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  • SJW Fascist Etel Haxhiaj Reported Our Change.org Petition For Bullying And Harassing Her Because We Want Her To Be Held Accountable

    SJW Fascist Etel Haxhiaj Reported Our Change.org Petition For Bullying And Harassing Her Because We Want Her To Be Held Accountable

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    Yesterday we published this blog, which contained a Change.org petition signed by hundreds of people within in hour, which urged Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus to fire SJW Nazi Etel Haxhiaj who used her position on the Citizen’s Advisory Council to vote against a qualified candidate for the zoning board simply because this candidate reads Turtleboy.

    Since the City Manager said that her actions violated the rules and training she received, and since she publicly announced that she was going to keep violating these rules, it seems only proper that she should be fired for insubordination. We started the petition because it was clear he was trying to avoid the issue, hoping it would go away, but we weren’t going to allow that.

    After a couple hours we got this:

    Then Change.org sent us this petition:

    Hi there,  

    We’re writing in relation to your petition “Remove Etel Haxhiaj from the Citizen’s Advisory Committee and appoint Margaret Melican”. We’ve pasted the text of the petition below. 

    We’re writing to let you know that information you’ve included in your petition has been identified as harassment of a private individual. Change.org is an open platform but, as explained in our Community Guidelines we don’t allow bullying or harassment. 

    We have therefore had to remove your petition for now. However, if you would like to email us updated text for your petition that is more focused on why your preferred candidate should be appointed to the board, we may be able to reinstate the petition as long as it is within our Community Guidelines

    Thank you for using Change.org, and do let us know if you have any questions.


    Change.org Help Desk

    HAHAHHAHA!! You see what Etel did? She called and complained to Change.org that we were “bullying” her by demanding that she be held accountable for her actions. Because no matter what happens, SJWs will ALWAYS find a way to make themselves the victims. Never fails.

    Anyway, the hypocrisy of this is hilarious. Etel Haxhiaj isn’t a private individual. She’s a representative of the City of Worcester government who willingly admits that she is going to violate the first amendment and disregard the city charter to push her own political agenda. She also voted to confirm Dante Comparetto, a man whose campaign for school committee she is a part of.

    Oh, and Change.org petitions target specific individuals all the time. Like the one 5 million people signed that urged the electoral college not to vote for Donald Trump. Hell, Rhode Island Turtle Sista wrote about a puppy mill in Scituate run by Scott Bergantino. There’s a Change.org petition that specifically targets him too. All Change.org petitions target someone doing something bad. That’s the whole point of Change.org.

    Anyway, it’s just another example of why we fight every day. Because they don’t get to win. We win. We always win. And Etel Haxhiaj might seem like small potatoes to some of you, but rest assured – she will find herself in the Turtleboy graveyard if it’s the last thing we ever do.


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    1. Stunt Penis

      “rest assured – she will find herself in the Turtleboy graveyard if it’s the last thing we ever do.”

      You do realize she’s going to complain the Massachusetts State Police now, claiming you are threatening her life, based on this statement, right?

      1. Twat tickler

        Who gives a shit? It’s a vague statement at best. Massachusetts state police wouldn’t give two shits

      2. wabbitt

        Hey dumb shit, you know the Turtleboy graveyard isn’t an actual cemetery, right? It’s just a picture of people who’ve been shamed into submission.

        The Staties most likely read TB and would tell her to pound sand.

    2. Georgia Madman

      Give her Hell Turtleboy

    3. Kevi bashed in my skull

      “She also voted to confirm Dante Comparetto, a man whose campaign for school committee she is a part of. ”

      That is a conflict of interest. Someone should report her to the AG’s office. Chapter 268A

      1. JoeMomma

        This is Massachusetts….we have not had an actual AG for over a decade now. All we have is bodies collecting a paycheck.

        1. True Reality Speaks

          And running for higher office.

      2. wabbitt

        Healey won’t do back shit because Ethel CanIBuyAVowel is soldier of the McGovern Crime Family. She’s protected by Don Jimmy.

    4. Michael Hutson

      the taller one with the frosted shorter hair,right? anyway you have come up against the New Establishment,Deep State,SJW’s whatever term best fits-good luck! and i mean that from the heart!

    5. Strata

      TB, thank you for exposing these hypocritical fools. The exposure, using their own words & writings shows how ridiculous they are.

    6. Publius

      These left wing nuts are some of the most dangerous people known to democracy. They despise freedom of thought and especially freedom of speech. She should rest uneasy knowing City Hall and the Boards are full of Turtle Riders.

    7. Alecs E


      P E T I T I ON I S D O W N – HA HA HA HA




      1. The Executioner of Alecs

        Are you an asshole all the time or just when you hide behind your keyboard, Alecs? You must be a SJW to spell your name that way. Explains everything.

        1. True Reality Speaks

          He’s a pussy living in his mother’s basement while driving a diesel truck he has no reason to drive – other than to over compensate for his little dick and hang out with similarly un-endowed hillbilly poseurs.

          He’s probably got a mother that’s just like this Albanian twat on the Citizens Advisory Council – that’s why his comments come across as being written by a little bitch.

          1. Ghandi

            No, he lives with his “room mate” yet tells others he dumped his girlfriend.

            Of course the two of them spoon.

            Mud whistle a little sore, buddy? That biasing your viewpoint?

      2. Alecs Blows Children

        I hope you get cancer and live in agonizing pain for years and then die because one of your nurses sodomized you and gave you HIV

        1. Alex Qi

          WOW! Guess I really got under your skin there buddy!

          Man, friend, that must feel terrible!

          You probably shouldn’t let on that I got under your skin, and that I own your head now. It’ll just make me feel REALLY good about it and keep right on going!

          I like that you think that typing stupid things at me bothers me? Like, what do you think that does?

          Meanwhile, we knock your facebook page down a few pegs, get your advertising suspended, and get your little protest page pulled.

          OOOOH it must sting to be impotent! I mean — what are you going to do to us?

          1. UsualSuspect

            Alecs, Alex, and whatever other iteration you choose, champion of dooshnozzles everywhere, pretty sure you posting on every article shows who is under who’s skin. If it is more than one person, please put your hands back on your peckers, get back to your daily circle-jerk, and keep the comments section on topic, absent of your daily ramblings about bringing down Turtleboy. Thank you.

            1. Clown puncha

              Alex aka Alec’s says “touch me where I pee”. Clown puncher.

          2. Joy

            Yeah probably Alex Morse. Don’t you have some terrorists to celebrate? Get lost, douche!

      3. PhilSimmsSucks

        Hey dumbass, your thong is wrapped around one of your hemorrhoids.
        While your “roommate” is picking it off with his teeth, watch us good guys win, you whiny bitch.

    8. Independent Thinker

      These are people who are control freaks. They want to control what we say, what we think, what we read, what we eat, and how we act. That’s how activists are. Unfortunately, there are far too many of them in this state, which is why we have activists as elected officials.

      And anyone they don’t agree with is considered to be a racist or a bigot. And they also feel that they have the right to confront those with whom they do not agree.

    9. Joy


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