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  • Western Mass Turtlegirl’s Debut On Turtleboy Live Was, As The Kids Say These Days, “Lit”

    Western Mass Turtlegirl’s Debut On Turtleboy Live Was, As The Kids Say These Days, “Lit”

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    Huge week for the turtle. We crossed 100,000 Facebook followers and broke a bunch of really big stories that everyone who matters was buzzing about. Western Mass Turtlegirl had her debut on Turtleboy Live last night and she was hilarious. Plus she wrote a bunch of awesome blogs this week that we wanted to chat with her about. If you missed it, here’s the agenda and the show. Next week we’re moving the show to Saturday because as award-winning as Turtleboy Live is, we can’t compete with the Walking Dead or the Patriots.



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    1. Fuckasloopa

      Who are you trying to shit Turtleboy? Ever since you loaded this site with ‘Turtlegirl’ bloggers this site has tanked. People only come for the unrestricted comment section.

    2. nope

      Wow this is so embarrassing… Why don’t you ever show your face? I bet you are a 50 year old fat guy. Trump Support douche bag…
      Nice Rap song…. You are so lame.

      1. Finn

        I bet you were a super star on TB’s blog. 🙂

        1. chrissy

          exactly my thoughts, Finn 🙂

          haters gon hate

          ps I liked the rap ^~^

    3. Rethuglycon

      Basement dwelling bloggers making Superiority Signaling an art form.

      1. Democraps are retarded

        Yeah, Liz Warren would be proud! If anyone knows a basement dwelling loser that feigns moral superiority, it’d be her….or every other piece of shit, disgusting, hypocrite douchebag dickless trash bag liberal. They all suck and because they’re such shitbags, they all know each other. It’s like they have a secret network of losers in pink pussy hats

    4. Sterling Turtle Rider

      How many times do we have to go over this blatant and repeated error – people paid a PR company A LOT of money to rebrand the region as ‘West Mass’ – why are you not using it?

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