Was It Wrong For Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart To Push Texas Tech Superfan Jeff Orr?

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Big news in college basketball today was Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart pushing a Texas Tech fan last night. If you didn’t see, here’s the video:

My thoughts on this are pretty simple. If the guy said “Go back to Africa, n***er” as Smart claimed, then there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with happened here.

  1. People have to stop pretending that Africa is a country instead of a continent. Telling someone to go “Back to Africa” means can mean TONS of different things. I swear people think Africa is just a giant city pool. Look, I understood that saying, “Go back to Burkino Faso,” or “Go back back to Sub-Saharan Africa” doesn’t quite have the same effect. But there’s a big difference between an Egyptian, a South African, and a Nigerian.
  2. Secondly, this ins’t 1947. A lot of people are saying that Marcus Smart should’ve kept his cool even if the guy yelled this obviously incredibly racist statement by comparing how he handled to the way Jackie Robinson handled similar situations. I disagree. When Jackie Robinson was integrating baseball in 1947 it was perfectly normal to yell racial slurs at black people in public. Segregation was perfectly legal. Black people were below white people on every possible level, so it was impossible for Robinson to fight back. If blacks and whites were equal in 1947 then he would’ve beat the shit out of a special fan who wanted to get big with him in every city he played in. It’s 2014 dude. You yell racial slurs at 6′ 5″ black men who are faster and stronger than you, then you’re dancing with the devil. You should pretty much expect to get punched in the face and be surprised when it doesn’t happen.
  3. Even if he didn’t say anything racist, the guy still deserved to be pushed. His name is Jeff Orr, and he’s apparently some sort of Texas Tech super fan:

“This is my hobby,” said Orr of attending almost all the team’s games when he was profiled on Texas Tech’s web site as a superfan in 2010. “I don’t hunt, fish, golf or any other normal guy activities. I just sort of follow the team around.”


Any grown ass 50 year old man who has nothing better to do but harass a bunch of 19 year olds deserves to be pushed by an All-American at least once every 25 years.

I don’t know exactly what he said and apparently no one knows for sure. Orr is denying it, which of course means absolutely nothing, because why wouldn’t he deny it? But the fact of the matter is the guy is a fat bastard from Texas who yells at college kids for a hobby. I can’t hold anyone responsible for doing what comes naturally. TurtleBoy Sports in an outspoken proponent of free speech rights, which includes Jeff Orr’s right to yell at teenagers. But we also recognize the fact that free speech has certain consequences.

Being in a crowd gives people an unrealistic sense of confidence because they feel anonymous. They feel like they can yell derogatory things at players that they wouldn’t DARE do if they saw that player in a public setting. But a game is a public setting, and the rules shouldn’t be any different. Quite frankly, if more players ran into the crowd and beat the bag out of annoying fans then sports would be a lot better than they even are now.

P.S. This guy deserved to be hit because of the women he was with. The first woman flopped worse than LeBron, and the second one pointed at Marcus Smart like he just came out of the whites only bathroom after taking a giant dump.



Double P.S. I love how this is happening to Travis Ford’s team. Texas Tech sucks and they lost to them. OSU seems to be all hype every year, and then Ford comes along and screws it up. Good riddance. Go U!!


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