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Worcester Teachers And Police Are Racist According To Protesters, Pro-Police Resolution Ends Up Getting Passed Anyway

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Last week the Worcester City Council meeting turned into a rowdy-down of Worcester’s most notorious protesters. Basically ten people in the community who protest for a living came down and complained that the Worcester Police shouldn’t be recognized as professional in a resolution because they’re a bunch of racists. Obviously this common sense resolution should’ve passed, but unfortunately it was sabotaged by Mr. Sixth Place himself, councillor Ricky Rushton, when he “held” it for another week.

So basically when they “hold” something, they just finish their conversation a week later. His beef apparently was that the community wasn’t heard from. Even though it was a public meeting and every loud mouth you’ve seen pictured with a megaphone in the newspaper was heard from several times. Tonight was the meeting. Once again I could not attend but I did watch it on TV. And I knew a couple people down there who got some video for us. The only thing I was looking forward to was hoping to see the one true love of my life on television – her excellency professor Sonya Conner:


But alas, she was not in attendance and I will cry myself to sleep tonight. But you know Worcester’s most infamous professional protester would be there though:


The crowd was apparently very different this time around. No cops in the audience, because as it was pointed out last time, police aren’t allowed to participate in the democratic process because hippies feel threatened by it:

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 11.10.16 PM

So one of the guys who got up to speak complained about all the money that the City of Worcester had to pay in lawsuits over police officers. Hey geniuses, I’m not sure if you understand how our legal system works, but the reason the City always has to pay a settlement in these things is because we live in an overly litigious society in which people can sue the police for harassment if they look at them the wrong way. So it’s easier to write these nimrods a check than it is to pay an attorney the countless hours it would take to litigate. Not exactly freaking brain surgery to figure that one out.

Anyway, the dude’s solution was to make the police pay for these lawsuits out of their own pensions. Ya got that? The pensions that THEY have been forced to pay into their entire careers should be taken away from them so we can pay off jagoffs who clog up our judicial system with bullshit. Because that makes TONS of sense.

Then this lady got up there


and started talking about police killing people in Albuquerque and how the city refuses to have video cameras. Newsflash hippies – the police are in favor of body cameras. But don’t forget the words of MY GIRL professor doctor Sonya Conner last week – we need to STOP INVESTING in the police department. Ya got that? How would you like us to pay for these magical cameras without any money? I’d love to hear more about that. Oh yea, and Sgt. Towler and every other police officer I spoke with on the ride along seems to have no problem with the cameras, presumably because it would save them from frivolous lawsuits. Unfortunately it would lead to criminals going to jail more often because they’d be caught on tape. I’m really looking forward to the day when the ACLU complains about cameras after it puts away the one group of people they LOVE more than anyone else – criminals.

Then the green shirt guy from last week got up


and started talking about how much he loved everyone except for the notorious “Johnny Bigot,” who evidently is a mindset that exists in our city’s government. Damn you Johnny Bigot!!! Then he went into a whole shpeel about how his goal is for people of color to come out of poverty. I agree, that’s a great goal. I know several people of color who have done so. All of them obeyed the law and got good grades in school. Fucked up right?

After that it was pretty much one person after another who had an imaginary person in their life who was victimized by the racist city of Worcester police. The funny part about it was, not ONE actual name of a police officer was mentioned. NOT ONE!! Funny, because they all wear their Goddamn names right on the front of their uniform. But apparently because these people have a bunch of anecdotes about alleged instances of racism in which no real people were named, the city has a racism problem with its police force. Got it.

Then this lady with an Afro got up and told the City Council they were all “white privilege with power.” Yup. Even the Latina district councillor from District 4 is evidently under this umbrella of privilege. Because we all know that white privilege is a REAL fucking thing. I wake up in the morning and have my toast buttered already because that’s how you roll in America when you’re white!!! Us white people don’t have to work for shit!!


LOL. The whole concept of white privilege is hilarious. The idea is that because you’re white you’re not gonna be subject to police or public scrutiny. Just to show you how idiotic this concept is, let’s talk about rape for a minute. Jameis Winston is black. So is Kobe Bryant. What do both have in common? They were both accused of rape and neither had their lives disrupted because of the allegations.

But what happens when college aged white kids get accused of rape? Ask the Duke Lacrosse kids who were falsely accused of rape in 2006. Their coach was forced to resign, they all lost their scholarships, and the season was disbanded. Because of a baseless lie. And why did everyone assume they did it? I thought white privilege would magically protect them from Johnny law? Oh right, it’s because it’s OK to stereotype 19 year old white kids as a bunch of bud light drinking, backwards hat-wearing, high-fiving, racist serial rapists. It’s all good though because their great-great-great-great grandfathers owned slaves. Probably.

Or how about more recently when a UVA fraternity was forced to shut down after a girl falsely claimed she was gang raped at a non-existent party at a frat house. What frat house? Well, that kept changing, but what does it matter? They’re all just filled with privileged white kids, so fuck em. I’m so confused why the school shut down their frat without any evidence. I mean, didn’t they have their white privilege cards ready to protect them from the rape accusations?

Anyone the star of the show and the Queen Bee of the unproven anecdote was this lady:

According to her the WPD is crawling with bad cops. Her innocent son is constantly subjected to police interrogation, despite never, ever doing anything wrong. And obviously her stories are 100% accurate and unbiased. Like the story about the time her son was jumped by a much bigger man, and then her son was arrested and the other guy was let free. Or the time she “begged and pleaded with the cops to help her but she got ranned over.” According to the video above though her altar boy son wasn’t arrested because he committed a crime, but because he was “black enough.” It even said so in the arrest report. Charge – “black enough.”

The standing ovation this woman got at the end basically tells you all you need to know.

Then one of the protesters got up and started talking about a study he read that PROVES that white people are born racist. Apparently kindergarten teachers punish their black kids three times as much as white kids for the same offenses. Sure, he didn’t have any documentation and didn’t cite this magical study, but it’s definitely real. Definitely.

Finally this lady got up there again because she hadn’t had enough time to blabber on last week:


According to her Worcester is 48% minority, and 54% white. Obviously she was off to a great start. Then she used this to point out that the police department and other city departments aren’t proportionally represented in that way. Perhaps because they can’t figure out how to calculate 102% of themselves. Or it could be that minority candidates just didn’t apply for the jobs? Nah, that can’t be it. Must be racism.

Oh and for all you white Worcester Public School teachers, she didn’t let you off the hook either too. According to her “teachers and principals need to reflect their community so the students can learn better.” Ya got that teachers? Because all you white men and women out there who have dedicated your lives to helping children of color learn are wasting your time. You can’t do it, because you’re not the same skin color as them. Black students learn better with black teachers. It’s science. So why don’t all you honkies just give it up already so the kids can finally learn. This is why the Japanese are kicking our butts!!

Finally it was time to vote on the proposal. Councillor Rivera proposed an amendment to the proposal that basically said that “all lives matter.” Konnie Lukes wasn’t having none of that though. That’s when shit got interesting and she began to get booed and then proceeded to yell at everyone:

It was awesome. I remember last week she challenged them to run against her in November if they didn’t like her. I can’t wait to watch no one end up taking her up on the offer, and then the whole council gets re-elected. She was followed up by the dooshnozzle who was the reason this shitshow is still going on – Rushton. If you wanna listen to someone whose mouth is so full of shit that when he talks poop just comes flying out it, check out this rambling nonsense:

What. The. Fuck. Was. That? Can someone please explain to me how it’s possible to vote for this clown? I mean, I know you don’t have to be smart, but don’t you at least have to be able to speak publicly if you’re an elected official?

In the end they ended up voting on two resolutions – 1) the pro-police resolution, and 2) the all lives matter resolution. The first one passed 9-2 with Dicky and Rivera in dissent. The other one passed unanimously. After it was all said and done the protesters started singing Koom-ba-ya or some song in some movie they just saw, and walked out of the place like they accomplished something. LOL. But we all know they didn’t. They couldn’t even get a meaningless resolution supporting police to be stopped. All they got passed was a resolution that stated something we’ve known since the day we were born – all lives matter.

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3 Comment(s)
  • SorryForHavingThoughts
    January 20, 2015 at 12:04 am

    So the race thing is overplayed. Kobe Bryant got off cuz he paid the right lawyer a bagillion dollars. It’s about money, stupid.

    But as far as this police department and its coward chief who to this day will not comment, he’s harbored two men who through being awful detectives and humans, took two years of a girl’s life away.

    “the funny part about it was, not ONE actual name of a police officer was mentioned. ”

    There. Two names.

    And turtleboy, if you are the man who calls out bullshit, why don’t you sack up and tell that hard truth. There are many good cops. Where the fuck is even one of them speaking out against the bad ones. Just one.

  • declanlincoln
    January 14, 2015 at 9:52 am

    did your momma drop you on your head….it must suck to be the dumbest Mullaney….

  • SUL
    January 14, 2015 at 1:43 am

    My favorite part was the “the institution” ain’t doing nothing to help me and my kids stay out of trouble. No lady you as a parent are supposed to keep your kids out of trouble! Maybe if society starts taking some accountability for their own actions change can be accomplished!

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