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Two Deceased Boston Firefighters Prove That Firefighters Really Are Remarkable Human Beings

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I just wanna say this about the two Boston Firefighters who died today, Ed Walsh, and Mike Kennedy. Fires are a necessary evil. They give us so many things that we need, but they’re sooooo dangerous. When I burn myself with a lighter it hurts. I just don’t have the balls to be a firefighter. Few do. These people are truly remarkable human beings. I see a fire and I run. They see a fire and run directly into it. I seriously cannot imagine what it feels like to hear that siren go off, and know that you might have to run into a burning building or have to rescue someone from a nasty car accident.

Firefighters have to be prepared for everything. They’re selfless by nature. That’s why anyone who’s friends with firefighters knows that they’re people you can trust.

Anyone from Worcester can tell you where they were on Deember 3rd, 1999. When it was reported that six firefighters had lost their lives, you realized it could be someone your family knows. That’s because firefighters aren’t just heroes; they’re important members of the community. And in Worcester, they just happen to have pretty awesome mustaches.

God bless every firefighter out there.


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