There’s A Whole Lotta Woo Pseudo Science Going Around With Juices And “Other” Fluids And It’s Freaking Insane, Freebirthers Need To Be Stopped And Cults Are Still Going Strong

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Since I’ve got this thing called “logic” I’ve always been pro-vaccination and modern medicine. That’s not to say that I don’t take a natural route with things when it works. That pretty much starts and ends with ginger for an upset stomach or honey for a sore throat. Recently, I’ve been delving into this insane world populated by people who are the polar opposite of me and it’s terrifying. So, come with me while we take a trip around insane parts of the internet that involve urine therapy, black goop that burns out cancer,a crazy lady’s poop juice, and some dangerous birth people.


I wanted to get to black salve first as it’s one of the more potentially deadly things these woo science freaks push on the desperate:

This stuff, appropriately shortened to “BS” has been touted as a cure-all, but is supposed to work super great on cancer! It’s made from bloodroot and causes chemical burns on the skin. People truly believe that using this shit will somehow draw out their lung/brest/bone/whatever cancer right out of their bodies and the black scar left behind is proof that it worked. The only thing that’s proof of is that you burned the shit out of your already cancer riddled body. Don’t tell that to this woman, though:

Because she’s in fact, dead. Her little group, that acts more like a cult, kept encouraging her and egging her on to keep with the salve. Sure, she was given a terminal diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer and most likely wouldn’t have made it anyway. But there are plenty of people who have very treatable cancer who go the “fuck chemo” route and end up spending a fortune on this shit only to die. All while the echo chamber of “you’re doing great” and “keep it up” sound off while people slowly die. A lot of these people firmly believe that people don’t die from cancer, they die from chemo. Not only is that stupid, it’s dangerous. Of course, people are making money off this one, but that’s not always the case with this crazy shit.

Hey, did you guys know that drinking months old fermented piss can also cure your cancer? It can’t. For some reason, people truly think it does, though. They’re willing to pee into jars, cover them in coffee filters, wait until it turns brown and then drink it. Some people like this person believe it’s better than vaccinations those damn “doctors” try to force you to have for BIG PHARMA:

Brown death juice from Big Coffee…I’ve officially seen it all. So, because you knew someone who had a heart attack after they got a flu shot, naturally that means he dies from the flu shot giving him a heart attack. OK. Now, I would like to know just how old whiskey barrels are a controlled environment. Controlled in this context generally means bacteria free, constant temperature and controlled humidity.

How the hell do you make yourself drink that shit, even if you hardcore believe it!? I turn my nose up at milk because it seems gross to me, but here you are sucking down like it’s 7-Up! Not to mention that shit is basically concentrated evil in the form of all the toxins and grossness your body flushes from itself. I know this is a fetish, but this has gone too far.

Here’s one of the biggest killers: Jilly Juice Protocol. You’d think there’s nothing harmless in this:

Until you realize the chick who pushes this disgusting fermented grossness is utterly insane. Her name is Jillian MaiThi Epperly and this is what she claims her Jilly Juice can do:

She’s worked up in this video about people giving their children vitamins, but she 100% recommends her crazy shit to BABIES.

Oooookay! So, what does her “protocol” really do? This:

Evidently, it makes you shit all over your loved ones, literally. If you’re lucky and not die, you become severely malnourished, have gastrointestinal issues and a myriad of other issues. Yet, people will take the advice of this nutter butter because they’re fucking desperate. This blog right here covers the story of Bruce Wilmot who had cancer and tried this insanity out of desperation, only to die a much more terrible death than the already terrible death from cancer. There’s many other cases of people who’ve died from consuming this stuff, too. That’s what really pisses me off about this shit. People feel like they have no more time left and try to cure their shit by buying into they hokey shit that’s pedaled by vultures.

Lastly, I present to you the Free Birth Society. You may have heard about them as of late since they finally got their first casuality when a baby died during the “free birthing” process. I say finally because it was only a matter of time before some righteous asshole killed their baby this way. The name freebirth sounds harmlessly crunchy, but in reality these chicks are eschewing modern technology to risk the lives of unborn children. For them, the entire experience of giving birth is supposed to an empowering and freeing thing for the mother while she screams “Me, me, me” and shoots her crotchfruit out of her baby cannon. If you must have medical intervention, you were “robbed” and aren’t as good as other mothers. Birth is only empowering if you’re shitting yourself and tearing open your twat in a field somewhere where none can hear you scream.

What they call a Radical Birth Keeper is the most they allow as far as assistance when giving birth.

So you can have assistance, it just has to be provided by someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Makes sense.

Literally the worst thing that can happen to these women is having to give birth in a hospital. High risk, complications, anything that has potential to go wrong- doesn’t matter, humans weren’t meant to be confined to some hospital ,caged like an animal, turned into a slave to give birth. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. I love how they don’t even downplay that there’s money to be made in this. Plenty of expecting mothers don’t really want to go the hospital route, but stay within reason and would gladly change plans if it means the safety of their child. These chicks flat-out don’t care, they view that as defeat. This is a lengthy read and great example of their insanity. You just have to see this shit:


Then she buried her placenta…naturally.

I edited out the bloody placenta picture, you’re welcome. Do you see how inflated their sense of self is if they freebirth, now? This is insanity at its best. “Fuck the fact that I have a healthy baby boy through the miracle of modern medicine, but damn these people for allowing me to be a WOMB WARRIOR GODDESS!!!” Fuck you, lady.

These women want freebirth more than anything, usually more than they want living babies.

As I mentioned before, this group had their first death that we know of, I’m sure there’s plenty more we don’t know about. This lead to Free Birth Society announcing that they’ll be taking down all three of their Facebook groups on November 1st. Instead, they’ll have a “membership platform”  since I guess the freebirth support packages that run for $900 a pop that are sold on their website aren’t putting placenta on the table anymore. Poor suffering things. The second that death happened, the founder of FBS, Emilee Saldaya, immediately distanced herself as much as possible from what had happened by making this post:

Lemme stop you right there. Yes, babies do die in all settings, but when you take away preventative care and any prenatal care, your odds of having a live birth decrease by a fuck ton.

Turns out, all of that distancing was a lie, obviously. It’s since come out that this woman Emilee actively blocked and/or muted other women in the group who were telling the mother to see medical intervention. The mother has gone on to say that she and Emilee had spoken at great length, but not about what. This chick was very much involved in this birth that resulted in an infant’s death in California. One group member was kicked out for expressing her concern for the mother. All of these screenshots you can see here. All of those screenshots verify that Emilee is partly to blame for the mother not seeking medical assistance when she clearly should have. Of course she resorted to screeching about receiving death threats to gain sympathy. That’s the number on thing you have to do to turn yourself into a victim when you gotta deflect from the shitty things you’ve done.

Listen, I’m all for doing what you feel is best in your life as long as you’re not hurting anyone. When these cult like entities come into play it’s only a matter of time before someone is severely injured, or dies. How a person can believe the only reason doctors do what they do is to make money and not these freaks is beyond me.

Make no mistake, these places that have you drink pee, Jilly Juice or use BS and freebirth are absolutely cults. If you think a friend or family member who gets sucked in can be brought back out easily, forget it. Many have tried, many have failed. They use the same tactics, too. “It didn’t work because you didn’t have enough faith” is usually the biggest one that plays on emotions and self-esteem.

Why are these people not being brought up on charges? Why is no one outlawing this kind of crazy shit that gets people killed? Yeah, it’s a blast to laugh at these freaks when it’s some chick sharting on her husband, or some womb warrior princess shitting herself. But this stuff seriously needs to stop. What’s it going to take with these people?



9 Comment(s)
  • That Crazy Chick
    October 31, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    Can someone run to Revere Beach and grab me some sea water to squirt in my ass?
    I’m dehydrated.

  • Mary Shitmas
    October 31, 2018 at 4:38 am

    Humanity… what a shit show.

  • The Doctor
    October 30, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    These people think their 2-200 hours of Google & facebook “research” make them more intelligent & qualified than my 14 years of 80-100 work weeks of medical training.
    All I have to say to the woo pseudoscience people is this: If you are going to shun modern medicine & participate in crazy shit like this, don’t come to me for antibiotics or to save your ass because you’re dying from your stupid decisions.

  • WTF
    October 30, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Here’s the problem with this site. You’ll have a few good articles and then you throw in this fucking ridiculously long Women’s Day article? Nobody gives a shit about stupid women’s home remedies!

    • Auto Correct
      October 30, 2018 at 10:19 pm

      Speak for yourself!
      No one makes you read the whole article.

    • Ebenezer Screw
      November 2, 2018 at 12:23 pm

      Dawww, does someone have mommy issues? 

  • Judge dread
    October 30, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Great reporting, this is really fucked up and I e never heard of this shit before. I bet a $1 they believe the earth is flat. Plus that pic of that mother and her cuck husband with their new born baby in a fucking hot tub? Wtf?

    This blog is proof that America has a massive, severe mental illness problem.

  • randiguy2006
    Randall Guy
    October 30, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    Can this be blamed on Joe Early somehow?

  • Joseph Warren
    October 30, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    Hardly three centuries ago, women and children routinely died during childbirth. Modern medicine has reduced this in the US to roughly 5/1,000 live births (babies) and 18.5/100,000 (moms).

    These weirdos are so regressive they literally want to revert to the days of pre-Revolutionary War medicine. Probably Donald Trump’s fault.

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