The Boston Celtics Are Going To Be The Next Dynasty That We Deserve As God’s Chosen People

The Boston Celtics Are Going To Be The Next Dynasty That We Deserve As God’s Chosen People

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According to Charles Barkley, who won a grand total of zero championships, the Celtics were an overrated team that had won 13 in a row by beating up on crappy teams. They’d never beat teams like Toronto (even though that’s one of the teams they beat on the streak). They’d never hold the Warriors to less than the NBA best 94 points per game they’re currently holding teams too.

And when they were losing at halftime he said the Celtics season was over.

Then the second half started and the Celtics came from 17 points down and beat the NBA Champions.


It’s official. Danny Ainge is the greatest General Manager in sports, and the Boston Celtics are going to be a DYNASTY for years to come. Am I jumping to conclusions? Nope. I wanted to write this blog when they had won seven in a row. Now they’ve won 14 and beaten the reigning champs for the third year in a row. Have they beaten some crappy teams in there? Sure. But they’ve also beaten Milwaukee, Orlando, Toronto, San Antonio, the Knicks, Philadelphia, and Oklahoma City. All of those teams have winning records. This isn’t a fluke anymore. This is just who they are. A wagon.

Every single move Ainge made was doubted, but look what he’s done. Five years ago the Big 3 were basically all done. He got a bunch of washed up players for Pierce and Garnett, along with four first round draft picks. Two of those picks were Jayson Tatum ad Jaylon Brown. One was used to trade for Kyrie Irving, along with Thomas, who he basically got for nothing from Phoenix. He literally swapped two guys who won us a title for three players under the age of 26 who will win multiple titles in the future. Make no doubt about it – Jayson Tatum will be one of the best players in the NBA within two years. Brown will be a top 20 player. Kyrie is already a top 10 player, and most importantly he has balls. Anyone who goes out of there way to get away from LeBros in my kind of guy.

Oh, and we’ve got either the Lakers or Kings first round draft pick by trading back and taking the future NBA superstar (Tatum) instead of the injured point guard who can’t shoot free throws (Fultz). Even the Avery Bradley for Marcus Morris trade looks genius right now. Everything keeps turning up Boston, because we are God’s chosen people.

I do miss seeing Isaiah Thomas out there. He did nothing wrong, and he LOVED playing in Boston. But it’s a business, and Isaiah is 5’8,” injured, and closing in on 30. Kyrie doesn’t score as many points, but he’s three years younger, and he’s made Al Horford into a much better player than Isaiah did. Oh yea, and we don’t have to sub him out in the final minute of close games because he’s not tall enough to play defense.

And did I mention the coach? Yea, when Gordon Hayward went down we were supposed to be toast. All we’ve done since then is win, and that’s largely because Brad Stevens is so good at his job. Imagine how good this team’s gonna be next year with a healthy Hayward, a more well developed Tatum and Brown, and a Kyrie Irving entering his prime? Sucks to not be a Celtics fan.

And for what it’s worth, the Cavs are done. Done!! LeBron cannot win a title without another star to carry the load for him. Kyrie Irving beat the Warriors, not LeBron. Are we gonna win the NBA title this year? Probably not. At the end of the day the Warriors are still too good and can turn it on during a playoff series. But we’re gonna make it there, and we’re gonna win a game, and within three years we will have another duckboat parade.

4 Comment(s)
  • Stud McMuffin
    November 18, 2017 at 10:05 pm

    Kyrie just dropped 30 tonight TB. Just sayin

  • nado
    November 18, 2017 at 6:47 am

    best gm out there? not while theo and belichik are out there with more notches on their belts. but ainge ain’t far from maling it a trinity!

  • Light one up
    November 17, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Gordon Haywood Jablowme will never come back. Once you break an ankle like that, all done. Good bye.

  • Stud McMuffin
    November 17, 2017 at 10:46 am

    Just because Kyrie hasn’t averaged 28.9 PPG yet this season doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of doing so. He still takes over the game consistently when needed. He would probably not even be averaging 20 a game if Hayward were out there, but that’s because Brad Stevens is a genius that makes his players play unselfish team basketball. Make no doubt about it Kyrie could be dropping 30-35 a night on a bum team ( like Cleveland will be right after Lebron jumps ship….again ), but he is a complete basketball player on a winner instead. To see how good he has been defensively on this team just attests to how great a coach Brad Stevens is. I would put him over KC and Tommy at this point already. Russell had a team of HOFers to play on. Only Red was better, but that’s because he’s the GOAT ( Fuck Phil Jackson seriously. Red could have kept coaching the Celtics for those last 2 championships and set an unbreakable mark for championships, but he was too busy moving on to become the greatest GM in basketball and winning another pile of them as an executive while paving the way for the first black NBA coach. TFOH with that Phil Jackson bullshit seriously. )

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