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  • Turtleboycott Failed So Now Alexis King And Others Have Moved Onto The “Call Them Up And *67” Harassment Phase

    Turtleboycott Failed So Now Alexis King And Others Have Moved Onto The “Call Them Up And *67” Harassment Phase

    Want to advertise with Turtleboy? Email us at [email protected] for more information.





    The first round of the boycott of Turtleboy advertisers has completely failed, as all our AMAZING local businesses are still with us. Since the boycott began we have added Pure Juz and a couple others to our list of businesses we promote. So feel free to go there and tell them the turtle sent you!! They’ll love it!! Oh, and if you’re a business owner that wants relatively cheap advertising to an audience of between 3-4 million viewers per month, send us an email. We’ll hook you up – [email protected] Everyone will love you. Everyone with money at least.

    So since they failed so miserably (as usual) the fascists have kicked it up a notch. Here’s what they’re doing now:

    Yup, they’re now engaging in organized campaigns of harassment. Something they claim we do, which allegedly is beneath them. But of course we know there is nothing these gutterpumps won’t do when they don’t get their way. Nothing is too low for them. Nothing.

    Here’s their plan:

    “The advertisers still on the list are businesses that have decided to remain on Turtleboy Sports.”

    In other words, they are aware of your concerns and are using their free will to advertise where they please. But this isn’t good enough. Now they have to kick it up a notch and harass them. But make sure you press *67 first, or else you’ll have to put your name to it. This coming from a group of Internet thugs who hate Turtleboy because we use anonymity. The hypocrisy of these ding dongs never gets old.

    They even wrote up a script:

    Yea, that should work.

    This chick might be the ring leader:

    Alexis King is your basic white chick from Worcester.

    The one person of color who commented on her post was like, yea, I’m all set:

    But as you can see, Alexis is using her racist white privilege to whitesplain to this wonderful woman how wrong she is. That should teach her to ever speak back to a white woman.

    And whatever you do, do NOT invade her Facebook page and share your thoughts on her tactics.

    One of the people she got to sign onto it lives in Texas:

    How will Bennie’s ever survive without the support of some random guy in Texas? Man, these people are good!!

    Alexis was warned that leading this bullying campaign might get her in trouble. No worries though – she already has a team of lawyers ready for a massive deformation lawsuit:

    Anyway, the more they do this the more we fight back. And the best way to defeat them is to continue to do business with our advertisers whenever possible. So do us a favor – go to any of our advertisers, buy something, take a picture of your receipt, and send it to us. Thats’ how we beat the bullies, the butthurts, and the bad guys.



    We urge you to support the following local businesses. 

    Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.17.19 PM


    Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.32.58 AM

    Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.29.56 AM

    Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.14.48 AM

    4ba27317-991b-4352-b70d-f489eadcfdef (1)

    Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 8.48.23 PM

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    1. Russ

      You gotta be able to take a little shit. TB kinda ripped my workplace the other day. Not gonna lie….I was kinda hoping they’d have something nice to say about it since the place is close to my heart. But it’s satire, and I have a cruel sense of humor sometimes. So I just file it under “If you’re gonna give it, you gotta be ready to take it.” Let’s face it….If TB was all nice and complimentary, nobody would read it. They’d be on the same path as the Phantom Gourmet. Nothing but ball slobbing pieces. Rock on TB!

    2. gfldgadfly

      Haha bunch of losers. I drive all the way from greenfield to enjoy the awesome dining the woo has to offer… thanks to this blog now I have some more must-try places on my list!

    3. BlackandWhite

      I suggest people do not report the FB page for openly soliciting harassment. That would be such a shame to have their page shut down.

      1. MadameMidlifeCrisis

        Good job! Went to report it & met w/ “Sorry, this page does not exist…” If this ridiculous twat had an ounce of a clue, along with her GINORMOUS team of lawyers she can sic upon anyone & everyone that doesn’t give her a thumbs up, she’d know that you don’t proverbially shit where you eat & make a FB page that calls for specific harassment of anyone or their business(es). Fuck her & the horses’s ass she rode in on.

        1. wabbitt

          It’s still up. She just has you blocked already.

    4. lOVEYou!

      Just want to thank Pur Juz for advertizing with Turtleboy or I never would have known about you. Signed up and can’t wait to see you. Thanks Alexis King!!!! 🙂

    5. Mediocrity

      This is on reddit WorcesterMA too.

      Turtle Riders — Let’s show our support to these businesses!! Make it happen!

    6. Itsjustme

      How often do people you write about actually have jobs, and collecting welfare, collecting disability for some fake illness, selling drugs, or sucking off homeless people in broad daylight doesn’t count?

    7. Linda-Linda-Linda

      It would be wonderful if someone knew where Alexis the cat lady works. I would *67 to let them know how wonderful she is and how lucky they are to employ her!

      1. BlackandWhite

        I very much doubt that is her real name and probably using a fake pic.

    8. MrSmiley

      What pussies.. Block your number when harassing these legit businesses! If they’re so against it say your names! Just like the antifa fuckwads! Don’t hide your faces, be proud of your stupidity!

      1. Stay woke

        Isn’t PureJUz our Boy Dante’s Comparetto’s company? Looks like Hush money to me.

        1. Ahab the Arab

          for the cost of their juice, it would be cheaper in the long run to purchase your own juicer and fruits and veggies.

        2. MrSmiley

          Yea I’m a bit confused about that myself. Maybe one of the bosses here can chime in??

          1. yoyoyo

            I’m thinking inside job to send the boycotters to Dante!!

    9. I

      EXPOSE THAT CUNT TB.. YOU KNOW SHES GOT SOME PRIVELLEGED SKELETONS IN HER CLOSET.. You know there’s some instance of treating poor people shitty or calling someone a nigger or parking in a handicap spot for her 30 dollar starbucks.. dumb bitch..

    10. Renee's Chin Drippings

      I’m torn. She’s got a face made for protein… but… she’s a ginger… dilemmas… dilemmas…

      1. MadameMidlifeCrisis

        Why be torn? She isn’t deserving of hobos throwing ropes down her gullet! Chances are high that she’s a 430lb land monster that’s about as pretty as a bowl of dried puke. Even if these are her real pics & name, she’s a harpy that’s best treated as the toxic mess of crazy & angry that she really is. Crazy might be fun for an evening out, but fellas; do not stick your third leg in crazy!!! It’s just not worth it & the many things they put you through, including false accusations of various crimes as well as BS restraining orders.

        1. Renee's Chin Drippings

          Sex with crazies is awesome. I always carry a bug-out bag with me and have a viable escape plan. I also only use burner phones, and use a fake name — usually someone I really hate a lot — and an address at least 25 miles away from my real house. Never fails.

    11. Ahab the Arab

      Ginger, don’t be fooled boys and lesbians. She’s a enchantress will destroy you.

    12. They call me Ponch

      I’d tap that like Fred Astaire.

      *67 ? Who does that? Hellooooo…..1987 calling!

    13. Thomas Doubting

      Dante Comparetto??? Wait, what? When did the two of you kiss and make up?

    14. Troubled Nostrils

      I’m ashamed of my fellow Texan. That sumbitch is either a transplanted, unwanted Californian or part of the Austin looney bin.

    15. WHATEVUH

      Wrong Alexis, you read this blog every fucking day, you’re a POS and everyone knows it

    16. WHATEVUH

      Was at Bennie’s last night, it was packed as usual, by people that hate SJW’s and love America

    17. J99

      Hmmm… that link to her Facebook page doesn’t work. She has probably already bailed out after being crushed TB readers. Good riddance to another pathetic SJW…

    18. Tim

      Middle School.

    19. wabbitt

      Time to make some more burner accounts so I can engage in further intellectual discussions with this totally rational young woman.

    20. Maybelline

      Cheap heavy makeup & CVS hair color.

    21. Independent Thinker

      Anyone who calls up someone and harasses them simply because they don’t agree with them is a piece of crap. That’s the new America.

    22. Haystack

      Sounds like somebody’s angry she wasn’t born with a penis…

    23. The guy above me is a child molester

      I love how every single person on the internet has their own team of lawyers. Like these people are high powered CEOs with their own in house counsel. Most of the time they don’t even have enough money to support their own drug habit but they all seem to have F Lee Bailey on retainer for any instance where their good name might be sullied by Turtleboy or anyone else who likes to make fun of their horrible life choices.

      Oh and…. #Freemyboi #Freemyturtle

    24. ssssssiafoNNF

      I don’t know this guy… Why doesn’t “TurtleBoy” show his REAL picture? Nobody finds that odd?

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