Thanks Trump: Steelers Week 3 Protest Before Loss To The Bears Is The Reason The Patriots Will Have Homefield Throughout The Playoffs

Thanks Trump: Steelers Week 3 Protest Before Loss To The Bears Is The Reason The Patriots Will Have Homefield Throughout The Playoffs

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The New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl, largely because of one reason – Donald Trump. Here’s why:

  • Trump pissed off 95% of players by calling them sons of bitches for not standing for the anthem.
  • Players revolted and took a knee en masse week 3.
  • The Steelers played the Bears that week and refused to come out for the anthem and abandoned the one guy on their team (Alejandro Villanueva) who stood by himself for the anthem.

  • Team morale was destroyed and the game was over before it began as the Steelers lost to the JOKE of a franchise known as the Chicago Bears.
  • The Steelers lost 2 weeks later to the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-9
  • In order to even have the honor of coming to New England to lose to us in the AFC Championship game the Steelers will have to beat by far the best defense in the NFL, a team they’ve already lost to, with a quarterback who is playing a billion times better than he was in week 5. Not happening.
  • The Patriots should kind of be worried about the Jaguars because their defense is so good, but not really because we have Tom Brady and they don’t.

The bottom line is that if Donald Trump didn’t get in the pathetic, weak minded Steeler’s brains, they’d be 14-2 and we’d have to go back there and beat them again. We’d only have a 75% chance of getting to the Super Bowl that way. Now we have a 99.9% chance.

Thanks Trump!!

3 Comment(s)
  • Maine Vein
    December 17, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    Coem on TBS, this is a pure BS speculative proposition. I am a proud turtle, one who supports making the best causal connection base don the evidance presented. But this, come on x 2, how do you know morale was damaged for good? The reports are that Roethlisberger, Villanueva, other Steeler service veterans, coach, have spoke on nothing but unity. Villanueva apologized for coming across as standing the team up, the players standing up for him for being a service veteran, and the whole making a united decision at each and every game afterward. Plain and simple, the SSteelers are losing home field advantage because they lost to the lowly Bears, and BLEW one tonight against our Pats. I hate to see weak argeuments in our strong turtle soup!

  • TJB
    December 17, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    I couldn’t care less. The NFL is nothing more than a dollar store version of WWE. I Do not believe a chimpanzee wearing a football helmet should make many millions more than a Soldier wearing a helmet. Fuck the NFL.

    • pro trump
      December 18, 2017 at 4:38 am

      TB nails it though. worth it to piss off these worthless jungle monkey nigs.

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