The Confederate Flag Isn’t The Only Old Thing Some South Carolinians Want To Get Rid Of

By J-Dub

If you clicked on the header thinking this was how you could still get in on the debate over the Confederate flag, you’re in the wrong place.  The picture should have told you that. If you really want to weigh in, you can go over to TurtleBoy Sports and hop all over the comments section for a piece I did about it.

Rather, this is about an article I found in the Columbia, South Carolina newspaper known as The State.  It’s an interview with University of South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier. At first, it seems just like a garden-variety reporter-and-coach sort of screed.  But after I read it a few times, I realized this is a masterful exercise in asking hidden questions.

The main reason I had to re-read so many times is that in many cases, Spurrier’s answers didn’t always make sense.  But once I realized the “hidden question” factor, I saw that all too often Spurrier was answering a hidden question with a similarly hidden answer.  After I picked up on that little gem, I went back and made notes of the reporter’s hidden questions, then included Spurrier’s hidden answers.  After I put them all together, the picture of what was happening here became all too clear.

Actual Question #1:

When you were 50 years old, what did you think about guys who were coaching in their 70s?

  • Hidden Question #1:  Don’t you think there’s a time to “pack it in?”

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