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  • Butthurts Are Boycotting 100.1 FM The Pike And Smokestack Urban Barbecue Again

    Smokestack Barbecue and 100.1 FM the Pike have been receiving boycott threats from Turtleboy butthurt-induced trolls again!! Here’s our podcast from yesterday’s show.

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    Our Facebook page is suspended again, so make sure you to LIKE THE LOST BOYS OF TURTLE Facebook page to keep up with our latest blogs.









    Turtleboy butthurt trolls are out in full force these days. Here’s a message sent to 100.1 FM the Pike’s Facebook page from a guy in Shrewsbury named Michael Dziura:


    Gotta love it. “I’m gonna stop listening to your station now that I found out Turtleboy is on it every Tuesday. And I’m just finding out right now that he’s been on every Tuesday for the last two years. But I swear, I’m a loyal listener, and you’ve forever lost me because you support the racist/sexist boy who rides the turtle.”


    That about sums up the Turtleboy is racist/sexist crowd. Completely full of shit liars who have to make things up beause they don’t have a legitimate talking point to stand on. They can’t name a single racist or sexist thing we’ve ever done, because it doesn’t exist. We are a family feminist blog that LOVES diversity. We love everyone, but sometimes we have to spank the naughty. It’s the only way they will learn. Meanwhile, a Princeton case study determined that if Turtleboy is in fact racist, he is only racist towards white people.

    Turns out Turtleboy has in fact been on 100.1 FM every Tuesday for the last two years and ratings are through the roof. Don’t worry though, any minute now they’re gonna start losing listeners. Here’s yesterday’s show if you missed it where Uncle Turtleboy and Cruisin Bruce discussed the Clark chick who calls Trump supporters Nazis while her rich Daddy donates money to the Trump campaign, the Hampshire College flag Nazis, and Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse writing a threatening letter to himself because he’s desperate for attention:

    Michael Dziura’s Facebook page is pretty well protected, so we couldn’t have much fun with it. But we did find out he is an environmental engineer:


    All we could fine with that name was this guy:


    Other than his Internet history is pretty clean.

    Oh yea, and our good friends at Smokestack Barbecue got another wonderful message today from this winner:


    Oh look, another genius who thinks he figured out who Turtleboy is!! So cute when they learn how the Google machine works. Let me guess, someone’s been reading a little Clive McFarlane? Because he’s a trustworthy source!! Almost as reliable as a website called “Buffalo Bruises!!”

    Guaranteed whoever is behind this fake profile has never eaten at Smokestack in their life. Dude has been going to Smokestack Barbecue once a week for the past year. Meanwhile Smokestack has been with us for about two years now. Sounds legit!!


    I know where the Turtleboy family will be eating tonight – Smokestack Barbecue. I’m getting the buffalo wings and the chicken quesedillas per usual. They are absolutely delicious. Go down there tonight, stuff your face, write “Turtleboy sent me” on the check, and send us a picture!!! That’s the only way to remind these losers just how much we will destroy every single attempt they make to hurt small businesses in Worcester.

    P.S. Bet you anything Carlo “Old Balls” Baldino is behind this. It’s just so juvenile and poorly done that an elderly, Internet deficient moonbat has to be the culprit.




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    1. Party boy

      What’s up with the dick pic attack ad? Lmfao that’s hilarious, I wish it was free. I’d destroy a few people lol.

      1. Turd Burglestein

        If anyone has that fag BobnMic’s number, I’d pay the fee to send him a barrage of dick pics. He’d be so enthused he’d fap the day away and leave us all alone so we could get back to commenting on the morons in these articles instead of that moron.

        1. BobnMic

          Someone already sent it to me… Whoever did it… Fuck you… If I find out who, you’ll be paying for my carpal tunnel treatment jackass.

    2. Hugh Beaumont

      93K in yearly revenue and approximately 2 employees??? WTF!?! Well, at least he’s trying even though he is DB.

    3. Paul Larson

      Here is a letter and a rosewood engraved pen I found:

      Worcester Telegram & Gazette

      Dear Mr. Larson,

      July 2, 2012


      Your letter to The People’s Forum has been selected as the Letter of the Week.
      Your engraved rosewood Telegram & Gazette Letter of the Week pen is enclosed. We hope you enjoy it.

      Chris Sinacola
      Editor of the Editorial Pages

      Of course now the T&G is just an apologist for the undemocratic Democratic Party!

      Paul Larson

      1. Paul Larson

        As of 45 minutes past noon on Thanksgiving Day, I haven’t posted anything on this blog.

        Paul Larson

        1. Turd Burglestein

          So this post at 47 minutes after noon isn’t you? This has to be the most amazing trick I’ve ever seen. First a grand prized rosewood pen from T&G for your literary skills and now we’re just finding out you’re also a magician too???

          Is there nothing you can’t do?

    4. Mediocrity

      Well, it’s great to know that TBS has an influence on these butthurt wack-a-doos. Don’t they know that if they backlash like this, it only has an opposite reaction?? Duh!

      I wouldn’t put it past OB for all the dick pic posts and getting all wee-wee’d up about the turtlegram. Just another example of juvenile tactics having an opposite reaction. LOL.

    5. Anthony "Gas Pipe" Casso

      Who wants to nail Paul Lawson’s laptop shut?

    6. Fiesty Fan

      If Fiesty realy supported TBS she would have a picture of just her TB mugs covering her jugs.

      1. BobnMic

        Ya assuming she has any RD.

        1. Fiesty Fan

          I’m pretty sure Fiesty has a set of cans Bob. Product placement is everything so a sexy pic of Fiesty covering her fun bags with TB mugs might spike sales.

          1. BobnMic

            I think Fiesty has a fucking penis to be honest. A fucking transtesticle in the making and for dudes like Turd – the President and CEO of Latino Queen Fiesty the fake Lawyer Wreaking Rican makes that dumb ass as about as fucking gay as it comes.

            Scientific fact…

            1. Paul Larson

              BobnMic, have you heard about my award? T&G July 2012 letter of the week.

              It’s like a huge deal… Got a rosewood pen, and a letter from THE Chris Sinacola… Signed IN INK! It came in the mail and everything… And it was heavy because of the pen… being rosewood and all… so, guess what… extra postage! Boo yah!

              Paul Larson

            2. Turd Burglestein

              Man…you’ve got Turd on the brain worse than Old Balls obsession with Turtleboy.

              I own your brain…lucky me…sigh

            3. BobnMic

              Conversely I do in fact own your brain. Big time there Turd breath. You cannot post anything anywhere in here without a reference to me can you. No you can not. I own your brain and I’ll make a deal.

              I’ll sell it back to you for cheap. Pennies on the dollar. Just as long as you go FUCK YOURSELF six ways to Sunday you fucking freak dba President and CEO of Fiesty the fake lawyer Latino Queen Wreaking Rican…

            4. Kevin Lynch

              Bobnmic is giving me a run for my money as most hated TB villain!

            5. BobnMic

              No – I think I may have surpassed you Kevin as the most hated here in this blog. And oddly enough as it has been learned lately it really does not take all that much to achieve this distinction. I served my country and community with said distinction, honorability with merit recognized multiple times, a loving husband, son, brother, and neighbor but yet here we are in here. In the prelude of hell as we know it.

              An excellent learning curve of public perception, ignorance, jealousy and hate. It is what it is…

    7. BobnMic

      I love dick pics.

      1. Uncle Paul

        Suuure ya do… Lil tykes with lil hairless coin purses… We go on camping trips and show em how to kiss… Bobbies, all like, come ‘ere ya scamp… I’m gonna blow lil bubbles on yer belly… brrrt brrrt… teedle dee yer lil peen… Let’s pretend a snake bit you… Bobbie will suck out the poison… Oh, we have such fun.

    8. One way to North Korea

      They need to leave this area and get a life far away as possible. Middle-school emotional intelligence at best !

    9. Fiesty Fan

      I think Fiesty will do it because she’s not a prude. Tits for Turtleboy I say! Show your support.

      1. Devils Mouthpiece

        “Tits for Turtleboy” Has a nice ring to it.

        Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

        1. BobnMic

          You too as well DM.

    10. Wormtown Kris

      Where do those Old Balls meme pictures come from? Was he a guest on some cable access show? TurtleBoy needs to post the video of whatever show that was. I’ve been seeing those pics for years and I SO want to watch it!!

    11. JimB

      Me & 3 buddies meet 1 a week for drinks & food. Now we will meet at Smokestacks BECAUSE the sponsor TBS…… See everyone there…

    12. Sepakbola

      Very Glad this Post.. well well well

    13. Paul larson

      I haven’t written anything on this blog as of 36 minutes past 12 noon on Thanksgiving Day.

      Paul Larson

      1. Turd Burglestein

        You have got to tell me how you keep doing this. Do you have a time travel machine or something?

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