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  • Turns Out Laughlin Kennel Manager Who Accused Woman Who Was Sold A Sick Puppy Of Being A Bad Mother Has Been Investigated By DCF For Neglect

    Turns Out Laughlin Kennel Manager Who Accused Woman Who Was Sold A Sick Puppy Of Being A Bad Mother Has Been Investigated By DCF For Neglect

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    Quick little follow up. The other day we wrote this blog about a manager from Laughlin Kennel who goes by “Amber Ann” on Facebook, who had an unconventional way of dealing with a customer who bought a sick puppy from them that ended up dying:

    She also threatened the jilted customer, and told her the “kennel would be the least of her problems”:

    Well as it turns out Amber Ann’s real name is Amber Mcelroy. And since she thought it would be appropriate to accuse a customer of being a bad mother, we thought it would only be appropriate to point out that DCF investigated allegations of neglect when it came to her boyfriend’s child, and determined that these allegations were in fact supported:


    Not only does Laughlin Kennel sell sick puppies to people, they also hire people who neglect children, judge customers, and yell profanities at anyone who bought a sick puppy from them. And yet the town of Oxford and the State of Massachusetts still allow them to operate. Makes sense.


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    1. UsualSuspect

      A useless skank that neglects children and animals, did we expect anything less?

    2. wabbitt

      Ironically, the boyfriend is the cousin of the former Laughlin employee who blew this whole thing wide open.

    3. Let me up, I've had enough

      ** THUD **

      Turtleboy drops mic………

    4. on it's back

      I hated this bitch The second I saw her wearing a fuckin Yankee Jersey
      I knew she’s a junkie ho.
      That’s not a stretch by any means fucking hoodbooger!

    5. Itsjustme

      It’s very hard to get DCF to find you have neglected your children. I know horrible families that have visit after visit with them and always get ‘unfounded’ and nothing is ever done. I wonder what the claims were?

      1. Jonezzxz

        It’s actually not that hard surprisingly. I was attacked by my sons father in front of my son, who was an infant at the time and I called the police thinking I was doing the right thing and then poof DCF appears saying that we’re both being investigated for neglect. I was obviously not found to be in neglect but he was. Any time there is a domestic violence situation where a child is present a 51-a is filed. These two fools probably beat the fuck out of each other in front of the poor child at least once to both have been found at fault for neglect.

    6. Wtf

      Just based on the screen shot convos here , she is a loser. What employee at any half decent place talks to a customer like that? Clearly she thinks she can and her boss will pay her on the head and say “good skank” otherwise she would fear losing her job. With any luck she will get hit by a car.

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