Turtleboy’s Top 21 Super Bowl 49 Memes

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After the Patriots beat the Seahawks yesterday to win Super Bowl 49 there was an explosion of hilarious memes that were running wild all over the world wide internets. I would’ve incorporated them into our first post-Super Bowl blog, but there were just too many good ones that we figured they needed their own blog. So here ya go – the top 21 Super Bowl 49 memes….



It works on so many levels. Richard Sherman invented “You mad bro?” when he acted like a regular season win on his home field actually meant something. Hey nimrod, that game didn’t actually matter. This one did. You lose.




It’s funny because he’s such a dickhead.



1947574_10204928126434637_1110256181224463963_n (1)

How much is Darrelle Revis in Dicky’s head? First of all, on the Doug Baldwin touchdown Baldwin purposely used the ref as a pick. If that was the Patriots everyone would be whining about cheating, but not us. It’s part of the game. Meanwhile this moron is acting like Revis got burnt on Baldwin’s ONLY catch of the game. The fact that we basically didn’t hear from Revis the entire game tells you that he was doing his job perfectly.




You know your halftime show sucks when you have to have Missy Elliot bail your ass out like it’s 1999. Seriously, this was the worst halftime show ever. Sharks can’t survive outside of water. Everyone knows that. And not only is Katy Perry not especially attractive, she’s also not especially good at singing. I’m genuinely confused why she’s a pop star. Brittany Spears at least made sense. She was hot. A million times hotter than Katy Perry, despite the halftime argument I got into about this very topic last night. Oh yea, and she rooted for the Seahawks. I think I speak for all of New England when I say, shut up Katy Perry.




Talk, talk, talk. That’s all Dicky does. New England receivers did whatever they wanted to do whenever they wanted to do it. Four different guys scored and Shane Vereen caught 11 balls. Brady set a Super Bowl record for completions and threw for over 300 yards against this supposedly unbeatable “Legion of Boom.” Looked more look the Legion of Poon to me.




Love this one. Patriots aren’t getting any credit for this because the media’s blaming it on Pete Carroll for not running the ball on the final interception. Boo-hoo. Seattle had no business even playing in this game. Green Bay earned the NFC Championship and then their idiot backup tight end pulled the biggest boner in NFL history. That’s why Seattle was in the Super Bowl.



10264930_10205076869554206_5295785570755378226_n (1)

It’s funny because we won. Do they still go to Disneyland though? Because Disney parks are the absolute worst places on earth. They’re like the Big E on steroids, except the people are fatter and everyone’s on a motorized scooter.




Seriously, who the hell was that guy? The only Chris Matthews I know is the guy who never shuts up on Hardball. No catches all year long and then all of a sudden Kyle Arrington is his bitch. The moment that chump sat down is the moment the Patriots took over the game. Get out of my face Chris Matthews.



1544994_10200131920137731_3747606491009171835_n (1)

It’s true. Madden was the king of delivering the most obvious, pointless statements ever.



10978632_10155103498850361_5498644980571953095_n (1)

I don’t think there’s a player in sports I despise more than Jay Cutler. It’s funny because Bears fans still believe in him. It’s also funny because Russell Wilson threw an interception in the biggest moment, just like Jay Cutler’s done his entire career.



1898116_10204999006588529_6448199812732415728_n (1)

LOL. Awesome. This one hit the nail on the head. It’s basically the same exact situation. Biggest play on the biggest stage and Pete Carroll calls a slant pass to Ricardo Lockette. It’s just so Pete Carroll it hurts.




I’ll bet you my lunch money that Pete Carroll actually says “YOLO.” Anyone who says YOLO should be punched in the face immediately.




You sad bro? This was one of my favorite Simpsons episodes ever too. Hey Richard – I choo-choo-choose you for most butthurt player of Super Bowl 49.




Nothing is more fraudulent than a fan base that prides themselves on noise. Kansas City is a close second to Seattle for worst fans in that regard. They don’t know anything about sports or football, but they do like to follow directions and do whatever is the cool thing to do. In this case it’s going down to the football match and yelling loudly. In their minds this affirms their fandom. #frauds




Ya knew this one was coming. Some people think this photo is racist. Why? Where do you think the loser championship shirts go? This kid’s not even kidding. They’re going to Africa and Southeast Asia. That’s just a fact. Plus, this kid is absolutely adorable with his outie belly button and cool dance moves. It just never gets old.




Fakest fans on earth. Seattle is a soccer town. The Sounders sell out all their games and people are crazy about them up there. That tells you all you need to know about Seattle sports fans – they value a shitty American soccer league. Football is just the cool thing to do when soccer ends.




I couldn’t stop laughing at this one. It’s just so perfect. Look at that kid’s face. So inconspicuous. So awkward. It works on so many levels.




Ya know what? I don’t think Aaron Hernandez gives a shit that he missed this game. I really don’t. I bet you if he could go back and do it all again he wouldn’t change a thing. Dude is a cold-blooded murderer and he scares the shit out of me. Watching him at his trial it’s pretty clear he regrets nothing and is sorry about nothing. Football is just what Aaron Hernandez did when he wasn’t murdering people who talked shit.




Oh my God. This Goddman commercial killed me. Another writer is blogging this one later so I’ll save my thoughts. But to say this commercial wasn’t the biggest buzz kill ever would be disingenuous.




I almost spit out my Blarney popcorn when my buddy Clark sent me this one. Another meme that NEVER fails. It works even better when you put Marshawn Lynch’s face on the kid’s body. But let’s be honest, Marshawn Lynch doesn’t give a shit about losing this game. He’s like Aaron Hernandez with less murdering.




Perfect. Absolutely perfect. You wanna accuse of using deflated balls? Fine. We’ll deal with the distraction for two weeks, run a scientific experiment proving we didn’t do anything wrong, win the Super Bowl, and then make a meme of Belichick grabbing Marsawn Lynch’s balls. You can’t make a better meme than this. It’s science.

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6 Comment(s)
  • J
    February 3, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Russell Wilson’s pretty good at throwing interceptions on the goaline to lose games

  • Alex
    February 3, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    Did you seriously just say Katy Perry is not hot?? Have you ever looked at her or watched any performance that was not the Super Bowl?? Even in the superbowl, those thighs looked amazing

  • El Guapo
    February 3, 2015 at 11:14 am

    #15 – Did you miss the double entendre on this one? “We’ll pass” like, they pass on going to Disney AND they’ll pass on the goal line? Or am I looking to deep into it?

  • Hysterical
    February 3, 2015 at 8:53 am

    # 2 I have tears everytime I see it…Lynch’s face on that kids body kills me

  • Betts
    February 2, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    #7 Thank you! I got called out for posting that one..please ..nothing racial, nothing malicious, just fucking cute and the truth.

  • Hippie non protestor
    February 2, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    Good stuff, my fave was the Madden one. That definitely would have been all three picks hahaha

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