bigger advertising budgets, are the ones who are giving in.

We’ve contacted several WEEI advertisers and they’ve forwarded us emails they’ve received from Bob Murchison in the last year. He copies and pastes the following grievances (our thoughts are interjected in bold):

Being a small locaI business, I anticipate that (insert business here) affirms the dignity of all folks in our communities.  In that spirit, please take a few minutes to review the information below and make your own judgment.  I will also send you an additional e-mail with more recent content on issues of race.

I have recently heard (insert business here) advertising on the “Kirk and Callahan” show on WEEI.  You may not be aware that these radio “personalities” have a long history of controversy on race, gender, and sexual orientation talk on the radio. 

I hope you will consider the following information in choosing your branding partners.  I worry about how these comments land on a gay high school athlete.  Or more importantly on kids who learn it is ok to make fun of others different from them.

Please listen further to the following clip https://soundcloud.com/user-869219895/04-24-15-dc-headlines-transgender-child.  In it, Mr. Callahan savagely attacks the sanity and suggests taking the child away from the parents of a transgender child.  While these parents may have made some controversial decisions, they certainly did not deserve this abuse.

Callahan’s opinion was that letting a 7 year old transition was a form of abuse. Because it is. It’s not some fringe opinion. In a sane world no one would humor a 7 year old boy who says they’re a 7 year old girl. But even in this insane world, it’s OK to disagree that 7 year olds should be transitioning. This family sought out the media and profits off of their child. This is not an “attack.” It’s an opinion on a public figure. 

A few weeks ago in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting tragedy, Mr. Callahan tweeted about a first responder hero “As long as there are no more transgendered kardashians, ESPN should give him their courage award.”  Even in the wake of a tragedy he somehow has a need to belittle others who don’t look and act like him.

Because God forbid they use humor while commenting on current events. Especially since Bruce Jenner won a courage award for putting on a dress, and beat out first responder heroes, which is exactly what he was alluding to, and in and of itself is a joke.  

While some of Mr. Callahan’s listeners may find his shtick amusing, I find it frightening.  When he makes fun of trans people it empowers others to continue the marginalization with violence.  Please see this CNN story from a few weeks ago http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2017/10/01/transgender-teen-murder-missouri-zw-orig.cnn.  Trans people in our country experience violence daily.

As you have likely gathered by now, I am writing to ask that you immediately discontinue advertising (insert company here) on this station.  I have already heard from a number of national and statewide advertisers that have pulled their support of WEEI. WEEI certainly has the First Ammendment right to spew this hatred, but it shouldn’t be backed by a responsible and respected company in our community.

See that? He’s bragging about taking food out of the mouths of the families of salesman. What does he care? He lives in a $5 million mansion in Sherborn. Who cares that he’s hurting working class people? He has to save the world by doing this instead of just NOT LISTENING to a channel that he clearly hates. 

This two minute attached audio file is from the Kirk and Callahan show last Wednesday morning on WEEI.  They discuss the recent events at the Starbucks store in Philadelphia.  Most of it speaks for itself, but I will call out two particular quotes:

Callahan asks “Do you think it was a stunt or a set-up?  If it was, it worked.”

Minihane later brings in the Starbucks competitor and K&C sponsor Cumberland Farms and says “why I love Cumberland Farms.  They don’t play these games.  None of that crap…They are not going to lecture you about stuff.”

Callahan’s questioning the legitimacy of the racial bias at Starbucks harkens back to Minihane and Callahan both questioning the validity of Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles outfielder) hearing the “n” word from the stands at Fenway last summer.  Mr. Minihane said about the major league all-star on the radio  “I don’t believe him. I believe he’s lying about it.”

They tweeted out the following:

Yup. He wants advertisers to leave because they questioned the obvious and proven LIE that Adam Jones was called a racial slur from the bleachers at Fenway Park relentlessly throughout a game. They also think that Starbucks overreacted by mandating racial bias training because two people who didn’t wanna buy a coffee were kicked out of a legitimate business and then refused to leave. Murchison does not believe people should be allowed to express these opinions, simply because he disagrees with them. Because he is a speech NAZI. 

Furthermore, in November of last year Callahan rants on the radio about the racial slurs at the Air Force Academy (which were later found to be written by a black student) that “everyone knew it was self-inflicted like most of the racial hoaxes in the era of Trump” (see additional attached file)

Wait…..what? They pointed out that a racial hoax was in fact a racial hoax, just like hundreds of other documented hate crime hoaxes, and this is a bad thing? 

Finally, at 6:30am yesterday Minihane talked about the sensitivity training by saying “we literally [sic I assume] had our testicles cut-off with a butter knife”.

Oh no!! He mocked sensitivity training? What a bigot!!

Following the announcement by his employer WEEI on Wednesday February 14th to require mandatory sensitivity training and a re-thinking of impact on the community, Kirk Minihane responded by tweeting out a ten minute video/audio interview that he did with Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports (satellite radio) during Super Bowl week.  Minihane’s twitter followers were treated to the following exchange:

The ten minute interview mostly focused on Minehane’s interactions with Tom Brady in response to the “pissant” story.  Dave Portnoy began by crudely alluding to Kirk Minihane’s soft response with Tom Brady by saying that he Minihane had “sucked his dick”. 

Portnoy: “How does Tom Brady’s dick taste?” 

Minihane: “There is an avocado flavor to it, ironically…”

The conversation then turned to the controversy around Brady’s kids.  Portnoy then says that he is positive when speaking of Brady’s kids: 

Minihane: You compliment Brady’s kids.

Portnoy: I said he (Brady’s son) had a huge dick. 

Minihane: Yes, to be fair

Minihane:  I suppose it is a compliment…The kid is like 1 (year old).

Portnoy:  Would you rather I say the kid has a small dick?” 

Minihane: Have you compared?

Portnoy: No, but it is abnormally huge for any age.

Another Barstool host:  You know when there is a big dick in front of you

Minihane: I always have.

See below for full audio/video interview tweeted out: https://www.barstoolsports.com/newyork/kirk-minihane-joins-barstool-radio-to-defend-himself/?_branch_match_id=497009240899281796

So…what did Minihane do wrong here? First of all, he’s talking on Barstool Radio, not WEEI. Secondly, Barstool is a politically correct, corporate controlled money making machine. If advertisers aren’t afraid to do business with them, then what does this segment prove exactly? Plus, the only person who said anything remotely “offensive” in that exchange was Portnoy. 

Many thanks for your consideration of this important matter. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Bob Murchison

Sherborn, MA


He’s copy and pasted this email to tons of WEEI advertisers – Piano Mill, BBQ Barn, Arbella Insurance, MA Energy Marketers, WR Environmental, Chace Building Supplies, American Family Care, Kaplansky Insurance, FW Webb, Jackson Lumber, Wendy’s, The Radio Agency, Norwegian Cruise Line, ARS and Thayer Associates. ARS is a major sponsor of the Jimmy Fund on WEEI:

So this guy is trying to take money away from the Jimmy Fund, which supports children with cancer. Because he’s a multi-millionaire living in a mansion, and kids with cancer and working class folks can go fuck themselves. Because he’s on a crusade to fix the world by demonetizing a popular radio show.

It’s worked to an extent though. Several advertisers have left. For now, we will leave their names out of it and give them a chance to reconsider. If they don’t then we release the names and send the mob after them. Because this is war, and if you side with Murchison and the speech Nazis, you go down with them too. Simple solution – don’t get political.

It should be noted that two WEEI advertisers have stood out as defenders of free speech – Jordan’s Furniture and Kaplansky Insurance.

When Jordan’s didn’t back down he contacted Berkeshire Hathaway, which bought Jordan’s furniture, owned by Warren Buffet. Since Warren Buffant doesn’t respond to nobody pissants in Sherborn, he never heard back from them. This should be the model that all businesses use with people like him.

Kaplansky was much more bad ass and sent him the following:

I hope business owners are reading this and learning something. Kaplansky is a very successful company. We urge our readers and WEEI listeners to do business with them. This is how you send a message and fight back – you support advertisers who are under attack by speech Nazis like Murchison.

We don’t work for WEEI, we just like the show. More than anything we LOVE free speech and will defend it at all costs. This doesn’t just affect WEEI, it affects all of us. There is a war on free speech right now, and we have to fight against it. We all do. So keep giving your business to businesses that advertise on WEEI and Turtleboy, because that’s the best way to let them know just how irrelevant these speech Nazis are.

P.S. Personally, I think Gabe Murchison is behind all of this. He’s young, political active, and is part of political movement that believes in censorship of ideas they disagree with. Just seems odd that an old fart like Bob would do this on his own.

15 Comment(s)
  • The Professor
    June 14, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Noblesse Oblige has become Noblesse Asshole. Uncle Turtle, how can we directly fight back against this rich shithead bully? I’m so sick of these turds who abuse their wealth at our expense.

  • Screw PC
    June 14, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Munchaschlong has bigger tits than his wife.

    • NormalGuy
      June 14, 2018 at 7:03 pm

      That’s his wife? I thought it was his mother. Too bad this a-hole couldn’t make a normal daughter.

      • whatevuh
        June 14, 2018 at 7:28 pm

        Apparently his sperm is defective . . . . he produced a defective offspring, the wife should have swallowed

  • Hughbo Mont
    June 14, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    If I had dick head’s money I would build a nice house across the street from him and then go to Fall River and find some ratchets (10 or so, diverse group) and have them move in.

  • Wabbitt
    June 14, 2018 at 2:36 am

    God DAMN, the more I look at this guy the more I realize that all he has to do is draw a line in the middle of his head and he’d have an instant giant pecker costume.

  • Wabbitt
    June 13, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    Remember when liberals were all about free speech? Man the 70s were a long time ago.

  • deflatteddoritodinks
    June 13, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    All the leftists are crooks. This state is run by criminals. Steal millions in overtime? Give yourself raises? Raise taxes, parking fees, strongarm concert promoters and tv shows, forbid people from renting out their own property without fees and onerous paperwork so that they have to rent to welfare scum? The rents are going up! No shit you criminals are giving developers like GE tax breaks. Hello? Getting rid of AIRBNB won’t make the rents go down when you are cashing in on big buck corporations eating every square inch of land forcing black people to relocate to paradises like Randolph. And this asshole? The fucking Bernie Madoff of the Charles River complains about a fucking sports show? Lemme at him and the businesses that go along with this fucking pig? Harassment? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet you commie scum!

  • phillip j mckracken
    June 13, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    Who would have thought that Orwell (1984) and Rand (Atlas Shrugged) would have so accurately predicted the future?
    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder

  • Captain Trips
    June 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Another rich supporter of welfare slobs who doesn’t have to actually live with the welfare slobs

    Look at that wide-eyed ‘nut’ look – it appears to be physically indicative of whatever bacterial, viral, or environment pollutant causes people with certain genetic susceptibilities to go insane and become leftist liberals with no grasp on reality.

    • Screw PC
      June 14, 2018 at 11:51 am

      The “beautiful people” know enough to live where their poor counterparts can’t afford the property taxes. They’re safely tucked away in suburban enclaves like Newton where they ship in the Metco kids from Roxbury so they can feel good about themselves for the day. The best is the private ironic meltdown they have when their high school daughters end up dating minorities. It makes for great party conversation when you ask how Hailey and DeShaun are doing and you see Moonbat Mama put on the constipated anguish face and try to stay on the SJW team because everyone is watching.

  • Robert Guiscard
    June 13, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    BTW, about that mansion…

    Mr. Murchison and his wife were apparently unhappy that someone planned to build in the vacant lot across from their house, as they were plaintiffs in Murchison v. Sherborn Zoning Board of Appeals, claiming the lot size was insufficient for the construction planned.

    They lost.

    This family seems to have a long history of public bellyachin’.

    • Kevin Fleury
      June 13, 2018 at 5:40 pm

      Good. Fuck them.

      I hope they build a methadone clinic on that lot.

      • Captain Trips
        June 13, 2018 at 6:31 pm

        A combined methadone, EBT, WIC, needle exchange emporium with free taxi service to and from the section 8 areas would be perfect there

  • Robert Guiscard
    June 13, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Anyone who still believes the modern American left stands for diversity and rigorous debate is an absolute fool. Funny, too, isn’t it, how all of this seems to emanate from places like Yale…

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