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Turtleboy Put Too Much Blame On Major Godin And Not Nearly Enough On Lisa Dyer

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The blog published by one of our bloggers yesterday about Major Stephen Godin’s comments about a deceased North High alumni is easily our most controversial since Chatham shark-gate. As you know, there is more than one writer who pens under the nom de plume “Turtleboy.” And we don’t all think alike and we don’t have board meetings where we reach a consensus opinion. Well yesterday’s writer has been taking a ton of shit about “going soft” and “wussification” so I thought it was time to address what this Turtleboy agrees and disagrees with about it.

Here’s where Turtleboy fucked up – he put too much of the blame on Major Godin, and not enough blame on Lisa Dyer. Because this whole thing could’ve easily been avoided if she wasn’t incompetent. The dude was put on paid leave in early May. The whole thing should’ve gotten resolved in a week. But instead she let it drag through the whole summer and fucked over Major Godin.


That’s the big problem here. What was this guy supposed to do in the meantime? Was he supposed to look for a new job? Did the school offer him a severance package? Nope. Where’s the respect for his service? They fucked him over because they obviously didn’t value him. At least if Lisa Dyer had an ounce of respect for all that this guy has done for the school in 20+ years, they would’ve let him know what was up from the beginning. But instead they strung him along.

Look, Major Godin is an older guy. Old people say what they want to, when the fuck they want to say it. If Lisa Dyer were a normal person she would’ve used some discretion and settled the situation right then and there, instead of giving this disrespectful student the satisfaction of getting a teacher suspended.

Anyway, all this shit about Turtleboy becoming soft is also bullshit. I read it over, and he made it pretty clear that he doesn’t think this guy should’ve been fired. I completely agree with that. Your career shouldn’t be defined by one comment you made if you have touched the lives of thousands of kids in a positive way.

The shit about a scholarship was obviously moronic, but he made it pretty clear that he agrees with the overall message Major Godin was trying to send. And I agree – he shouldn’t be pressured into giving money to a cause that he thinks is unworthy. That’s it. Did he have to call him a punk? Nope. Does he have a right to that opinion? Sure.

But shut the fuck already about this free speech nonsense. Seriously, welcome to grown up land, where the words you use in the workplace have actual consequences. Regardless of whether or not you think it’s too PC or whatever, the fact of the matter is when you’re an adult, you have to know who your boss is. And if your boss is a trunchbull like Lisa Dyer, then you can’t say “lethal injection would be the solution to a lot of society’s problems,” and expect to stay in her good graces.

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Look, Turtleboy is all about free speech. The whole purpose of this blog is to say shit that you can’t say in a more public setting – like a public high school. Major Godin can come write for Turtleboy any day he wants and say all the things he wants to say, because we don’t give a fuck what Lisa Dyer thinks of us. But when you work in a high school, and your boss is Lisa fucking Dyer, don’t be surprised when she comes after you for calling dead kids “punks.”

Jim Polito and Jordan Levy are pretty much as conservative and old school as you get. I listened to Jordan yesterday and Polito this morning on WTAG. Both of them agree – Major Godin went too far. We all agree that the PC police are out of control, but if guys like Jordan and Polito don’t have your back, you done fucked up.

The bottom line is Major Godin was obviously looking for a fight, and he got it. He’s more than entitled to think that anyone out there is a punk. And just because someone dies doesn’t magically transform them into an altar boy. I get it. But after it was clear that he had got some students all fired up, it was time to step back a little. If I were him and I wanted to keep my job, I would’ve gone into Lisa Dyer’s office and said – “I said something that was my opinion, which I’m entitled to, but I’m a team player and I don’t wanna get these girl’s all fired up, so what can I do to fix this?” Because that’s what adults do when they get called into the boss’ office.

But what I wouldn’t have done is gone into Lisa Dyer’s officer and got into a philosophical debate with her about not valuing the “sanctity of life,” and how lethal injection would fix all of society’s problems. I mean seriously, what the fuck was the point of that other than to push her buttons? You know she’s insane, but the fact of the matter is that she’s the boss. How can he possibly think that would help him out in that situation? Like I said, he’s got every right to have those opinions, write letters to the editor about them, start a blog, or write them on social media.

Here’s the deal, your job as a teacher is to teach. And when you start voluntarily sharing all of your opinions with kids, that’s where you cross the line. That’s why it’s hilarious that people think Turtleboy used to be a teacher. I’d rather die than bite my tongue. Imagine if a teacher was pro-choice, and they got up there and told students that kids with down syndrome are better off being aborted. Or if a teacher was against gay marriage and they got up in front of the class and lectured about how gays are sodomites. You can’t fucking do that, because your job isn’t to share your philosophy on controversial topics with kids. Your job is to run the JROTC. That’s it.

I still say Free Major Godin. Obviously that’s not gonna happen, but North High School was clearly a better place with him there. This should’ve been an in-house thing that was corrected immediately. But instead Turtleboy’s talking about it, because Lisa Dyer is the only principal in Worcester that can’t seem to figure out how to stay out of Turtleboy blogs.

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10 Comment(s)
  • kurgen
    September 2, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    and since when do we require people to have respect for the sanctity of life, he ckearly states he doesn’t believe in religion and the sanctity of life is clearly a religious belief. I whole heartedly back the Major on his beliefs and his right to defend them. He has fought for those rights.

    from wikipedia
    The phrase sanctity of life refers to the idea that human life is sacred and holy, argued mainly by the pro-life side in political and moral debates over such controversial issues as abortion, contraception, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, and the “right to die” in the United States

  • pissed
    September 2, 2015 at 10:23 am

    I can’t believe I just wasted 15 minutes of my life reading this crap, could have been picking my nose…

  • strata
    September 2, 2015 at 9:27 am

    He is in a position of authority & leadership. That covers a broad spectrum. He absolutely has the right to decline a donation. But his personal remark should be been avoided. It doesn’t matter if the kid was a punk. There’s a civility that needs to occur in society especially by leaders and role models. He should have been simply reprimanded, and he should hopefully had a good conversation with his boos and come to the conclusion that in the future some comments are insensitive and best avoided.

    And if he’s in a bar throwing back a few beers with friends …. he can say & call this kid whatever he wants!!!!! he can bitch & moan and call anyone or anything whatever he wants. Till the cows come home.

    Just not in a school where your a leader and representing the ROTC

  • TurtleBoySpurts
    September 2, 2015 at 9:12 am

    Aw, Turtle Boy got facialized by the faithful yesterday, so today we get the flip-flop. Classic pussy move.

  • Areyouserious?
    September 2, 2015 at 6:14 am

    If there are in fact multiple writers why don’t you each use a different alias so readers can tell who is who and get a feel for they like and don’t like. For example the writer who wrote the first blog about the Major can be “Huge Vagina Turtleboy” while who ever wrote this one can be “Analogies don’t make sense Turtleboy.”

  • Publius
    September 1, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Dyer Boone Petty must go.

  • colleen
    September 1, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Fire Dyer…’s that simple.

  • george
    September 1, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    There’s more than one tb? Feel like the last month of my life has been a lie

  • Areyouserious?
    September 1, 2015 at 4:22 pm

    I still think you’re wrong and your examples are comparing apples to oranges. Abortion, gay marriage and the other examples you provided are based on religious beliefs. WPS and most school systems are very clear that you cannot discuss religion. There was nothing religious in what the major said or thought so it’s not against any WPS code of conduct. The kid was a punk. He said he was punk. He called a spade a spade and it offended a loud mouthed high school girl, who should’ve been disciplined without the major having to say anything. Obviously Lisa Dyer is an overreacting moron and what he said about lethal injection wasn’t ever going to go over well with her, but that doesn’t make it wrong. He should’ve known that it was going to cause more trouble, but if he’s not WRONG for saying it. That was a discussion among adults. He should be allowed to say how he feels.

  • Nope, no thanks
    September 1, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Well said!

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