• 16 Year Old Dudley Student Goes To 18 Year Old Dudley Student’s House To Fight Him, Gets His Ass Beat, Now The 18 Year Old Is Facing A&B Charges

    16 Year Old Dudley Student Goes To 18 Year Old Dudley Student’s House To Fight Him, Gets His Ass Beat, Now The 18 Year Old Is Facing A&B Charges

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    Check out this article from the Turtlegram about a recent fight at an 18 year old high school student’s house in Dudley. Basically, here’s the summary:

    • The 18 year old, Paul Veronis, got into an argument with a 16 year old who he used to be friend with at school (Shepherd Hill).
    • The “victim” (16 year old) says that Veronis pushed his head into a seat, but yet he didn’t report anything to any adults in the school.
    • After school the 16 year old went to Veronis’ house to “sort out the conflict.” In other words, he went there to fight him. He was “invited” there by Veronis and accepted the challenge.
    • As soon as the 16 year got out of the car he got his ass beat.
    • At 6:30 that same day the “victim” came to the police station with his Mommy. He had a swollen eye, some bandages on his face, and said he thought he had a concussion (because he’s a doctor too).
    • Veronis was charged with assault and battery resulting in a serious injury, was released on $500 bail, and ordered to stay away from the victim.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.20.12 PM

    When I saw the headline I was thinking, “this story looks juicy”

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.29.38 AM

    Sounded like a suburban kid beating some innocent child with a lead pipe.

    Turns out it was a one on one fight, outside of school, between two willing combatants, and the 18 year old kid won.

    This is a crime? What planet am I on? And how much of a naniburger is the 16 year old? Dude, you picked a fight with another high school student. You went to his house, not vice versa. You sought him out, and you got your ass beat. Take the L and go home. That’s what a Worcester kid would do. But of course we’re talking about Dudley here, so Mommy and Daddy see a boo-boo on his face and press charges because the person their son willingly went to the home of is 18.  


    The 16 year old has to tell Mom to cut the shit. I understand some people have over protective mothers. But if the kid makes a big enough of a stink, he can easily get his Mommy to back off. I mean, it’s embarrassing. Any normal kid would be embarrassed enough that he got his ass beat, and would wanna make sure this gets quickly forgotten about. Not Junior though. He wants to make himself a victim, because making yourself a victim is so hot right now. So he went home and cried to his overprotective mother, and started telling her he had a concussion because it was easier to do that than to admit that he chose to get in a fight with someone who clearly is a better fighter than him.

    I’m sure Veronis end up getting a CWOF, but the long lasting effects will forever be on Google. A college or employer Googles his name and the first thing they’re gonna see is the Turtlegram headline that makes it seem like he beat a child with a lead pipe in the conservatory.

    Oh, and this concussion thing is such bullshit too. Every kid in America thinks they have a concussion now whenever they fall down and go boom. It’s really just an excuse they use to get out of taking a test the next day. Sure, he wasn’t actually told he was concussed by a doctor, but he’s a little bit dizzy and he has a headache from the ass-whooping that was put on him, so he’s self-diagnosed himself for dramatic effect.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.29.56 AM

    Here’s my question – was the 18 year old required by law to let the 16 year old win? Because the only reason he’s being charged with a crime is because he won. If the kid came home in pristine condition then Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t have said a word. The 18 year old is a senior, and there’s a good chance the 16 year old is a junior, especially if they were formerly friends. So you can’t fight a kid in the grade behind you anymore? What kind of bullshit is that?

    We had this kid in high school, let’s just call him “Beaver.” When he was 14 years old he was already the toughest kid at Worcester South High School. He kicked everyone’s ass. I thought he was possessed by the devil. It was fun watching older kids try to fight him, only to go down in a flurry of Beaver mayhem. But if Beaver was doing this in Dudley in 2017 instead of Worcester in the 90’s, he’d be a “victim” too.

    This is why I liked growing up in Worcester. Because shenangigans like this didn’t happen. Fights were a part of life, and sometimes you lost. You learn who to fight and who not to fight pretty quickly that way. But what you don’t do is run home to Mommy and Daddy and whine about your boo-boos. If there’s any justice in this world the 16 year old will be relentlessly mocked by his classmates for being such a puss-bag.



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      M.G.L. Part IV, Title I, Chapter 256, Section 13J defines a child as ”Child”, any person under fourteen years of age.”

      Therefore, if I as an adult sought out another person, even if goaded into going to their residence to “settle our differences” and i did as the aggressor I’d be charged with assault and battery.

      This is just another case of mommy pressing charges because her son would never do anything to provoke such behavior from another person. He’s just a good boy.

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        Not necessarily. If he has an early October birthday he would be 18 as a senior because of Massachusetts stupid rules with when a kid can start kindergarten.

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