Tom Brady Lied About Deflategate To Sell Uggs According To Sal Paolantonio

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I thought I’d heard every possible stupid thing there is to say about Deflategate. Then I heard Sal Paolantonio talk about the adverse effect that Tom Brady just created for Uggs. Ya got that? Uggs. So let me get this straight. We’re not talking about the Super Bowl. We talkin bout Uggs? Uggs? We’re not even talkin bout the game, we talkin bout Uggs??

Absolutely hilarious. Brady didn’t hold that press conference to clear his name or set the record straight. He did it so that soccer Moms from Medford and Quincy would still buy Uggs. Newsflash – Tom Brady can do no wrong with the women of New England. There isn’t a single woman in Massachusetts who believes any of this. Our women know better than that – Tom Brady is no cheater. They’ll buy whatever he tells them to buy. There is nary a man out there whose wife wouldn’t leave him in a Patriots minute for Prince Tom. Mrs. Turtleboy pretty much made that clear from our first date. I shook my head in agreement. Understood. There’s not much you could do in that imaginary scenario. Just tip your cap to the better man. The greatest man who has ever lived. This man:

tom-brady-goat1_display_image (1)

Go Patriots!!

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  • Margee Pesikov
    January 24, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    I wouldn’t leave any bf, husband, or guy from the street corner for Tommy. On the other hand, I would leave them for Gisele because she is a dirty pirate hooker like me.

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