Texas A&M Just Proved That Johnny Rookie Bitch Was Most Overrated Player In College Football History

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook — Kenny Hill looked more than ready to replace Johnny Manziel on the field. He still is getting used to the attention that goes along with the job.

Hill broke Manziel’s single-game passing record with 511 yards, and No. 21 Texas A&M beat No. 9 South Carolina 52-28 on Thursday night, ending the Gamecocks’ 18-game home win streak.


Hill looked poised and confident in his first start, leading the Aggies (1-0, 1-0 Southeastern Conference) to the most total and passing yards against South Carolina. The sophomore completed 44 of 60 passes with three touchdowns.

The hardest part of his night came after the celebration on the field.

“I just wanted to get the first press conference over with,” said Hill, who hadn’t spoken with reporters before. “I get nervous up here.”

That’s a far cry from Manziel, a lightning-rod personality quick to speak his mind and gesture to crowds and opponents. “Johnny Football” rode his flashy style all the way to the Heisman Trophy in his freshman year, and one of the Aggies’ biggest worries was whether they could find the same rhythm with a different leader.

Hill made it clear they could.


There you have it folks – definitive proof that Johnny Rookie Bitch is the most overrated player in college football history. Kenny Hill just proved that through the transitive property of equality. Texas A&M is really ranked 21st? Why? Because that nudnik is gone?  Big deal. Just plug in the next schmuck and WHAMO – 52 points and all of Johnny Rookie Bitch’s records no longer exist.

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Manziel was never that good. He played backyard flag football and ran all over the place until he found some chump wide open. And it wasn’t that hard either. He had 2012 second overall NFL draft pick Luke Joeckell, 2013 sixth overall NFL draft pick Jake Matthews, and likely 2014 first round draft pick and first team All-American Cedric Ogbuehi blocking for him. My stupid fucking turtle could find an open receiver with that kind of protection.

I still feel Manti Te’o was robbed of the Heisman by this chump and I’ll never get over it. Disregard the fact that Manti is obviously kind of a weirdo and got curb stomped by Alabama because he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that he was 22 and his skills with the ladies were on par with a 13-year old acne-covered band geek. The man dominated college football player like no defensive player ever has since Charles Woodson. He was the only reason Notre Dame made it as far as it did in 2012. He carried that team.

Manziel didn’t carry his team – his offensive line did. And Kenny Hill just proved that. Plus he played in a system that was specifically designed to win 49-42 every week. Backyard football at it’s finest. Now Johnny Rookie Bitch is routinely being tossed around and mocked in the NFL by gigantic third string gay men. Welcome to the mother fucking show, BEYOCH!!

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