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As the halfway point of the football season passes us by and we are down to one team that is looking to go unbeaten this season, so we thought it would be nice to look at the best football teams of all time.

Legend Jon Price from Sports Information Traders has cemented himself as the best football bettor of all time. Price who operates a handicapping site has gone 74% in the 2015 season on national radio and has no plans to slow down. Now back to the best NFL teams of all time.

  1. 2007 New England Patriots – Even though this team had a 18 Wins and 1 Giant Loss in the Super bowl they have the highest ELO rating of any team in the Super Bowl Era. Tom Brady was all but flawless this season and with Five Thirty Eight writer Neil Paine agrees with us when we have statistics to back up the numbers. Outside of Brady they had 8 Pro Bowlers and 9 AP All-Pros including Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Vince Wilfork.
  1. 1985 Chicago Bears — With the world famous “Super Bowl Shuffle”? The 85 Bears were not flawless as they did lose one game in 1985 but it happened the one game their quarterback Jim McMahon was out. Over the course of two years McMahon went 35-3 for a straight Bears dominance. They finished the 16 game season 15-1 and scored only 456 points while limiting their opponents to a still 2015 impressive 198 points. They slammed the Giants in the NFC playoff game by giving up 0 points. Then they destroyed the Rams to win the NFC championship game and dismantled the New England Patriots for an unforgettable Super Bowl victory. It’s so amazing that Bears fans are still talking about this team today as they squander and ponder – what happened to Da Bears ever since?
  1. 1972 Miami Dolphins — The most notable of the undefeated teams thanks to coach Don Shula. They were the first to win all 14 games while also playing by far the easiest schedule. The controversy comes because of the easy schedule beating only two teams that were over .500 for the season. Both of these teams were only 8-6. Other notable facts: The early 1970s Dolphins had talent and depth, two qualities that are difficult to replicate in the modern NFL. It would have been very difficult for them to have a guy like Earl Morrall to back up Bob Griese or to keep the backfield tandem of Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka together. The 1972 Dolphins opponents were .400 for the season. They did score more points than any other team that season and gave up less than anybody else.
  1. 1962 Green Bay Packers — The 1962 Packers go down in NFL greats history. The names that established the future of the league that are still notable today such as Bart Starr, Max McGee, Boyd Dowler, Paul Hornung, and of course the best coach of all time Vince Lombardi as in the Lombardi trophy. They won the Super Bowl in 1962 and beat out the Giants 16-7. In the 62 Cheesehead season they kept opponents to only 11 points per game while scoring 109 to 14 points for their first 4 games of the 62 NFL season. Till this day this is still a football record.
  1. 1989 San Francisco 49ers — The all star team that would carry the legendary 49ers into the 1990’s. Led by Pro Bowl quarterback Joe Montana all time great wide receiver Jerry Rice, Roger Craig and John Taylor. The epitome of the west coast offense with Bill Walsh at the helm. Joe completed over 70% of his throws and averaged 9.5 yards per pass. Rice who proved to be a great team member caught 82 passes for 1,483 yards a record that stood for over a decade. Taylor on the hand also caught 60 throws for 1,077 yards. Craig then rushed for over 1,000 yards that season and when the Denver Broncos faced off in Super Bowl 34 (XXIV) they just straight up destroyed the Broncos 55-10 in one of the biggest Super Bowl wins of all time.
  1. 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers — The season was so legendary that Terry Bradshaw is still in the spotlight. The Steel city closed out the 70’s with a Super Bowl Win agains the Rams 31-19 in Super Bowl XIV. This was followed by a Super Bowl Win the previous season. Bradshaw threw for 3,724 yards and 26 touchdowns. Franco Harris of the Immaculate reception averaged 4.4 yards per carry with 1,186 yards rushing. Lynn Swann & John Stallworth showcased that they would be opponents to help carry the team to their second Super Bowl win in as many years.

Who do you think was the best professional football team of all time? Leave your comments and feedback below.








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  • Larry Mondello
    December 3, 2015 at 8:48 am

    Good list. If Samuels makes that easy pick or that impossible helmet catch never happens there would be no doubt about the 07 Pats. My hunch is 72 Dolphins would have found a way to beat the 85 Bears. Better coach, perfect balance between running and passing, plus stingy defense. You can also make a case for some of the early 90s Dallas teams and the 04 Pats cracking this list.

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