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Worcester Muslim Leader Blames French Victims of Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attacks For Provoking Muslims With Muhammad Cartoon

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We don’t do politics and we don’t do religion. Those are two major rules we subscribe to at Turtleboy Sports, so as to not piss TOO MANY people off. But sometimes ya just can’t help yourself. Today is one of those days. Yesterday I woke up and saw that the headline that gunmen had busted into a French magazine headquarters called Charlie Hebdo and shot up the place, killing 12 people.

I first saw the headline that religious fundamentalists had done this and asked myself, “I wonder what religion they are.” LOL. As if there was any doubt. I had no idea that Charlie Hebdo existed or what they did. But as soon as you saw “magazine,” “France,” and “gunmen,” there wasn’t a person in the WORLD who didn’t expect them to be “the religion of peace.” All the feel-good idiots with “Coexist” bumpers stickers on their Prius’s would say it was Muslims too if their life depended on it. Hell, I was dumb enough after the Boston Marathon bombing to actually say, “I wonder who did this?” As if there was ever any doubt.

muslim memes

Look, I’m not gonna shit on an entire religion of 1.3 billion people. I realize that these assholes are the extremists and that there are extremists in every religion. But for the love of God, can we please stop pretending that all these religions employ an equal amount of nutjobs? It’s not even close. Sure every koom-ba-ya nudnik from Cambridge will take this opportunity to point out that Christians were responsible for the crusades, but the fact that you have to go back a thousand years in time to find a parallel pretty much proves that your point is weak sauce. Most religions inspire the hardcore believers to go to Haiti and build a bathroom. This religion inspires people to kill people who draw cartoons about their prophet.

That’s right. This whole fucking thing is over a Goddamn cartoon. This cartoon:

charlie hebdo cartoon

I have no idea what that cartoon means, but I know that no one should lose their life because of it. I was raised in a catholic family. And guess what? This

Jesus memes


doesn’t offend me. Anyone who is offended by it is probably a dooshnozzle, and not very fun to hang around with at parties. Because more than anything in the world, I fucking LOVE free speech. I love the fact that idiots like the love of my life Professor Sonya Conner can talk shit about police and still get protected by them. It’s fantastic. Even the lamest catholic in the world chooses not to look at these cartoons if it offends him or her. But not in Islam. In Islam you have to die for some reason. Because of the motion a colored fucking pencil took while it was pressed against a paper.

Oh yea, and the fact that the hardcore left refuses to go after these people proves once and for all that they are complete frauds. These same people that supposedly are worried about a “war on women” won’t bat an eyebrow while women in countries where Islam is in charge get stoned to death if they inadvertently give another married man a boner.

I’m not scared of these people because I live in America. We’re proactive with this shit here. All I ever hear about is how much better Europe is with all their free giveaways and tolerance of everyone and what not. But stuff like this doesn’t happen in America. We only kill for good reasons in America. Like when someone owes you money.

So if ISIS or any other group of idiots wants to declare war on me for being brutally honest they can take a number. You’ll have to wait in line behind Apple Daddy, St. Bonaventure’s, Big E lovers, and the entire city of Buffalo. But here’s an undeniable fact about your hero Muhammad that no one ever seems to point out. The dude was a pedophile. I’m not exaggerating either. He had sex with a nine year old girl when he was 53. Because everyone knows that seven wives just wasn’t gonna cut it. That’s the definition of a pedophile. But for whatever reason you can’t draw cartoons mocking pedophiles in France. Ever.

Dianne Williamson wrote a great column today in the Telegram about this. You might not always agree with her, but you have to respect her hustle. She’s not afraid and she tells it how it is. She interviewed this guy:


His name is Tahir Ali, and he is the media relations guy at the Worcester Islamic Center. Now I really, really thought that the outcry against the terrorists would be universal unless you live in a country where your oldest daughter will eventually be traded for two goats. But apparently I was wrong. This slug rake lives in America and thinks the good folks at Charlie Hebdo had it coming:

“Yes, of course,” he said. “Look at the history of the (magazine). It has been warned by officials not to (publish the cartoons) because it is provoking the sentiments of the Muslim community. There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. To them, the Prophet Muhammad is the one they love the most … Some of them are going to be angry enough to carry out these acts of aggression. Journalism is supposed to be a very responsible profession.”

LOL. Someone actually said that after 12 innocent people were murdered to honor the name of a pedophile.  How is that different from any of the following?

“She was wearing a short skirt. She was practically asking to get raped.”

“Martin Luther King Jr had it coming to him. He was warned by the Klan to shut the fuck up, but he kept going on with his ‘I have a dream nonsense’.”

“The two cops in Brooklyn were largely to blame for their own assassinations. They should’ve known better than to join a racist police force.”

This victim-blaming piece of excrement lives amongst us. But I’m not even mad. He can say dumb ass shit like this because I believe in free speech. That’s why this blog exists. Because I don’t wanna hurt you, I just wanna point out to the world what an idiot you are. I’m sure not all Muslims feel the same way this idiot does though. Like, there is NO FUCKING WAY the greatest Muslim who ever lived thinks that the terrorists were justified:

1a8768c61f001508e0d85eff7f7d6f6a4ce6832563b46f1d783f00695e19677b (1)

jrxzgi5 (1)

That man is a Goddamn American hero.

Let’s just look at what Tahir Ali had to say piece by piece:

It has been warned by officials not to (publish the cartoons) because it is provoking the sentiments of the Muslim community.

Oh I see. So the French Nancy boys who run the country were too cowardly to tell these radicals to go fuck themselves, and instead “warned” the magazine not to exercise their free speech. Because in France the terrorists are in charge. And this stupid cartoon “provoked the sentiments of the Muslim community? But I thought it was just the RADICAL nutjobs, not ALL Muslims? That’s what I’ve been force-fed by the Coexist bumper sticker crowd. Newsflash – if this harmless cartoon provoked the sentiments of the “moderate” Muslim community, then that entire community was fucked to begin with.

“There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. To them, the Prophet Muhammad is the one they love the most.” 

Cool. You can go and be offended about it in the pile of sand and rocks that your pedophile leader chose to settle in. The Western part of the world is for normal people who may or may not be religious, but don’t let it dominate their lives like you psychopaths. This is why we have nice things and they don’t. But hey, France did this to themselves. It’s become so cool to be tolerant over there that they’ve let in so many intolerant people in the name of tolerance. This is what happens when you do that.

Now as a catholic, I believe in Jesus. But that’s only because it’s what I was taught. I could die and find out I got the shit end of the religion stick when it’s all said and done. But nothing in my life revolves around Jesus because I never met the man. Anyone who “loves the most” another person they’ve only read about in a book, is a mentally unstable person.

Journalism is supposed to be a very responsible profession

Hey idiot, Charlie Hebdo isn’t a journalist any more than I am. Not everything is the New York fucking Times. Some people just wanna enjoy life and laugh a little bit. But apparently according to Prince Ali over here, journalism has to be serious at all times.

Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing periodical filled with dirty jokes and cartoons that make fun of ALL religions. THESE are my kind of liberals. We need more like this. My ideal liberal is Bill Maher. A lot of conservatives don’t like him because he’s a proud lefty. But the dude is funny as hell and tells it how it is. You have to respect that. He’s an atheist, so he dislikes all religions. But as a liberal he’s sick and tired of his idiot friends refusing to take a stand against this shit. Like that dooshnozzle Ben Affleck. If you have a few minutes, watch this episode of the Bill Maher show to see exactly the difference between good liberals (Billl Maher) and dooshnozzle liberals (Ben Affleck) when it comes to this topic:

Guess where Ben Affleck grew up? Cambridge of course. Where else? We just need to take that entire city, dig a big moat around it, and then use what’s left of the Berlin Wall to keep these people out of normal civilization. This is a city that harbored and defended Jafar, the friendly neighborhood Boston Marathon terrorist, and even worse – gave us Granny Warren.

The bottom line is that the editor of Charlie Hebdo, who goes by “Charb” is my new idol. He does what I aspire to do – keep it real in spite of people’s delicate sensibilities and never give in to terrorists. That’s why this guy kept publishing cartoons like after his office was bombed in 2012. That’s why he took this picture in front of it:


Because he is the greatest Frenchmen to ever live. And now he’s dead because of it.

So in conclusion I’m not saying that Islam necessarily is the problem. It’s the leadership of “moderates” like Tahir Ali, who blame the victims instead of the terrorists, that’s keeping their religion centuries behind all the other religions.

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8 Comment(s)
  • Alex
    January 9, 2015 at 11:52 am

    This is a really excellent article. Good for you for having the balls to put this on your website.

  • Emma
    January 9, 2015 at 9:55 am

    If you really think about… no cartoon no gunman. You can argue that anybody should know better to do this. That’s speculation and the only fact is no cartoon no gunman. No romanticization of the events then no repeating of the events. You are a tool of the spectacle keeping the world isolated, and yourself unfree.

    • gooddoobydemocrat
      January 9, 2015 at 2:17 pm

      Youre an idiot.

      I am as left wing as they come, and I am so sick of this Muslim trash fucking things up for everyone. Think it ended at Charlie hebdo? Nope. Hope you watched the news because they took hostages in two different spots. Its a lot more than about a cartoon. Please move to Syria and see how well no cartoon no gunman works there too.

      • Emma
        January 9, 2015 at 5:47 pm

        Yeah, that was foolish of me to minimize all the bullshit Muslim people have to deal with to one cartoon.

        • gooddoobydemocrat
          January 11, 2015 at 10:22 am

          What about the bullshit jews have to deal with? Or all the shit that the Christians of Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan have to deal with. Lets not forget the people that were just slaughtered by Boko Haram in africa, and the Yazidi women and children that are raped, sold, and enslaved on the daily because their version of religion upsets shi’ite muslims? Youre argument is invalid. But let me guess youre going to say that the jews deserve it because boo Zionists which is really just thinly veiled anti-Semitism. Not to mention why should anyone give up their right to free speech or the freedom of expression because supposedly it antagonizes a group of people. Why is it a big deal when the Muslims are offended, yet we turn a blind eye on the people of this country who have more pigment to their skin than probably the both of us? Double standard if you ask me.

  • Realist
    January 9, 2015 at 8:14 am

    I havent seen the actual full statement of this guy but the people at the worcester islamic society are generally fairly reasonable. It would seem his point is that the mag was told this is a dangerous button to push and they kept pushing it. That doesnt make them getting slaughtered right but you seem to be going way out of your way to turn it into something he didnt say.

    The difference is that fucktards who happen to be maquerading as Muslims feel they need to be enforcing Islamic law. Depicting Muhammad has, since his death, been against the law in Muslim countries/ religious law. You can be rest the fuck assured that if depicting jesus had been against religious law for 2000 years that somebody would have been, for example, tarred and feathered over the issue in colonial America. Or a doctor would have been murdered over it. Or the jesus loving kkk would have lynched someone over it. Or some fucktard would have blamed the military for defending the liberties if the jesus depicting sinners.

    Now if you want to argue that that much of Asia is 1-3 centuries behind the west in LIBERAL movements like representative government, civil liberties and so on, you may have a point. They reject these LIBERAL ideas for their TRADITIONALISM or CONSERVATISM.

    Bill Maher is not a liberal he’s a libertarian. Ask him.

    Buffalo totally does suck

  • Dee Nutz
    January 9, 2015 at 12:14 am

    Lock up these terrorist animals in a cage along with the liberal moonbats who defend them

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