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Did Turtleboy Get Summer Nationals Cancelled In Spencer?

Summer Nationals

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TelegramJust a month after announcing that the New England Summer Nationals’ new home would be the Spencer Fairgrounds, it appears plans for the popular, albeit controversial, classic car show have stalled out.

The event’s website and Facebook page indicate the show is canceled, or postponed until a better venue can be found. The website statement says there have been “unforeseen problems securing a location that is large enough to hold a show of this magnitude,” and rather than reducing the size of the show, “we have decided to postpone it until a larger and better suited location can be found.”

That came as a surprise to Spencer Selectman Anthony Pepe, who said on Friday that he had not been told anything about a cancellation and that he has not spoken to organizer Robert Moscoffian in about three weeks.

“We were trying to give him the paths he needed to go down,” Mr. Pepe said, adding that the town had certain expectations for the event, which was going to merge with the community’s annual Family Fun Day.

“There were a lot of hurdles for him to overcome,” Mr. Pepe said, although he didn’t believe that doing that would be too difficult.

Mr. Pepe said Mr. Moscoffian would need permits and was required to meet with selectmen to get their blessing for the event to be held, but it does not appear that he ever began the process.

“They never submitted any permits,” Town Administrator Adam D. Gaudette said. “It’s not like they got permits and then they quit. They never submitted anything.”

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Did Turtleboy just kill the Spencer Summer Nationals before they even began? Just how influential are we? This is starting to blow my mind. One of our writers published a blog about how glad he was that this shitshow finally left Worcester, and how Spencer was the perfect match. Now all of a sudden it’s cancelled.

There is backlash, and then there is Spencer backlash. And Spencer backlash almost always ends up with someone threatening to knock your teeth out:

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.51.06 PM

For the record, I realize Spencer isn’t that bad of a place to live. There’s a lot of nice houses and lakes and whatnot. But it’s an undeniable fact that the downtown looks like shit. Oh yea, and here’s all that blogger wrote about Spencer:

I guarantee there isn’t a person in Spencer over the age of 10 who doesn’t know how to do an oil change. And I’ve never stepped foot in David Prouty before, but I would imagine there’s a lot of kids in there with hand-me-down Van Halen t-shirts. There couldn’t possibly be a better fit for the Summer Nationals. You wanna release a bunch of toxic smoke into the air and fuck up the roads with your burnouts? Cool. Do it in Spencer.

So let me get this straight. You people are all fired up because some blogger wrote that you, a) can change your own oil, b) like Van Halen, and c) would probably welcome the Summer Nationals? On a scale from one to ten, just how sandy is your va-jay-jay if this made you so mad that you’re willing to knock someone’s teeth out over it? Sounds sandier than Cape Cod to me. But yea, if you wanna fight a Turtleboy Sports blogger then I suggest you take a number and we’ll meet you at Whitco after we’re done getting our teeth knocked out in Buffalo, the Big E, and St. Bonaventure.

Like I said, Spencer isn’t that bad. But come one now. Every time you read about something happening in Spencer it involves missing money, overrides getting defeated, or some town administrator skipping town. Those aren’t good things. I realize Worcester has it’s problems too. That’s why we write about them. Doesn’t mean we don’t like Worcester – we’re from Worcester. It just means that when funny, fucked up shit happens, it’s worth having a jolly over. Seriously, stop being so butthurt and enjoy life.

I’m sure all the normal people who happen to live in Spencer are VERY upset that their town won’t be graced by these geniuses this summer:

Summer Nationals

Courtesy of Steve Lanava, Telegram and Gazette staff

Man, I sure wish I could go and watch that shirtless legend shove a bunch of toxic fumes up my nostrils. That guy looks like every guy who ever went to Sh-Booms ever.

Oh yea, and I think we can all agree that Bob Moscoffian talking up the Summer Nationals coming to Spencer and then not contacting the town or filling out any of the paperwork is the most predictable thing you’ve ever heard. After all, this is the same guy who didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to sell a truckload full of lobsters covered in diesil fuel to his buddy at Periwinkles. Looks like the summer fun is gonna have to revolve around the impromptu street fights outside of the Whitco.

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  • Worcester
    March 1, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    The lobsters !

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