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Yahoo Listed Unemployed Convicted Criminal Orange Julius Jones As One Of The 16 People Who Shaped The 2016 Election

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The mainstream media is really on a roll today. Here’s a link from Yahoo about 16 People Who Shaped the 2016 Election. Guess who made the list:


Yup – Orange Julius Jones:


The perpeturally unemployed man who led the blockade of Kelley Square. The same man who was given a deal to have the charges dropped by simply paying a $150 fine, but declined because he actually believes that blocking traffic is a right of his, and that the fact that he was in court was an example of oppression. The same man who whined because his lazy ass got evicted by “two wealthy white ladies” who didn’t like the fact that a grown man in his 30’s wasn’t paying rent:


The same man who demands reparations from white people because he can’t afford to buy body wash on his meager, non-existent income. The same man who once famously got in front of the City Council after they voted to have a routine audit of a corrupt non-profit, and admitted to the world that “Turtle bigot” runs this city:

This is a man who has “shaped this election.”

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! You can’t make this stuff up. And people wonder why no one trusts the mainstream media. The author’s rational was that OJJ’s influence all came from his five minute accosting of Hillary Clinton last summer. It’s probably the only time in the history of Hillary Clinton that she actually made someone else look dumb. Count how many times HRC says “hmmm-hmmmm” and nods her head in order to make this ding-dong feel important:

She wasn’t listening to a word he said, because not a single thing he said even came close to being a point that anyone with a brain would take seriously. If you ever wanna point to a video that proves how full of shit this woman is, then this is the video to watch. Newsflash Julius – Hillary does not give a fuck about you. She never has. No one cares about you. But she’s counting on you to vote for her, which you will. That’s why she keeps calling her opponent a racist. Because she hopes dopes like you will vote for her strictly out of fear.


Here’s a piece from the article:

Jones asked, “You know, I genuinely want to know — you and your family have been, in no uncertain way, partially responsible for this, more than most, right? Now, there may have been unintended consequences. But now that you understand the consequences, what in your heart has changed that’s going to change the direction in this country? Like, what in you — like, not your platform, not what you’re supposed to say — like, how do you actually feel that’s different than you did before?”

The argument comes down to a question that can only be described as philosophical. Jones is arguing that racial progress requires a change in people’s hearts, a recognition by white America of its history of racism, while Clinton says it’s sufficient to just change the laws and policies. Give me a platform, she pleads with him, but he refuses; that’s letting her, and by extension white America, off too easily. It’s an extraordinary moment, and one that hopefully stuck with Clinton as it certainly did with Jones, who was unprepared for his sudden fame, which included appearances on “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC and Larry Wilmore’s “Nightly Show” on Comedy Central.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.20.12 PM

As he tells Yahoo News’ Kaye Foley, his own life was in turmoil at the time: he was being evicted from his apartment. The experience changed him, he says. He does feel differently about Clinton, but now believes, more strongly than ever, that she has “an even greater responsibility for undoing the damage of mass incarceration.” He has thought a lot about their disagreement, he says, and on reflection, he still thinks that confronting white prejudice has to take precedence:

“Like when people feel better about homosexual people, and gay rights, then the laws change to reflect that. That’s a heart campaign, right, and then it’s reinforced and codified through the law. But to say that could have happened without changing hearts I think is not true. In the history of the United States and its relationship with black people, we have changed the laws in many iterations and there’s still anti-black sentiment … and we’ve just gotten a new version of slavery every time.

In other words, this moron had one opportunity to tell the next President of the United States about one specific law or piece of legislation he’d like to see that would help black people as a whole, and he couldn’t do that because that would be “letting her and white America off the hook too easy.” In other words, he has no idea what he wants besides the reparations check. He doesn’t want to see any laws changed. He just wants to bitch and whine about being oppressed because without it he doesn’t have an identity. And the next POTUS gave him something that the King of Morocco has to pay $12 million for – five minutes of her time.


You know what the sad part is? The title of the article might not actually be THAT off. But the fact that idiots like this have “shaped” the 2016 election is probably the most damning thing you can say about the media. They’ve let the morons control the narrative. Instead of talking about policy we’re giving the spot light porn stars accuse Trump of coming onto them 25 years ago. Meanwhile the Clinton Foundation is literally taking bribe money from oppressive third world homophobic, sexist dictatorships in order to get favor from the United States government. Oh yea, and classified government information is being sent over unsecured, illegal servers for the world to see. But that stuff didn’t shape the 2016 election – Julius Jones did. That tells you everything you need to know about the state of the mainstream media.

The bottom line is that when your “cause” is so lacking in solutions and actual ideas for change that you make Hillary freaking Clinton look polished and borderline likeable, then you are a complete and utter failure. That’s the story of OJJ’s life. He is bad at everything he does, and he will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

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4 Comment(s)
  • kevin Lynch
    October 24, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    Go get em Julius. I was in the other room during that interview working on some more great stuff.

    Julius is good people. I applaud his strength to stand up against injustices.

  • Wabbitt
    October 24, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    Well, it’s also Yahoo – the only thing more irrelevant than OJJ. To them he must look like a superstar.

    • GFY
      October 24, 2016 at 3:21 pm

      Where does AOL have him ranked?

      • Wabbitt
        October 26, 2016 at 8:15 pm

        I’m personally waiting for CompuServe to release their rankings.

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