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  • If You’re Dumb Enough To Drive Your Plow Onto A Barely Frozen Pond In East Longmeadow Then You Deserve To Fall In

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    You have to be kidding me.


    There are no words. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. It’s been over 40 degrees several times this week. Driving around you can clearly see than any ponds and lakes aren’t safe for skating, never mind driving a God damn truck onto the ice. This is not Saskatchewan. It’s East Longmeadow.

    And what exactly were they hoping to accomplish by doing this? Was there an ice parade coming up tomorrow? Or were they doing it so nostalgic dooshcanoes could skate around when they should be at home watching football? Hey, here’s an idea – if you wanna skate on a pond, bring a shovel. Stop being lazy slugpumps. Put down the Keystone Light. And give the keys to your truck to someone who isn’t trying to win the 413 Darwin Award.


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    1. Buck Futts

      Stupid fuggin yankees, youze guys don’t think much do ya?

    2. Uncle Daddy

      Common sense ain’t so common in New England obviously.

    3. hey cledus

      I think they must of been southern transplants. The stars and bars can’t save you from your own stupidity.

      1. Buck Futts

        Not a chance, no self respecting southerner would plow snow on dirtbag yankee roads.

    4. BlackandWhite

      What the actual *F*?? This is basic, common knowledge. Guess they didn’t pay attention in Science class.

      …. and these people vote.

    5. Mayor Marion Barry (D)

      They’ll be claiming PTSD and go on SSDI. Going west of Sturbridge is like living south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

      1. Bob

        Hey Marion Barry, living west of Sturbridge is like south of mason dixon line ya and east of Connecticut river should sink to bottom of ocean, so I can see the sunset over the ocean from my house and I won’t have to worry about ignoramuses like you.. sadly I know the owner of this truck and he is in the hospital and asked a friend to watch his truck for him not yet a polar plunge with it.. not good choice.. I agree though, stupid move for sure..

    6. Sal Monella

      What a floater! Wait.. ummm..

    7. Joe Shmidlap

      These jabronies are complete meat sticks

    8. Dick Dover

      Dont knock it till you try it. I suggest all of you go find a pond to drive on.

    9. Reddog

      I hope alcohol was involved. You can’t be that stupid with the temps this year.

    10. Make America great again

      Saw snowmobilers 60 feet from open water on Indian lake yesterday. Do stupid tricks…win stupid prizes. Idiots

    11. Rhino

      Slugpumps? TB it’s like you’re just trying to come up with stupid ass names.

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