Turtleboy Live Is Back!! Here’s Last Night’s Show Featuring Turtle Intern And Turtle Choad

Turtleboy Live Is Back!! Here’s Last Night’s Show Featuring Turtle Intern And Turtle Choad

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If you haven’t heard the news – Turtleboy Live is back!! We’re gonna do it every Sunday night at 9:30 until football and Walking Dead start. Figured that’s the best day to do it. Ratings on Friday weren’t cutting it because people have lives. But no one has a life on Sunday night until football starts. Here’s what was on the agenda for last night’s return episode:

Hot takes from Uncle Turtleboy, Turtle Intern, and Turtle Choad:

P.S. We recorded this on a podcast last night and uploaded it to our iTunes account but we want to share it with the world so you can listen to it. No clue how to do that. A million people have sent us a million links about how to do it and it’s confusing as hell. We have no interest in your links. Just tell us exactly what to do and we will do it.



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  • DeusVult88
    July 10, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    TB go on The Daily Shoah

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