Why Do Dumb College Football Players Still Work For Free?

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So Monday night Ohio State demolished Oregon 42-20 in the first ever national college football national championship that was actually decided on the field. Two thoughts rolled through my mind while I watched this game:

1) How the hell did it take this long to give us this vastly superior method of producing a champion through a playoff? If we didn’t have a playoff the championship game would’ve been Alabama vs. Florida State. How many times have college football fans been completely fucked over by corrupt school presidents who wanted to get paid off of the moronic bowl game system that was in place?

2) College football players at the highest level have to be morons to put in all this time and work for free.


ESPN paid $608 million for the rights to broadcast that game. They paid $215 for the rights to broadcast the first two playoff games. That’s almost a BILLION dollars that went into the hands of the schools and conferences. And players got paid SHIT. Nothing. On top of that, even if they wanted to make a buck here or there off of their amazing, world-class talent, by signing their autograph on a piece of paper, they wouldn’t be allowed to collect a nickel for doing so.


Anyone willing to do that is a moron. And let’s be honest – most of the guys who played Monday night aren’t Rhodes Scholars. Some day there will be a smart player on each team in the national championship. And they will text each other before the game is played and make an agreement to refuse to play two hours before kickoff unless they were compensated. Think about it – how could that possibly fail? They would have their schools and the NCAA by the balls. They would have no choice but to give them EVERYTHING they wanted. There’s $608 MILLION on the line. If they don’t play, the schools get nothing. College presidents would have to sell one of their beach homes. No way they’re doing that. Because the reason they’re not paying college players isn’t because of some principled bullshit about being “student-athletes.” It’s because they don’t want them taking a cut from them.


For all those Ohio State kids who think the school gives a shit about them, I’d look back at the last time the Buckeyes won the National Championship. In 2002 Maurice Clarett was arguably the best player in the country as a freshman and led OSU to victory in the Fiesta Bowl. He literally made the greatest play I’ve ever seen in a college football game, taking the ball directly out of Sean Taylor’s shortly after he intercepted it. Clarett was an OFFENSIVE player.


And how was he rewarded? Ohio State cut ties with him the following summer because his car broke down and he rented a car that his insurance company paid for. The Man considered that a gift. The only reason they found out about it was because the rental car was broken into and he reported it to the police. You know, like you’re SUPPOSED to do. So after making his school millions of dollars off of his talents, watching as they sold his jersey for millions of dollars more, and making it easier for OSU to recruit more top notch talent so the cycle can continue, they cut ties with him because his piece of shit car (you can’t buy a real car when you don’t get paid) broke down, and his rental car got broken into.

That’s how Ohio State shows their gratitude to their “student-athletes.”

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  • May 19, 2015 at 9:45 am

    you suck,you’re the dummy who hates ohio state and all that crap or something,you’re site is crap

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