• The Fact That Aaron Hernandez Used The Daughter He Barely Knows To Act Like A Loving Father At His Farce Of A Murder Trial Makes Me Want To Puke

    The Fact That Aaron Hernandez Used The Daughter He Barely Knows To Act Like A Loving Father At His Farce Of A Murder Trial Makes Me Want To Puke

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    On Friday a jury of 12 morons found Aaron Hernandez not guilty of murdering 29-year-old Daniel de Abreu and 28-year-old Safiro Furtado outside of a Boston night club, after one of them accidentally spilled his drink on Hernandez.

    It’s not disputed that Hernandez was in the vehicle from which the fatal shots were fired, which means either he or his friend Alexander Bradley killed them. Bradley is a psychopath and a huge piece of shit who Hernandez shot in the face shortly thereafter in an attempt to silence him. Unfortunately Bradley is also gangsta as shit and survived with only one eye. If Hernandez wasn’t arrested for killing Odin Lloyd (who he was also trying to silence) then Bradley probably would’ve killed him. Bradley follows a strict “no snitching” code, but since Hernandez is trying to pin the murders on him and he, ya know, shot him in the face, Bradley agreed to testify against Hernandez. And he was masterful.

    I don’t care that this guy is a piece of shit. I know when someone is telling the truth, and this guy is telling the truth. I don’t respect him as a person, but I can’t help but respect the way he took on that scumbag Jose Baez. There’s a difference between helping exonerate innocent people for a living, and seeking out people who are clearly guilty in order to get them off the hook. That’s what Jose Baez did for Casey Anthony, and he allegedly accepted payment in the form of sexual favors. Baez and Bradley are basically on the same level morally.

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    Anyway, the jury found Hernandez not guilty because apparently they couldn’t be convinced that Bradley wasn’t the shooter. But the lowest point of the trial happened earlier in the week when Hernandez’ baby momma trap queen Shayanna Hernandez-Jenkins brought his four year old daughter to court:

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    Make no doubt about it – this was orchestrated. It was coordinated by his trashbag hooker fiance and his lawyer, and it was done so to make him look sympathetic. The intent was clear – let this loving father get home to his child as soon as possible. As usual, Aaron Hernandez is thinking only of himself, because this is terrible to put a child through.

    Seriously though, what a fucking dirtbag. Do you understand how confused this poor girl is? Her life was set. She was going to go to have access to the best schools, live in a safe neighborhood, and never go without anything she wanted for the rest of her life. Then he threw it all away because he wanted to play gangsta. Because Aaron Hernandez always puts himself first. This is why his kid was brought to court – so the media could fawn over what a “touching moment” this was between a daughter and her father. And they fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

    Fuck that. Aaron Hernandez doesn’t give a shit about his daughter. The only thing cares about is himself. She’s going to need her father over and over again as she grows up and he won’t be there for her. When she scores a goal in her first soccer game, or when she comes home crying after a boyfriend breaks up with her, Hernandez won’t be there for her like a real Dad. These are things a good father would’ve thought about before killing his girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend and a few other guys who spilled a drink on him. But Aaron Hernandez isn’t a real Dad, as much as the mainstream media tried to make him look like one last week.

    Anyway, a lot of people are saying the state fucked this one up and never should’ve wasted money prosecuting a guy who was already in jail on a life sentence. Bullshit. The families of the victim deserved closure. They owed it to them to at least give it a shot. They failed because a jury of 12 morons believed a shitbag lawyer instead of a convict with nothing to lose.




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    1. Andy

      True, but makes no difference anyways. He’s in for the duration, way too late now.

    2. Hughbo Mont

      Josh Johnson needs a sharp stick in the eye!

    3. Carla G

      Use peple don’t no nothin Arron is a good dad to hhis baby and give them money and is inocent cause it was self defense but nobody cares that he did nothing but defend himself and you were not there or no nothin about it so dont put his name in your mouth cause you look stupid and only no one side of the story and he is a good dad and loves him familie and football.

      1. Lt Dan

        Hard to be a good dad while doing life in maximum security.

        Also, your​ barely readable post makes me think you are a fucking moron to begin with.

      2. Chip Striker

        Wow. I mean, wow. Thirteen spelling mistakes and you are suggesting that other people look stupid?

      3. nancy

        are you for real!!!!

    4. Independent Thinker

      They got a guy in jail who was involved in the murder and gave him immunity to testify against Hernandez because, like OJ, Hernandez was a big cheese. Witnesses, such as this, are rarely credible. “Tell me what you want me to say, ” would be my response if I were in the can and offered this type of deal.

      It backfired, which will give even greater credibility to the defense when they file their appeals for the previous conviction.

    5. Lily

      Total shitbag. I feel for the families of the victims, but at least Hernandez is in jail for life for killing someone else. It’s not justice, but at least he won’t be out on the street, or worse yet, making MILLIONS playing football. All this ridiculous PR mentality thinking they are so gangsta. It’s a joke. All that fame and money and this piece of shit has to blow it on to prove he is badass. Waste of time, money, and space. Rot in hell, Aaron.

    6. Publius

      Hernandez has proven to be the worst father even by ratchet standards. And the guy turned out to be a serial killer.

    7. Lisbeth

      Your mother is a hooker trap queen. …I see you have a lot of words for that beautiful woman but nothing about if Hernandez wasn’t hanging out with degenerate pos black males his life might have been different..and don’t pretend you care about his daughter.

    8. Lily

      Wow…who would have thought your article would come to life? Yep.. guess he won’t ever know about her 1st soccer goal or that someone broke her ❤️ ! RIP Aaron… sad for the little girl now.

    9. Vegas or bust

      Why am I even reading shit from people in Worcester? Don’t people go there to die? Don’t people there talk all weird? Again, why am even commenting? I must be in the fucking twilight zone or made a wrong turn somewhere.

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