Woman Reads Entire Turtleboy Sports Blog At Harwich Town Meeting

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Our Facebook page is suspended again, so make sure you to LIKE THE LOST BOYS OF TURTLE Facebook page to keep up with our latest blogs.

Our Facebook page is suspended again, so make sure you to LIKE THE LOST BOYS OF TURTLE Facebook page to keep up with our latest blogs.

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So apparently an entire Turtleboy Sports blog was read out loud at the Harwich town selectman meeting. If you’re not familiar with Harwich, it’s way the hell out here:


Ya got that? That’s our reach now. We’ve reached the point where Turtleboy Sports is being read out loud at municipal events two hours away on the Cape like it’s the Declaration of Independence. Here is the official reading. (skip to the 10:30 mark to see the awesomeness)

Or just watch this if the video above is being dumb:


Yea so like the nice lady said, we took the blog down because we didn’t want any long term beef with these wonderful people. But here’s the deal, I would like to win this woman back onto the turtle. Look, I know we got off to a rough start because one of our blogs kind of poked fun of those who live on the Cape and don’t like paying taxes, but I still think we can be friends. It was all in good fun. I really don’t care if you wanna pay more in taxes or not. But let’s be honest, you obviously were voting no on the override anyway. Anyway, the guy in the back had the best facial reactions of all time as soon as she said that someone sent her this piece from “The Turtleboy Sports blog on the Internet”:

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“What the hell is Turtleboy Sports?”

I don’t know, but it sounds nasty.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.14.34 AM

“What the hell is happening right now?”

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.15.09 AM

These are the hottest takes I’ve ever heard.”

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Are you going to your local town meeting this week? If so please read a Turtleboy blog of your choice out loud so we can help spread the Turtleboy Sports revolution all over New England.





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