Student Attacks Teacher For Taking Cell Phone In Paterson NJ

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So last week we blogged about how North High is apparently turning into a more dangerous school than Baghdad Tech. Our take on it was pretty simple – this is what happens when you’re afraid to punish kids who act like criminals. The government puts pressure on schools to have X amount of suspensions, and have X amount of kids graduate in 4 years, and blah, blah, blah. So when people’s jobs are on the line when it comes to keeping suspension rates down, you best believe that kids who should be suspended aren’t getting suspended. Then they feel empowered because after all – schools are powerless to stop them. We saw it again this week when video emerged that shows a ninth grade student attacking a teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Paterson (NJ). The student was arrested Friday and charged with assaulting a teacher in a classroom. The teachers crime? Having the nerve to take away the little McMuffin’s cell phone.

Yup. Don’t like what the teacher’s chosen for a punishment? Kick his ass Seabass!!! Your classmates won’t try to stop you and defend the person who has dedicated their life to helping you learn. They’ll just stand there and laugh. Have fun. Oh yea, and guess how old this freshman is? Of course he’s 16, which makes him easily the youngest kid in that class.

And check this out:

Someone in the classroom recorded the assault, which officials say took place at about 1 pm on Tuesday, and the video has been posted on YouTube. The district filed a complaint against the student earlier this week, a spokes­woman said, and Paterson police said they arrested him at his home on Friday.

So let me get this straight? This little shit-booger wasn’t arrested for three days? Three freaking days!! After assaulting a 62 year old man and tackling him to the ground. A man who is not legally allowed to hit him back. That’s what makes this scary. As a teacher you’re not a real person legally. The guy couldn’t defend himself, which is your basic right as an American citizen, because he knew that if he does he’s fucked. Kids could just edit the video to make it seem like he was the assailant and he’d be fired.

And no, it’s not just this school. It happens everywhere. Like this attack in Houston. Or the 61 year old female teacher in New Bedford last year who had a chair thrown at her by a student whose phone she had confiscated. And if you try to break up a fight between two students like this principal did, you end up getting sued for touching them.

Any kid who tapes their teacher should be arrested. Go on Youtube right now and you can have thousands upon thousands of videos of kids who taped their teacher without them knowing it. Arrest them all. Why shouldn’t they? Teachers and cops would have to have a series of collective bargaining agreements before they were legally allowed to be taped while they worked. But because they’re snot nosed savages they get to skip those steps? Got it.


So what’s gonna happen to this maggot while he’s on suspension?

She said the student while on suspension will receive home instruction and a disciplinary hearing will determine “an appropriate, educational placement” for the rest of the school year.

Let me get this straight. The taxpayers of New Jersey not only have to pay for this savage’s education, they also have to pay for his “home instruction” too. And OF COURSE fucking OF COURSE he gets a “disciplinary hearing.” Because thanks to dooshnozzle politicians schools have become courts of law. It’s only a matter of time until the Gloria Allred’s and Johnny Cochran’s of the world start showing up to represent these slug rakes. And he’ll have “appropriate educational placement for the rest of the year?” I’ll tell you the “appropriate educational placement” for this kid – a magical place called jail. Because he’s a criminal. You’ll learn all about how to make a shank out of a toothbrush there.

And just to show you everything that is wrong with America, this was the statement the school district’s spokeswoman released:

“This district has worked extremely hard to provide a safe and caring environment for our students and our staff, and we have succeeded in this area. The superintendent feels very confident in Mr. Cozart’s leadership and knows that Mr. Cozart will continue to work aggressively to ensure that the JFK building is a safe place for teachers to teach and for students to learn.”

Ya see that? That’s the problem right there. “We have succeeded” in providing a safe and caring environment for students and staff. No. No you have not. I just watched a teacher get attacked by one of your students because he was too afraid to defend himself. But yea, besides that it seems very safe for staff.

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  • Got Nukes
    January 27, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    Your paying for his phone too……

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