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Worcester Students Of Color Accused Their Teachers Of Being Racists And Way Too White At The Latest DOJ Circus

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Monday night was another installment of “Fixing racism in Worcester with the Department of Justice.” The topic – education. Because as we all know, there are some racist honkies teaching our kids in the Worcester Public Schools. We’ve seen a lot of hilariously insane things stated at these meetings, but tonight was by far the biggest shit show of them all. Let’s look at what went down, from MassliveQuotes from the article are in italics, and our rational thoughts are in bold.

Pointing to a chart showing that 87 percent of Worcester school teachers are white, Dodi Swope said “this tells the whole story.”

LOL. OK Dodi, let’s list all the ways what you just said is really, really silly. 

1. Worcester has a black superintendent and a black head of human resources (Stacey Luster). Are you suggesting that two black women are intentionally only hiring old, white school marms? Because that sounds really, really believable.

2. The myth that students of color can only learn from a teacher who has the exact same skin complexion as them has been pushed upon us by everyone’s favorite racist vice principal, Bernard Reese. But it’s obviously not true. You know who proved that wrong? This woman:

images (37)

That’s right, this WHITE woman, pretended to be black for years and taught African-American history at EWU. Tons of her students in college were African-American. And yet they all learned about African-American history from a white woman. But, but, but, how is that possible if she’s white?? White people can’t teach black kids. Dr. Reese said that’s impossible!! Someone check on Dr. Reese because his head probably just blew up from this mind fuck. 

3. Newsflash – 87% of teachers are white, because people of color aren’t applying for the jobs. You can’t hire people who don’t apply. Where’s the graph on the racial breakdown of people who submitted applications? Where’s the graph on the percentage of college graduates with Master’s degrees in education who are people of color? You know, because that information would be relevant to the conversation and all. Or we could just look at an aggregate number and jump to conclusions. Whatever you think is most productive. 

4. Being a teacher requires a Master’s Degree and a never ending supply of new classes to keep up with all the bullshit new requirements that our brilliant legislators who have never taught before come up with. For instance, all teachers in this state are required to be ELL (English Language Learner) certified, even if they teach at a school where not a single kid can speak a language besides English. This is on top of their normal workload, consisting of correcting, after school help, planning, parent meetings, coaching, clubs, and a bunch of other unpaid stuff. And at the end of the day there is a ceiling on the salary you can make as a teacher. But teachers do it anyway because they’re nice people who care more about helping kids than they do about money. 

But can you blame people who want to see what they could make on the free market? Teachers can never afford to live in Weston or Medfield. They’ll always be able to get by, but they’ll never be rich.

But do you understand what a person of color with a Master’s degree is worth in the private sector? Companies are always trying to diversify and actively scour business schools, looking for the best and brightest students of color. And unlike teaching, there is no ceiling on how much money you can make in the free market.

So what job do you think is more appealing to an articulate, educated, person of color? A job where they can make enough money so that their kids will never have to worry about going without ANYTHING for the rest of their lives, or a job where your livelihood is tied to the standardized test scores of your students and your boss is a vindictive, unqualified hack like Lisa Dyer? 

THAT is why 87% of teachers in Worcester are white. 


“With a little more diversity, they’d be more understanding of their students,” said Wanda Alvarado-Eaton, a grandmother of children in Worcester schools.

Oh right. Because only black teachers can possibly understand black students. Right now the WPS are filled with white teachers who don’t “understand” their students. Because the white experience in America is a magical experience where everything is handed to you. There are NO white teachers in Worcester who understand what it’s like to grow up disadvantaged, or from a broken home, or with a parent who lost a job, or with a family member with a drug problem. None. Only people of color can possibly “understand” that sort of stuff. LOL. Do you not see how blatantly racist that statement is Wanda?

Alyssa Corazzini, a 14-year-old Worcester student, said she wants to see more diversity in her teachers, too. “As a student of color, when a teacher says something that’s racist or makes me uncomfortable, there’s no one to talk to,” Corazzini said.

Corazzini. That name ring a bell?


Oh yea, a week ago we wrote about her father Joe Corazzini, because of the dumb things he said at last week’s meeting. You may recall that he claims he got “the look” from a racist white lady at Whole Foods (even there is not ONE Whole Foods in Worcester). He also threatened to sue Turtleboy Sports if we didn’t take a picture of his 14 year old daughter down:

mnvwk (1)

Obviously our legal department laughed at this because you can’t sue someone for using a screenshot image off of Youtube, that the plaintiff voluntarily put on the 3rd most trafficked internet site in the world. 

For a father who supposedly wants his kids to remain out of the spotlight, he has no problem thrusting his kids into the spotlight, doesn’t he? I mean, here’s the video once again. Since he has such a problem with us screenshotting it, we’ll just tell you that the picture he objected to can be found at the 2:54-3:00 mark. 

You may notice in the picture that his friend Deb Powers put up on this Youtube video, that the girl is holding a sign that reads, “#shutitdown.” As in, block our roads and highways because….racism. I guess the fact that Turtleboy objected to ANYONE breaking our laws and illegally taking away our freedoms to travel freely, makes Turtleboy a racist. But obviously Joe Corazzini, who is a professional victim, has no problem using his 14 year old daughter as a pawn in his “shut it down” game. Awesome parenting right there.  

And it’s not like she’s presenting something for the projects fair. She’s making unproven, undocumented allegations that her teachers are racist. She said “when a teacher says something racist,” which obviously implies that on more than one occasion her teachers have said blatantly racist things to her. Since when do you get to brand hard-working teachers, who have sacrificed their lives to give back to their communities, as racists, and then hide behind the fact that you’re a teenager? 

The answer is, SHE didn’t come up with this shit. If a fourteen year old comes home and tells their parents that they can’t learn because their teachers are racist, the parent should ask, “which one?” Then should get to the bottom of it. If the teacher really IS being racist and you can document it, call your principal up, and make sure that teacher is disciplined. If you don’t like the result there, then you bring it to the black superintendent, who is quite proud of her history of getting revenge against racist white teachers.

But if teachers are NOT being racist, then your daughter is being dramatic and she needs to be told that it isn’t appropriate to slander her teachers. But then again, that’s not what Joe Corazzini is all about it. He’s about spreading hate and racism, and now he’s passing that hate and racism onto the next generation. Lovely. 

At one group breakout session at the meeting, a woman handed out a sheet of paper with “some samples of teachers comments that are racist.”


Holy mother of God. This was allowed to be distributed? Ed August ALLOWED this NONSENSE to be given out to people? What in the fuck is going on here? We’re allowing students to pass out quotes that allegedly came out of their teacher’s mouths, without ANY sort of proof? And the teachers don’t get a chance to defend themselves? And then we treat it as fact?? This happened, and Ed Augustus, Joe Petty, and the DOJ are just COOL with it? Folks, this is what insanity looks like. Your elected officials have put their stamp of approval on this shit show. It’s a slap in the face to every decent person in this city. 

I don’t see race or color, I am colorblind.” That’s the only quote on there I know can be attributed to a teacher by name. Shots fired Janice Harvey!! Shots fired!! You’ve officially been called out by the President Obama’s Department of Justice. Keep telling yourself that the man in the oval office, a man who is a staunch supporter of charter schools and teacher “evaluations” like the one Janice got from Phyllis Goldstein, gives a shit about helping teachers. 

If you’re gonna pass this out and make blanket accusations about WPS teachers, you better quote them directly. And by that I mean, name names. Because it’s easy to say, “someone said this, but I don’t remember who.” It’s entirely different to name the teacher. Oh yea, that’s right – it never actually happened. 

But let’s pretend some of them did. How about “The people in Ferguson are acting like savages. It’s such a shame.” What part of that was incorrect? How would you describe looting, mayhem, and vandalism? Civilized?

Then there’s, “I don’t know if you should apply to WPI. I think you would do better at QCC.” Where’s the racist part of that statement? If a guidance counselor or a teacher said that to some D student, then they saved them $100 for the application fee. Because WPI is only for A students. Black or white.

Oh that’s right. We’re living in a magical world where you can’t tell children that their dreams are delusional because it will hurt their feelings. There’s no possible way a teacher told some straight A student not to apply to WPI because they’re black. That literally never happened.

How bout, “I can’t teach you guys black history. There’s just no time to fit it into the curriculum.” Newsflash – black history is in the curriculum, and teachers are really only allowed to teach what is in the curriculum. Plus, there’s only so many days in a school year after you subtract all the wasted days with assemblies, Jen Roy photo projects, MCAS testing, PARCC practice testing, etc. Teachers teach what the state tells them to teach in the limited time they are allotted to do so. You have a problem with that? Bring it up with your State Rep. You learned about how to do that at the last meeting on government that you didn’t go to. 

Then there was this offensive statement, “There are tons of scholarships for black and hispanic kids. The ones who will really have trouble paying for college are the white kids.” OK, where’s the racist part? Because when you Google, “scholarships for black kids” this is what you get:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.27.32 PM

And when you Google “scholarships for white kids” this is what you get:

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.18.47 AM

“The white man’s guide to getting a minority scholarship.” That’s your best hope if you’re a white kid. So yes, this statement is 100% accurate. 

Then there’s the one’s that obviously NEVER happened:

“We would love to hear a black person’s perspective on the black and blue or gold and white dress fiasco.” Yea, no teacher EVER said that. You literally made that up. 

You people should be indebted to Abraham Lincoln.” Nope. No teacher in the WPS said that. If they did, I challenge you to name names. But you can’t. Because you made it up. Think I’m wrong? Prove me wrong then. We anxiously await your reply with the name of the teacher who said that. 

Other concerns addressed by those at the meeting included high suspension rates for students of color, low expectations for students of color and teachers being scared to bring up the issue of race in the classroom.

Yea, lets focus more on suspension rates for students of color. What could possibly go wrong if you purposely try to keep students in school who have shown a complete disregard for civility, simply because of the color of their skin? Oh yea, North High 2014-15. 


And you wanna raise expectations for students of color? Sure. Let’s raise the bar. Let’s make 75 the new passing grade and force all students to take AP classes. That will definitely help Dr. Boone’s graduation rate charts. Because if teachers are forced to pass kids along now, when all you have to do is show up, have a pulse, and pass in a couple of homeworks, think of how students will rise to the challenge when the stakes are raised. Yes, raising expectations seems like a GREAT idea. 



Yea, ya see you learn about “slavery history” when you take antebellum American history. But after the Civil War, there was no slavery in America. It was actually illegal, which was a pretty important bi-product of that deadly war. Here’s a link to the Mass State Frameworks for history. As you can clearly see, U.S. History I covers slavery:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.38.03 PM

As you can also see, the topics of slavery and other issues pertaining to African-American history are covered extensively:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.41.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.41.56 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.42.10 PM

All textbooks distributed in schools MUST align with this curriculum. It’s literally impossible for your teachers not to cover this stuff. But please, tell me more about how schools aren’t teaching about slavery. 

U.S. History II covers everything after slavery:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.38.20 PM

Since you were obviously paying attention in class the year before, you remember that slavery ended after the Civil War. So obviously then it would be hard for you to learn about slavery in this class. You know, because it didn’t exist. 


Oh good. More PD on “race.” Because in the limited amount of days that teachers have for PD, they should spend it obsessing about race. I mean, who gives a fuck about learning pedagogical ways to improve your instruction in order for your students to learn more effectively, when you can have a pow-wow about race, hosted by the Circlejerk of course. LOL. What a scam. Somewhere Joyce McNickles and Cara Berg-Powers are saying, “cha-ching!!”


Student led professional development for teachers.” This was actually said out loud at a real meeting, and someone took it seriously enough to write it down. Kids teaching their teachers how to do their jobs. Kids, who don’t yet have a high school degree, teaching educated professionals with Master’s degrees, how to do their job. This happened in real life. 


Yup, there’s Joe Petty, going right along with ALL of this bullshit. We spoke with a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, and quoted Mayor Petty as saying that all of this is bullshit. But yet there he is, soaking in all of this madness and nonsense about imaginary racism in schools. Oh that’s right – he’s a politician. So he says feel good things, and goes to shit like this because he’s trying to kiss the Circlejerk’s ass.

The guy he’s listening to is telling teachers to teach about racism. Ya got that? Science teachers should stop teaching about how to balance equations, and start teaching about racism. And there’s Mayor Petty, listening to people tell teachers what THEY should be teaching is this guy’s solution. Because that makes TONS of sense. I know I go down to the Smokestack Barbecue all the time and show them how to cook ribs.  

People, this is insanity. Literally insanity. Petty and Augustus have their fingerprints all over this. They’ve been manipulated by Sutton residents Joyce McNickles and Old Balls, Southbridge resident Keesha LaTulippe, and carpetbagger temporary Worcester resident Sonya Conner. It’s costing the Worcester taxpayers money and it’s a slap in the face to the good men and women who make up our police department and public school teachers. They are being accused of being racists by professional victims, liars, and racists. And Mayor Petty is sitting there nodding along in agreement. Take back your Goddamn city from these chiselers in November.

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7 Comment(s)
  • oneopinion
    June 16, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    Yes, the article covered a meeting that was intended to disseminate propaganda.

  • Z
    June 16, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    Black logic: He/she is white. Must be a racist.

  • Sam Burnside
    June 16, 2015 at 11:07 am

    Nice to see our old pal Wanda back in the news.

  • G-Love
    June 16, 2015 at 9:52 am

    November can’t come fast enough

  • WormtownorBust
    June 16, 2015 at 8:18 am

    Bring back segregation.

  • NO
    June 16, 2015 at 5:54 am

    did anyone read the masslive article, holy propaganda

  • hello sally
    June 16, 2015 at 1:27 am

    That list is a literal list I’d make If I was drunk and wanted t compose a list of things no one has ever said

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