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  • Twitter Egg Tries Shaming Boston PD For Following Turtleboy On Twitter Even Though We’re The Only Media Outlet That Supports The Boston Police

    Twitter Egg Tries Shaming Boston PD For Following Turtleboy On Twitter Even Though We’re The Only Media Outlet That Supports The Boston Police

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    Imagine being so much of a loser that you do this:

    Wahhh!!! Why are the BPD following a media outlet that openly supports the police? A media outlet that had their backs while 40,000 assholes threw piss at them in August in the name of tolerance. Wahhhh!! They used a hilarious meme about the awkward potential situation of a suicide bomber returning home for dinner!! Stop laughing at things that are funny!!! Only social justice warriors with troll accounts should dictate what people can and cannot follow. Wahhhhh!!! Free speech should not exist on the Internet unless I approve of it. Wahh!!! I’m a grown up who hates a blog so much that I go through their thousands of Twitter followers and try to shame people who choose to follow a popular account that reports the news. Wahhhhhh!! Better tag Mahhhttyy just to let him know, because he will definitely read this!!

    The best part is they read each and every blog we write, no matter how much they hate us. They just can’t stop reading it. We win.

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    1. Kevin Lynch

      I admire Turtleboy. We share a lot of the same qualities!

    2. Kevin Lynch

      For instance if you haven’t noticed we are both constantly victims!

    3. love

      That was a good one Kevin. I laughed so hard my uterus almost fell out!

      1. lover

        who are all the imposters on the blog today!

        four or five people have been impersonated so far >:(

        1. Jack Aubrey

          What’s that? I couldn’t hear you. I was squatting so hard on a dildo that it was blocking my ear.

          Also, cops suck. They never cavity search me.

        2. True Reality Speaks

          Typical narcissistic lemming. Get over yourself. They’re laughing AT you – not with you.

          1. hate

            let me guess, he’s also a “posEUr”?

    4. Process Server

      Pro-Tip, Don’t answer that door, they’re going to be serving you some papers any day now.
      They can’t sue you, if they can’t serve you.

    5. Mike G

    6. Play the hand your dealt, even when the hand isn't the cards, but the fault the lies within yourself, know when to hold em.

      “All good things must come go and end”

      This idiom is often used as a proverb and is a wise reminder that all good things are temporary. It can be used as a term of regret, warning, or resigned acceptance.

      Sometimes it’s just over too soon… see ya in the next life.

    7. Outta Ideas eh?

      cool story bro

    8. what's puzzling you is the nature of my game

      Got nothing to lose

      1. lover

        you silly dj stop the madness!!!

      2. bowow

        Great song, forgot how good it is, beautiful acoustics.

    9. Fortune Teller

      5 predictions for 2018:
      1. The Dow will exceed 25,000
      2. Putin will win re-election
      3. It will be cold in Boston in tomorrow
      4. It will rain atleast once this year.
      5. TBS will shut down

      1. JoeMomma

        You got 4 out of 5…not bad.

    10. How bow da

      1. lover


      2. take the beer

        Love you man!

    11. lover

      1. awful

        this sucks

        1. lover

          i did not post that

          and lol you sat and watched milli vanilli for me?


        2. lover

          watching it now myself, laughing to tears :ppp

    12. Even I feel for dirty White-boys and Ginger girls alone with no love... Pleased to meet you

      You got somethin for me homie…. now…. thats funny cuz I shure got something in store for you

      1. love it

        i don’t know how to post a vid here so i can’t reply with one

        i woulda posted my fav ginger girl vid ever, “bleed like me” by garbage

    13. tngsucks

      All police departments should support TBS. When someone is selling EBT it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    14. Communists

      Typical fascist haters. Anti First Amendment.

    15. Turtleboy sucks now

      TB is a whiney little bitch

    16. Make America Great Again

      They why are you reading it ? Get the fuck out of our country ,Cunt

      1. hate

        MAGA POWER? amirite, WNTR?

        1. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

          Raise your fist and let the chant echo.

          WHITE PRIDE
          WHITE POWER

          1. hate makes here it percolates

            i knew it was you you dumb motherfucker 😀

    17. Spankster

      Where does a suicide bomber go after work?


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