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The Fall River Version Of Clive McFarlane Is Butthurt That Turtlegirl Thinks Pajama Clad Parents Who Incite Riots Are Shitty People

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What I love about opening up new markets for Turtleboy is the exposure to new butthurts and SJW’s. For instance, in Worcester we’ve got Clive McFarlane over at the Turtlegram and Gazette, constantly being an asshole by race baiting and whining in his columns. But South Shore Turtlegirl’s work on the Fall River rats who invaded Durfee High School and nearly started a riot, has apparently awoken the Fall River version of Spanky McFarlane. His name is Marc Munroe Dion, and he is NOT happy that these savages were criticized in our blog.


Here’s some excerpts from his column in the Fall River Herald News:

As near as I can tell, much of Fall River is horrified that some parents at Durfee were poorly-dressed and behaved less-than-politely Monday morning. 

“Behaving less than politely.” Also known as attempting to incite a riot and interfering with police and administration as they attempted to handle a volatile situation while keeping 3,000 kids safe. 

Apparently, if you think your kid might be dead, you’re supposed to change clothes before you leave the house, maybe throw on some lipstick and a little bit of blush. Of course, you don’t want to put on too much makeup. That would make you a “slutty mom.” So many decisions to make before you go see if somebody blew a big hole in your kid.


See that? That’s part of the problem right there. The theatrics of it all. Find out if somebody blew a big hole in your kid? Yea, that’s a reasonable thing to write in a newspaper column. And let’s suppose your kid did have a big hole blown in his head. What good would it do to march down to the school and interfere with an active shooting scene? Shut up idiot. 


If you’re a father, there are fewer decisions to make before you go. People don’t judge a man so much by what he’s wearing.

This guy has already gone full social justice warrior. Somehow he’s managed to take a topic that has nothing to do with sexism, and turned it into a case of full-fledged misogny and double standards. This is what SJW’s do. They find things to become outraged about. 

Unlike a lot of the people who will comment on Monday’s story, I was at Durfee, outside the doors with the parents, in the cafeteria with the parents. The parents were yelling and a fair number of them were swearing. Some of them showed up in pajama pants. Social media has made much of the pajama pants. I like to think that if my mom had heard of a gun at my high school, she wouldn’t have stopped to change clothes on her way to get me. There are still plenty of night workers in Fall River, too, people who work at the hospitals and in nursing homes. They’re very likely to be in pajamas, asleep, during the day.

Newsflash moron – they weren’t just wearing pajama pants because they were in a rush and thought their kids were dead. They were wearing pajama pants because that’s what they consider their “Sunday’s best.” This is what they wear 24/7. Take a drive through Ware sometime at high noon. You will think you’re at a slumber party. Muffs gonna muff. 


This is what SJW’s do though. They make up excuses for shitty behavior instead of criticizing it like they should. As a result that shitty behavior continues. Stop making up excuses for them. The people that SS Turtlegirl wrote about are not hospital workers or employees in nursing homes. They’re Fall River rats who smoke two packs of Newports a day and live for drama like this. 

“The school was on lockdown when I got there, and a crowd of parents milled around in front of the main entrance, most of them talking into cell phones, some to their children inside the building, some in English, some in Spanish. One woman was on the phone to her boss at a fast food restaurant, explaining to him that she was likely to miss the lunch rush because one of her kids was in the building. Her boss was not being cooperative.”

Hey dipshit – the word “lockdown” means you’re not getting in. That’s the whole point of her blog. These parents thought they could enter the building during a lockdown. When they were told that wasn’t happening they started behaving like savages, led by a man who has been sent to prison for violently beating a woman and threatening to commit suicide by cop


And guess what? The boss who was not being “cooperative” with the pajama clad muff who wasn’t coming into work at the busiest hour because she was too busy joining a mob of morons – he had EVERY right to not be cooperative. Because missing work at the busiest time over a situation that was already resolved is not an acceptable excuse that any reasonable boss would put up with. Hope she’s fired. 

When the parents got into the cafeteria to hear Superintendent Matthew Malone speak they were good and wound up. A little later, they chanted, “We want our kids!” How do you hear that chant and not feel the fear and desperation in the voices? You’re in the cafeteria, or outside the building, and they won’t let you go to your child. You can’t take him out, can’t make her safe, can’t see her, can’t touch him, can’t take her home.

Oh for fuck’s sake. Anyone who watches this video and thinks the parents chanting “we want our kids” are doing it out of fear is a moron:

They weren’t fearful or desperate. They were dramatic and bored. They obviously had nothing to do and live to blame other people for their massive failures. So they paused the Price is Right to head on down to Durfee to cause a ruckus. 

Instead, I felt bad for the parents because they were frightened, and I felt bad for the kids, because they were frightened. I can’t get a satisfying sneer out of that feeling, but it doesn’t matter because people are doing that for me.

Sweet baby Jesus. How dumb is this guy? The kids weren’t frightened. And if they were, it’s because their ding-dong parents were getting them all riled up over a situation that was handled perfectly as it was. 

I noticed at no point did he address the way that the Fall River Police Department was treated by this mob of doofuses. He didn’t point out that the convicted woman beater asked the cops to shoot him. He didn’t point out that the convicted woman beater repeatedly incited the crowd and told them that the cops were doing NOTHING to help protect their kids. He didn’t point out that the convicted woman beater told the crowd that they pay the cops salary, implying that their tax dollars were being wasted by do-nothing city workers. 

He was there, but I guess he must’ve missed all that. Ya know, because of the fear. And although these people acted in a completely irrational manner, the biggest offense that occurred was when people laughed at them for wearing pajamas out in public. Gotcha. 

The bottom line is Marc Munroe Dion is a massive tool. He can take his corncob pipe and shove it directly up his ass. 



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6 Comment(s)
  • Jay-B
    October 28, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    He looks like a child molester

  • Wabbitt
    October 26, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Jesus… It’s like Spanky and Old Balls had a kid…

  • spare me
    October 26, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    Ahhh that made me laugh so hard!!
    Corncob pipe hahahah

  • BlackandWhite
    October 26, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    I hate the parents that show up at the school when there’s a lockdown — demanding that their little snowflake be released to the safety of their Mommy’s bosom. Uhhh…. it’s a lockdown. Nobody goes in or out. Got that?? Might wanna take cover or something …. idiot.

  • October 26, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Can you imagine how his Old Man Winter tweed jacket and Frosty’s pipe stood out in the sea of Timbs and knock of Pink jogging suits?

    I possibly have daddy issues. Think he’ll let me ride those elbow patches?

  • KimberlyS
    October 26, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    Hope you start following that columnist. The list of inanities he spouts must be endless!

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