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UConn Is Officially A Joke: Campus Police Arrest Guy Who Thinks It’s OK To Be White For Taking Back His Property That A SJW Community College Nazi Stole From Him

UConn Is Officially A Joke: Campus Police Arrest Guy Who Thinks It’s OK To Be White For Taking Back His Property That A SJW Community College Nazi Stole From Him

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If you wanna see the real cause of everything that is wrong with American culture right now then look no further than your local college campus. College’s used to be a place where adults got together, learned about the world, and became more educated and well rounded adults by listening to opinions that they might happen to disagree with.

Used to be.

Not anymore though. The epidemic of the stifling of free speech is the most underreported phenomenon in America today. We’ve shown you video after video of conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro and Milo, and even center-left speakers like Christina Hoff-Sommers, being shut down by mobs of protesters during their scheduled discussions. Shapiro has been banned from several universities, despite being an anti-Trump conservative. Milo has been physically assaulted while the police details he was forced to pay for stood by and did nothing.

This week’s example of campus Nazis gone wild comes from UConn, where Gateway pundit, and openly gay Lucian Wintrich was delivering a speech entitled, “It’s OK to be white.” Naturally this is controversial in 2017 because apparently it is not OK to be white? I dunno, I’m just thinking out loud here. But something about that must offend me. It has to. That’s why Wintrich was forced to pay for extra security which did absolutely nothing as the crowd repeatedly interrupted his bootleg Milo speech:

Now I’ve read some of the things he said in this speech, and I’ve never heard of him before this. But it’s clear that he’s basically an unfunny bootleg Milo ripoff. Regardless, he has a right to say what he wants to say on a college campus, even if it offends you. Of course a great way to not be offended is to just not go to his discussion. But that’s now what SJW Nazis do. They’re more into book burnings. And they make it their business to ensure that no one is ever allowed to say anything they disagree with in public.

Naturally the speech was interrupted when a woman in the crowd stole his speech, he tried to get it back, and was arrested for assault:

And of course a mob of protesters tried to assault him as the cops put him in the squad car:

Because the only thing that can fix hurt feelz are broken bones.

Naturally the cops did jack shit to the woman who stole his speech, the people who created the disturbance in the first place, or the animals who tried assaulting him on the way out:

The events unfolded an hour into Wintrich’s planned speech, which was continually interrupted by members of the packed auditorium who chanted “Go home, Nazi” and “Black lives matter,” and shouted jokes and jabs at the political commentator.


Wintrich also said police had assured him they would not let the event get out of control and “were going to keep lines of defense” around him. But when he asked officers to remove some of the rowdier members of the audience, they did nothing. 

Wintrich responded to the crowd of 350 with remarks of his own, rarely finishing a sentence from his speech without pausing to talk back or being drowned out by his audience.  

Chants of “walk out” led to most of the attendees standing and filtering out the back of the auditorium, at which point several attendees walked toward the podium instead and began speaking to and yelling at Wintrich. The altercation followed.

But according to a student interviewed in the Hartford Courant, it’s not OK to say it’s OK to be white…….because…….history:

Afterward, Leann Mclaren, who is Jamaican American, said people found Wintrich speech offensive because white people have never been marginalized or oppressed based on skin color.

“That’s a history we were taught in high school and middle school and all that so there’s no reason for [Wintrich] to come out and talk about how you feel some type of way,” Mclaren said. “… In the past, you were ashamed to be anything but white, so we’re trying to bring [cultural symbols] back and now it’s a problem.”

This can’t be real:

“There’s no reason for him to come out and talk about how you feel some type of way.”

Yea, there’s no reason to give your opinion on anything. What do you think this is? A free country? That right there pretty much sums up the state of college campuses today. Obviously this very oppressed girl should not be forced to listen to the words of a speaker she chose to listen to.

“He was coming from a legitimate hateful, stupid and illogical side,” Leann McLaren, 20, said. “It’s just a bad look to invite someone with those hateful ideas to a UConn campus that’s supposed to promote diversity and inclusion for everybody.”

No sweetie. It’s a bad look when students prove the speakers point for him that students cannot listen to words they disagree with without being so triggered that they commit larceny, yell like children, and try to physically assault the speaker. That’s what the rest of the world sees when we watch incidents like this unfold. He’s not the hateful one. You are.

Naturally the President of the University, who is an adult, condemned the students for acting like wild animals in a civilized institution of higher learning.

LOL. Just kidding. She blamed the speaker for taking back his personal property:

“This was a very disappointing evening,” UConn President Susan Herbst said in a statement. “Thoughtful, civil discourse should be a hallmark of democratic societies and American universities, and this evening fell well short of that.

“We live in a tense and angry time of deep political division. Our hope as educators is that creative leadership and intellectual energy can be an antidote to that sickness, especially on university campuses. Between the offensive remarks by the speaker who also appeared to aggressively grab an audience member and the reckless vandalism that followed, that was certainly not the case on our campus tonight. We are better than this.”

This is really simple. You might’ve had the moral high ground if you had just let him say what he wanted to say, and then you all walked out in protest. But instead you tried to deny someone the right to free speech, stole his personal property, and destroyed public property. This is now 100% on the protesters.

Surely the media must’ve blamed the students, right?

Nope. They blamed him too. Shocking. Guess the next time a UConn student gets raped the Hartford Courant will blame her because her outfit was “designed to inflame” a rapist.

This is the woman who stole the speech and for some reason was not arrested:

Catherine Gregory is an “advisor at Quinebaug Valley Community College.” First of all, what does that even mean? You go to a community college. The whole point is to get good grades so you can go to a real college after that. So basically she’s a guidance counselor for adults who fucked up in high school. And yet somehow she gets paid almost $90,000 a year for this very important position:

Connecticut might be one of the only states in the country that has found a way to be more wasteful than Massachusetts.

You would assume that Gregory’s employer would fire her for representing them so poorly. But then again she works at a college (kind of) so what she did was actually considered brave. Thus the college said they disapproved of her actions but will not fire her because she was acting as a “private citizen.”

So I guess that means they’ll let her keep her job if she robs a bank too.

And she’s not apologizing either:

A lawyer for Quinebaug Valley Community College adviser Catherine Gregory said Thursday that she stands by taking a copy of Wintrich’s speech from the lectern where he was giving a talk titled, “It Is OK To Be White.” Although Gregory was not available for comment her attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, said she did not regret taking the copy to protest what he described as “hateful language.”

She took the copy of Wintrich’s speech as a form of protest and does not regret her actions, he said. “She certainly does not,” he said. “She was physically attacked and assaulted.”

And according to her lawyer it wasn’t stealing because she didn’t intend to permanently deprive him of his property:

Connecticut law states that theft occurs when a person takes or withholds someone else’s property with the intent of “permanently” depriving the owner of that property, he noted. The incident Tuesday night unraveled in a matter of seconds, Schoenhorn said.

Oh right, so she was planning on giving it back 30 seconds later. That’s makes it both believable and justified!!

The lawyer is also saying that it’s “reasonable” to react this way to “that kind of speech”:

“There is clearly no basis to believe the purpose of anyone doing anything at that meeting involved theft,” Schoenhorn said. “It would be reasonable for any number of people to react strongly to that kind of speech, it was not protected speech and shame on UConn for not standing up to it.”

Because when you hear things you don’t like that means laws of civilized society cease to exist.

Add UConn to the list of schools that is now officially a joke.

23 Comment(s)
  • Don
    December 2, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Hopefully uconn is the next school tp get shot up..

  • Reap what you sow
    December 1, 2017 at 10:02 am

    Most American colleges and universities are explicitly racist. They create race based policies and make race based decisions. This is a reflection of the environment that’s been deliberately created on campus.

  • Independent Thinker
    December 1, 2017 at 8:36 am

    Those who prevented the speaker should have been promptly removed. While you may have the right to protest, you don’t have the right to prevent someone from speaking at a planned event.

    Secondly, when people run up to you, surround you (which in itself is a threat), and then take your belongings from you, you have the right to defend yourself. He should not have been arrested.

    Our universities are in a sad state of affairs these days. A revolution or some type of race war is coming.

  • Lazy pricks
    December 1, 2017 at 8:02 am

    Ever notice how the SJWs don’t start commenting until at least 10 AM?

  • Barack Obama
    December 1, 2017 at 7:54 am

    It’s funny that everyone talks about how Trump has divided the country. Acts and violence like started while I was in office, kneeling while I was in office, anti police rhetoric whole I was in office, anti white rhetoric whole I was in office, pro black Criminal while I was in office, and so on. I created the division in this country not Trump. Stop giving him credit for my masterpiece

  • Juicy
    December 1, 2017 at 7:45 am

    Whether you agree or disagree with the speaker, anybody who disrupts the assembly should be removed or (if warranted,) arrested. Let them protest outside of the building all they want. Free speech INSIDE the building (the speaker,) and free speech OUTSIDE the building (the SJWs.) The speaker was an invited guest. Don’t like it? Transfer colleges I guess. My theory: It IS ok to be white. It’s also ok to be black, hispanic, asian, or LBGTQ, and people have a right to speak in defense of their beliefs. Agree to disagree and get on with your lives.

  • Dick Hertz from Holden
    December 1, 2017 at 7:42 am

    These students are in a fucking rude awakening when they go out in the real world for a job and the employer and other employees don’t put up with their childish bullshit. They will cry and whine and ask for safe spaces and coloring books and play-doh, bunch of little pussies

    • Mike
      December 1, 2017 at 8:18 pm

      That’s where you are wrong. I’m so tired of the whole “wait until the real world” BS. No! They enter the real world, make outrageous demands, expect the work place to conform to their desires and lack any kind of tolerance for other people’s personality, they make repeated complaints and eventually get their way. It’s the same thing that happens at Universities, it is easier to appease then not to. Stop kicking the can down the road and expect the next phase of their life to straighten them out. It’s not going to happen!

  • whatevuh
    December 1, 2017 at 7:33 am

    “promote diversity and inclusion for everybody” except white people? Dumb fucks


    • White bitch
      December 1, 2017 at 8:14 am

      I love being white and I love my mans big white dick! Yup white boys got big dicks too

      • The Rant Queen
        December 1, 2017 at 8:57 am

        I know my white, Polish man gots that big cock. And a great job that pays well enough that we can maintain our apartment. Takes good care of myself, and my daughter from a previous relationship. He took on the father role because he knows how important it is for a child to have both parents, and he loves her as his own. He works graveyard hours, so we don’t see each other a lot during the day, but he still manages to find ways to spoil me and let me know he loves me. We may be broke often, but our rent, bills are paid, have food in the fridge/cabinets, and we don’t need government assistance- although it would help a LOT. And these racist fucks, think he should be ashamed of himself because his skin color isn’t dark? They can go fuck themselves and each other w/ their dildos. They want to be useless, hate mongering, attention seeking, thieves, that’s on them, but I’ll be DAMNED if any low life, white guilt fuckfaces make me regret being born. I’ll make THEM regret the day they ever victimized themselves, and turn them into an actual fucking victim.

  • Woody
    December 1, 2017 at 7:29 am

    If these crazed protesters disagree so much with the speaker, why not schedule an actual debate? Dispassionately and civilly disporve his points in real time and take audience questions. Isn’t this what college is supposed to be about? It was when I went and it lead to personal and professional success.

    You can destroy specious arguments if you actually have some of your own. If you don’t, riot?!

    Since these kids will not be learning these personal skills that are crucial to success, my guess is that their life plan is to vote for Bernie Sanders to take away other peoples’ things so that they don’t suffer the consequences of their lack of personal effort and wasted time at university. Sounds good. Until the pother peoples’ stuff runs out.

    • White bitch
      December 1, 2017 at 8:13 am

      Because that makes sense. They don’t want it to be a debate. They want anyone that is white to be ashamed of it. Period. And they want a race war. And when it does come all the little white bitches who think that they are on Doing the right thing, will see that as long as they too are white, they won’t matter. And they don’t now. They just think they do. I’m proud to be white.

  • Where it hurts
    December 1, 2017 at 7:19 am

    Who is going to start the snowflake registry to make it easier for potential employers weed these people out?

  • JoeMomma
    December 1, 2017 at 6:36 am

    UConn or UClowns has been a joke for a few decades now…..just a half step above Hampshire Clown College

  • Itsjustme
    December 1, 2017 at 4:16 am

    Yet if a black person gave a speech titled ‘it’s ok to be black’ they would be a hero right now. Even if the were a drug dealing, women beating, gang member.

  • Lord Winston
    December 1, 2017 at 1:27 am

    Catherine Gregory – Can you imagine. NO! Don’t go there. Leave it alone. Some guy dicks her to sleep each night, and he wakes up to that wanting wake up more. God Bless ya mate, better you than us, take one for the entire team..Good God

    • Main Vein
      December 1, 2017 at 3:02 am

      And here I am! I am Main Vein, I have lived in peacefully bliss and hot steam junk clash action with Katy Gregory for 2 weeks now. We go further back, but she hated my guts then. We ended up corssing paths at the lcoal Starbucks and she asked me to butter her bagel. I ased her to do the same at her place – since I don’t have a place of my own (I am homeless) and she took me up on the offer. Now we play Pastry erotica every night, which has turned out to be fun. You folks may think she is a stick in the mud SJW, but let me tell you, as Austin Powres used to say, she shags like a Minx! Katy loves PV, Missionary mostly, some cow girl, reverse cowgirl, and always, always finishes up with a BBBJCIM. She is the best. I have however had to also go down on the Quinebaug quahog, which is decent enough, it was pretty stae and danky at first but I’ve licked the goddamn thing so much it’s clean and clean can be now every time. She does have the most prolonged labia minoras I have ever seen. She could pick up a Heffereffer bottle with them damn things and self serve. So the long of the story, Katy is a queen, great GF, and wonderful personality, Great sense of humor too. By the by, she also pays for everything I need now. She actually bought me my first new pair of underware in 15 years. The older ones were getting a bit danky too. I didn’t go to the Waldo College Republican speech there, but I knew about it. She said she just wanted to hear the guy out, you know, get to know the other side of the arguement. I am a little surprised she clipped the guys speech, she most likely wanted to role play with it tonight. That would have been fun. Roll that abby up, put by gag-ball in, again, and have her spank me with it while spinning those lips in my teeth, again. Lord, save me please! I can’t no more ……………………………. Mama, ……………………………. daddy ……………………….. are u out there?

      • Liar
        December 1, 2017 at 8:04 am

        She is a dike. Ohh I get it, you wear a strap on. Silly me

    • Stunt Penis
      December 1, 2017 at 6:53 am

      Carpet muncher, definitely. No dick involved, except the ones made out of silicone they use on one another.

  • Adult Meanie
    December 1, 2017 at 1:14 am

    OK, so ifm po white folk like me self gonna get called a racist be4 I done even crawled outta bed 8am, guess what … can’t beat em,, join em. Here’s fo starters: You mix dirty water with Clean water, you end up with Dirty water. Celevate Diversity and enjoy your dirty water.

  • Frank Dux
    December 1, 2017 at 12:05 am

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

    -George Washington

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