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Woman Living With Cop Killer Thomas Latanowich And Boyfriend Was Squatting In Filth With Her 3 Kids, Fled Florida With Ex-Husband After 5 Year Old Family Member Disappeared, Slept With Killer Leading To Boyfriend Turning Him In

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Cape Cod TimesTwo people who were living at the Blueberry Lane home where Yarmouth police Sgt. Sean Gannon was shot and killed on April 12 were scheduled to be evicted Tuesday, several months after the owners officially began trying to get them out of the house, according to court records. Chelsey Bergen and Dale Thatcher Jr. were living at 109 Blueberry Lane without permission and not paying the $1,400 monthly rent charged by Paul and Lisa Fitzgerald, the Campton, New Hampshire, couple who own the property, according to Barnstable District Court documents. On Feb. 16, the Fitzgeralds issued a notice to Bergen — who is listed as Chelsea Croslin, 30, in separate court documents for unrelated motor vehicle violations — and Thatcher, 31, giving them until the end of March to leave the property or face eviction. On the notice, signed by Lisa Fitzgerald, the reasons for termination included not having a lease, not paying rent, moving in without permission, destruction of personal property and theft of a motor vehicle.

Bergen and Thatcher seemingly did not comply with the deadline. On April 17, five days after Gannon was killed, the Fitzgeralds started eviction proceedings in Barnstable District Court. A court date was set for April 26; Bergen and Thatcher did not appear at the hearing, so Judge Kathryn Hand approved the eviction and ordered Bergen and Thatcher to pay $4,200 in back rent plus $13.82 in interest and $257.50 in court costs, for a total of $4,471.32, according to court records. The eviction order was to be executed Tuesday, but the house has appeared to be vacant aside from investigators since the day Gannon, 32, was helping other officers, including from Barnstable and the state police, serve an arrest warrant for Latanowich, who was wanted on a probation violation after he missed a home visit and a drug test.

Lisa Fitzgerald bought the property in 2014 for $225,000, according to Barnstable assessor’s records. According to her mortgage with Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank, she intended to rent the home at the time she purchased it.  The home was also cited under the state sanitary code after evidence of rats were found on the property “due to the large amount of garbage located behind dwelling unit,” according to a second letter sent to Fitzgerald the same day.

This story is everything that is currently wrong with both our legal system and Cape Cod in general. Why is this woman, who doesn’t live in Cape Cod, renting out her home to ratchets? Did she not do a background check on these maggots? Because I’m willing to bet their credit scores are lower than the Fall River Guttermuppet’s SAT scores. People who don’t live in the Cape shouldn’t be allowed to buy property and turn it into hotel de hoodbooger.

On the other hand, the fact that these vagrant squatters have any sorts of “rights” is insane. If you don’t pay the rent to the landlord for three months in a row, see ya later. The landlord should be allowed to take all your shit and throw it out on the street. Because it’s their house, not yours.

All you really need to know about these jizz whistles is that they let Maggot 125 live with them. That’s it. I don’t need to know anything else. A violent, career criminal, who spent four years in jail, was living with them. Nuff said.

Guess who else was living with Dale Thacher, Chelsey Bergen, and the cop killer…..

Yup. Chelsea’s three daughters. Squatting with a cop killer. How the hell is this possible? How are these losers allowed to keep their children??!!

According to a source they are currently squatting in a camper at 1059 Santuit Newton Rd in Cotuit, just a couple miles from where Officer Gannon was murdered. Maggot 125 was staying with them because he was giving them drugs, which was all they really cared about, because he was also a heroin dealer on top of being a cop killer.

It gets even more insane – Chelsea Bergen was banging Maggot 125. When Dale found out he got pissed and turned in Maggot 125. That’s why the cops showed up that day. Yet they’re still together.

You may also recall that that a week or so before Officer Gannon was killed, Maggot #125 led the Revere Police on a high speed chase before abandoning a stolen vehicle and leaving heroin behind. Turns out according to our source who has direct knowledge of the situation, that he had a passenger with him:

Dan Bachus.

Bachus is a career criminal with tons of Google trophies:

Chelsea Bergen comments all over his page:

And Bachus was released from a Florida prison a year ago:

According to Chelsea, Daniel has the same mother as her and her career criminal brother Robert:

According to our source Robert is a real winner too.

“Robert Bergen (Bo) is their scumbag little brother who “owns” a company called Trees R Us. Which is basically him robbing old people. He gets money to do landscape and tree work, works for a day and then never returns. He stole an old lady’s trailer (her husband had recently passed) and said he was going to get materials for a job and never returned. He is banned from most local supply companies because he’s robbed them of materials while smiling in their face. He is part of the entire family’s trashy bullshit. His truck is actually in this picture at the house on blueberry lane that I’ve attached. It’s the yellow truck- zoom in and it says Trees R Us.”

The 1 star Yelp rating for Trees-R-Us seems to confirm her story.

Then there was that time in 2015 Robert Bergen was arrested for punching a guy in the face, and was hauled off to jail in Calico shorts and Timberlands, like an asshole.

Nothing but winners in this clan.

Oh, and their mother recently died from a heroin addiction, but yet they still associate with scumbags and drug dealers.

The three little girls are now squatting in a camper on their cousin Christy Whiting Bixby’s property, who of course has ties to Bachus.

Not only are these three girls forced to live with their drug addict, drug dealer banging mother in squalor, they also have to go to school every day and listen as their peers talk about how Officer Gannon was killed in their home.

But wait, the story gets even more insane.

Chelsea Bergen used to be Chelsea Croslin, and she was married to this man:

Timmy Croslin. They lived together in Florida along with several other members of the Croslin family, including Tommy Croslin, who began serving a 15 year sentence for trafficking prescription pills in Florida.

A year later in 2011 Timmy’s sister Misty Croslin was sentenced to 25 years in prison for trafficking prescription pills:

If that seems excessive, there is good reason – Misty is the primary suspect in the disappearance and likely murder of her five year old stepdaughter Haleigh Cummings in 2009. Read all about it hereBasically she got the OJ treatment – an incredibly harsh sentence because everyone believes she likely got away with murder.

Misty was the 17 year old stepmother of Hailey, and was babysitting her on the night she disappeared while Hailey’s father, Ronald Cummings, was at work.

He came home at 3 AM, Hailey was gone, and Misty claims she was kidnapped by traffickers while she was sleeping. Despite this cloud of suspicion he married his 17 year old bride in a backyard wedding anyway:

When she was asked about inconsistencies in her story at around the 7:00 mark, her answer was priceless:

“I dunno.”

That’s it. That’s her entire defense. “I dunno.”

However, Ronald soon divorced her after believing she had something to do with the disappearance:

Of course he was also sentenced to 15 years in prison a year after Haleigh disappeared for drug dealing.

Because everyone tied to these cretins is a drug dealing asshole.

Meanwhile Nancy Grace has been all over this story. Here she is interviewing Misty’s own grandmother, Flora Hollars, who believes that her grandaughter Misty killed Haleigh while she was high, and Tommy and his cousin Joe got rid of the body:

Flo died in 2011. But she did NOT get along well with Chelsea Bergen, AKA Chelsea Croslin, because Chelsea insists her former sister and brother in law are innocent. Read the transcript from their appearance on Nancy Grace here. She repeatedly calls Flo a liar.

Chelsea, like many people tied to the cold case, has a history of dishonesty. She suspiciously moved to Cape Cod with her then husband Timmy shortly after the child went missing, because allegedly it was cheaper to live in Cape Cod, which doesn’t make any sense at all.

She did get a Haleigh tattoo though:

So obviously she wants to let you know that she cares.

Chelsea claimed in 2010 that she received a letter from her sister in law Misty in prison, in which she stated that her cousin Joe had killed Haleigh and that she was frightened of him. But Chelsea didn’t want to provide a copy of the letter for “fear of retaliation.”

The day after the murder Misty called Chelsea and asked her about a scratch on her van, and whether or not she had caused it. Chelsea went on the news and gave her theory that another family member (cousin Joe) had done it while killing Haleigh:

Blogger Art Harris has researched extensively on this case as well, and thinks Chelsea knows more than what she is leading on:

Not much has changed since we first reported it on HLN’s Nancy Grace show in March, but law enforcement sources tell The Bald Truth there are new questions surrounding what, if any role, Misty’s brother, Timmy, and his wife, Chelsea, may have played the night Haleigh vanished. Both deny any wrongdoing or knowledge of what happened, but Chelsea Croslin recently retracted her long and vocal belief to us that a Tennessee cousin who spent that night at their home took her van after a call came into her cell phone from Misty about 10 p.m. Feb. 9, 2009.

What Joe purportedly revealed seemed shocking, contradicting Chelsea’s earlier detailed account: that he never took the van, that it was Tommy and Chelsea who responoded to the Misty 911 family call, and that he’d stayed behind. 

That raised new questions whether Chelsea and husband Timmy may have driven the van to the trailer that night, NOT Joe, as she had asserted, or perhaps gone together. Did they assist in a cover-up? Maybe help clean up a crime scene?

Chelsea said she’d do a polygraph test but hasn’t followed through:

Chelsea denies any wrongdoing, and once said she’d take a polygraph –“Strap me up”– and produce husband Timmy to take a folow up poly as well. We offered to arrange it, but it hasn’t happened. She also said she’d cooperate with police, but would refuse any “interrogations.”

She also has been leading the FBI down the wrong trail by claiming that Haleigh is still alive and in Kentucky, and was abducted by a church or non-profit that specializes in child pornography:

It was Chelsea who sounded what police and the FBI tell artharris.com exclusively were false alarms. She called from Florida to pitch The Bald Truth and other journalists the claim Haleigh was alive, held against her will in Kentucky, that photos sent to Misty in prison proved it. We found no one close to the case, even some family, who felt it looked like Haleigh.

This is insane. I don’t have time to unravel this mystery, but seriously, read this site if you wanna go down one of the most fucked up Florida to Cape Cod rabbit holes you’ve ever seen. The number of people tied to this is wacky town.

Lisa is Misty, Timmy, and Tommy’s Mom. She spent significant amounts of time in jail for drugs, as did her husband Hank. She, like Chelsea’s Mom, died in 2016 from drugs, and Chelsea shared this on her Facebook page:

Chelsea’s three children are all Timmy’s. Timmy and Chelsea also still have a shared Facebook page. No word on who cheated on who for that to happen, but I’m guessing it was Chelsea since she is no longer with Timmy, and has moved onto Dale, her Cape Cod squattor in crime:

Keep in mind that she cheated on Dale with Maggot 125, who then alerted the police that Maggot 125 was squatting with them and providing them with drugs. Shockingly loyalty is not her strong point.

So to summarize:

  • Maggot 125 was banging and living with Chelsea Bergen, the sister of criminal con-artist Robert Bergen and drug dealing career criminal Dan Bachus, who he was with two weeks prior during a chase in Revere in which they had heroin on them.
  • Also living in the house was Chelsea Bergen’s newest boyfriend Dale, and her three love children from ex-husband Timmy Croslin.
  • Chelsea and Timmy fled Florida in 2009-2010 under a cloud of suspicion after inconsistencies arose from their stories involving the disappearance of Chelsea’s sister in law Misty’s stepdaughter Haleigh.
  • Chelsea told the FBI that Haleigh might be alive and held by pornographic kidnappers, offered to take a polygraph test, and claimed to have evidence. But she never showed the evidence, nor did she take the polygraph.
  • Chelsea has a long and documented history of keeping her three girls around dangerous drug dealers and cop killers, most of whom are now incarcerated.
  • Chelsea somehow still has custody of her three girls, who are now squatting in a camper with Dale, just a couple miles from where Officer Gannon was killed.

The bottom line is that Cape Cod is a fucked up place. Trash like this moves there because of absentee landlords charging cheap rent. They move to places like Hyannis and Yarmouth, start selling drugs, and attract more assholes. As a result the Cape is quickly becoming a cesspool for drug addicts, dealers, and violent offenders like Maggot 125, who previously had no ties to this once restricted paradise. The three girls have lived through unthinkable things, and MUST be taken away from their deadbeat mother, and whatever guy she’s shacking up with next week.

14 Comment(s)
  • Jennifer
    May 13, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    ** **HE CAN HELP**]]]]?

  • Ray Patriarca
    Don't waste Narcan
    May 11, 2018 at 7:25 am

    Want to stop this bullshit? The cops and EMS need to start slow-walking to all the OD calls they get. Let these fuckers die with the needle in their arms. God will solve the opiate crisis…one asshole at a time.

    • deflateddoritodinks
      May 11, 2018 at 9:39 am

      Why do you think they shoot up outside of the MGH ER? Also NEVER EVER RENT A PROPERTY YOU DON’T LIVE IN. If you live in the building you can more easily eject low lifes. If they live there , and you don’t they own your stupid ass. Speaking from experience having to paint over a purple room with a pentacle on the wall. LOL!

    • Earl
      May 18, 2018 at 8:49 pm

      Could not agree more. Does this collection of mutants and mental midgets represent “white privileged”?
      Euthanize then all.

  • King Don
    May 10, 2018 at 10:07 pm

    Cape Cod jumped the shark as a family vacation destination about 10 years ago ever since all the trash that had slithered in finally overran it. Hyannis and Yarmouth make Lawrence look like Weston. Pit bulls, neck tattoos, flat brim hats and stupid ass sneaker/sort combos galore, ghetto fabulous right on the beach. Just about the only place left on the Cape where a normal family can have a fun safe time anymore is east of Dennis up thru Truro.

  • New Deal 2018
    May 10, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    1. Kill everyone who deals or even does opiates.
    2. Bring back cruel and unusual punishment and torture.
    3. Perform forced hysterectomies and vasectomies on rachets and felons.
    4. Assign immutable official immunity to police officers when dealing with repeat felons.
    5. Place a bounty on known gang members.

    • ItIsOverForAllOfUs
      May 10, 2018 at 5:44 pm

      Give me a second. I’m going to explode from trying to get to this F’ing comment section.

      Until what you propose is done, which will be never, this country is sinking faster than Ted Kennedy’s car did on Chappaquiddick.

      We are all F’d.

    • Timeforchange
      May 11, 2018 at 3:36 pm

      We need a PURGE to remove this shit from society..for no reason should this “paradise” be filled with all this welfare trash

  • TheDudeAbides
    May 10, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    I read that CCT article, googled the players, and couldn’t believe nobody else came up with that FL connection. In fairness to the landlord though (who I know as a decent human) the Croslin name was likely never used to rent the home. While they don’t live here full time, the homeowners have lots of long-term connection to the Cape, are a good family, and are not some absentee slumlords – of which there are many.

  • Julezz
    May 10, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    You wrote “Did she not do a background check on these maggots? Because I’m willing to bet their credit scores are lower than the Fall River Guttermuppet’s SAT scores.” But the eviction papers say that they had moved in without permission and weren’t on the lease. Sounds like the Fitzgeralds were renting to the cop killer and these guys moved in with him later.

    • Amsjdg
      May 11, 2018 at 12:36 am

      Sounds more like they were friends or something with the original renters and when the original renters moved out, they decided to stick around and live rent free. Also the article stated that Chelsea and 125 had no ties to the Cape which is untrue. They both grew up here. Chelsea was on my cheerleading team when we were kids and 125 went to the same school as us. They both moved away but apparently came back. Theres no cheap rent here on Cape especially compared to florida lol well i guess squatting is cheap ‍♀️

    • Gofundmystupidity
      May 14, 2018 at 10:04 pm

      Don’t blame the landlord. Landlords have very little rights in this state. If someone moves in with a legal tenant they now have the status of a tenant at Sufferance, which is not a tenant but not quite a trespassers. I’m a landlord and I can tell you this state sucks, whether it’s from liberal judges in the Housing Court or for the tenant that knows how to play the system.

      With drug dealers, they rarely rent in their own name. They usually have someone with a clean record and a job rent the apartment , but never move in. There is a nuisance statute that allegedly allows you to evict if there is drugs or prostitution going on. It sounds nice on paper until you realize that the landlord may have liability to the tenant for wrongful eviction.

  • Fuck Didi Smellytwat-o
    May 10, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    The Cape is NOT quickly becoming a cesspool for drug addicts. It’s BEEN a cesspool for drug addicts since the mid 90s. Now that it’s trendy to talk about drugs and opiates you all act like its a new thing. It’s not.

  • Rick Shaw
    Rick Shaw
    May 10, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Chelsea is squatting alright…on a bunch of cocks. DCF is a joke as these kids should have been taken years ago. Take that trailer that their holed up in, remove the girls and roll that thing into the ocean. I hate to advocate for polluting the ocean but if we’re lucky a couple of great whites will come along and devour these two parasites.

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